Tea Cup Puppies and Kittens

Teacup Puppies
Teacup Puppies | Source

It’s a dog life! With puppy tweets, Snuggimals and now Fashionable teacup puppies! This is new new mess free way to carry puppies in a hand bag. Each tea cup pup is battery operated and can move its head. The puppy comes complete with its own fashionable handbag carry case and an adoption certificate. There are over eight Furreal Friends Tea Cup Puppies to collect.

The name Tea cup of off course reefing to its size, i.e. the puppy is small enough to fit into a tea cup. I’m guessing this is made in repose to the popularity of the Tea cup pigs. Though the joy of a real puppy could never be replaced robotic toy puppies like the Tea cup Puppies and snuggimals can be used to curb kid’s enthusiasm for real puppy long enough until they are responsible enough t o care for one.

Tea Cup Puppies and Accessories

What Do Tea Cup Puppy’s Cost

Currently retail from $13.99 up to $34. Though they are mess free, you can add the recurring cost of AAA batteries to this price.

Tea Cup Kittens

It is far easy getting your tea cup kitty to sit still in a bag than a normal cat. There are currently just two cats in the series.


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