100% Recycled Green Toys for an Ethically Responsible Christmas

A well-loved and respected ethical manufacturer, Green Toys uses recycled plastic milk cartons as the main ingredient in all their lovely products. The cartons are collected across the USA by recycling companies then reprocessed into an innovative plastic material called high density polyethylene, AKA HDPE. It’s one of the safest, cleanest plastics on the planet. It’s strong and durable. It’s completely non-toxic. And it’s fully recyclable in its own right.

A ‘huge step forward’ in toy manufacture

Take one pound of recycled milk cartons. Green Toys’ process saves a surprising amount of energy for each pound in weight, enough to power 3,000 AAA batteries, run your telly for three weeks or keep your laptop humming away for a month. That’s a whole lot of energy and the process is being hailed as a huge step forward in the manufacture of children's toys.

The packaging is equally green. For a start, the company uses as little packaging as possible, and their boxes use the minimum amount of materials. Green Toys come in cleverly-designed and suitably sturdy recycled corrugated card cut-out boxes without so much as a sniff of plastic or cellophane. And of course the packaging is also 100% recyclable.

Tug Boat - Yellow
Tug Boat - Yellow

A charming yellow tug boat for exciting, fun bath times

The charming yellow, blue and red tug boat makes bath time fun for children aged one or more, with its cute carry handle and the spout at the front for scooping and pouring water. Perfect for little ones to chug around the bath and ideal for keeping them occupied while you get them clean!

Dumper Truck - Red-Yellow
Dumper Truck - Red-Yellow

A chunky red and yellow dumper truck with working dump action

Boys and girls alike enjoy trundling this super little dumper truck around the home and garden, with its working dumper action, chunky good looks and absence of dangerous metal axels. Great fun in sandpits and on the beach, fantastic fun at home, perfect for carrying and ‘dumping’ water, pebbles, shells, sweets, you name it

Stacking Cups
Stacking Cups

Pretty stacking cups in sets of six

This set of six colourful pastel star-shaped stacking cups is entertaining and educational, helping small people learn about colours, sizes, basic counting and maths. Great fun in the bath, you can also use them to create very cool sandcastles!

Racing Car - Red
Racing Car - Red

A fab, funky red racing car

Small children love pushing this sturdy, fat little car around with its stylish design and eco-credentials proudly displayed on the bonnet via the official #2 recycled symbol. Measuring 15cm x 9cm, it’s a lovely addition to any toy box.

Go ethical this Christmas!

The ethical toy scene is particularly exciting and vibrant and these mini-masterpieces are very popular. Treat your children to ethical Christmas gifts this year and feel extra-good about toys that have been manufactured with the planet’s future firmly in mind.


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