101 Things To Do When You're Bored - Boredom Busters

I simply couldn't pass up a photo op with a flaming grocery cart
I simply couldn't pass up a photo op with a flaming grocery cart

Need inspiration to break the cycle of boredom?

Sometimes that's all it takes to get you out of your funk.

Scan...I mean read very carefully through this fun list of 101 things to do when you're bored.

1. Read this article - if you weren't bored already, you wouldn't be reading it now would you?

2. Paint your toenails - when was the last time you paid your lil piggies some attention?

3. Knit a scarf - it's getting chilly outside

4. Write a song - your friends will get a kick out of it most likely, bringing joy to their day : )

5. Skip through parking lots - hey it gets you to your car faster, I'm talking practicality here...

6. Build a fire - a safe one, you pyro

7. Make cookies - triple batch the recipe and give them to your friends and family

8. Invent a new recipe - hey, toast with peanut butter and sprinkles is good! Don't knock it till you've tried it...

9. Teach your dog a trick in their language - for example: if you have a German Shepherd, train them in German! Doesn't matter if you speak German or not, if your dog can learn it, so can you.

10. Read a book - try an author you are unfamiliar with, or a classic book you have been wanting to read (Treasure Island, A Picture of Dorian Gray, Three Little Women, etc.)

11. Write a book! - share your writing talents with the world!...or your friends and family, same difference...

12. Go on a walk - go someplace you haven't walked to before, like a nice lake, or path...no alleys

13. Learn a new instrument - hey, I don't mean for you to go out and buy a grand piano, a kazoo works just as well too... When you're done learning the instrument, perform a song for your friends and family ( I recommend Louie Louie by the Kingsmen) *see link at bottom of article*

14. Try yoga - ya you look a little funny doing it, but a trip to the store to purchase a yoga at home video will fix that shyness in a jiffy.

15. Rearrange your furniture - nothing gives you the feel of a fresh new look to your house (or room if you aren't that ambitious)

16. Go on a picnic - pack up all those cookies you made (and a few healthier items) and hit the park with a friend or significant other.

17. Climb a tree - reconnect with your inner child

18. Build a tent - not the kind of camping tent, but the kind you made as a kid with sheets and pillows. Your kids will love it. (Hint: use a shower curtain rod for the center poll)

19. Try a new recipe - channel your inner Julia Child and get to work.

20. Play a board game (in honor of your current state of mind of course) - dust off scrabble, monopoly, or trivial pursuit and wrangle your family together. Bribe them with mid-game snacks and a reward for the winner.

21. Subscribe to a magazine - I recommend Real Simple Magazine, it's full of creative ways to live your life more simply. *see add at end of article*

22. Paint a room in your house - fine, I guess it can be a bathroom (a bathroom is pretty non- committal, you can handle that). But I suggest a bedroom or kitchen.

23. Create a playlist of your favorite songs - you can even branch out into your favorite driving songs, exercise songs, summertime songs, romance songs, etc.

24. Clean out your cabinets - who knows what you have lurking in the shadows of your pantry, you sure don't! So, scope out the situation, and donate to a food pantry all the food that you don't want to keep, or that isn't trying to crawl away from you.

25. Clean out your closet - shoes too. Same story goes as above, donate all your old clothes to the Salvation Army, or another store that takes second hand clothes.

26. Go for a drive - you never know what you may find

27. Plant a garden - you can plant your own veggies, or whatever else you want

28. Wash your car - I don't mean driving somewhere to have it washed, I mean you wash it. It's your car, get to know it a little bit. But don't leave the water from the hose running unattended for too long.

29. Take pictures - of anything you want, who knows, you may get some frame worthy ones.

30. Clean up your computer - old files don't get better with age, I promise. Just don't delete anything important in the process!

31. Go swimming - it's a great workout, and it's fun too.

32. Go for a bike ride - getting out of the house is sometimes just what the doctor ordered

33. Invent something - make your life a little bit easier

34. Watch a movie - pop some popcorn and settle down

35. Call a friend - see what they're up to

36. Write a letter - after all, life is about creating relationships

37. Make a scrapbook - you know all those pictures you just took? Well do something with them! Don't doom them to be forever locked inside your camera or computer.

38. Take your family to a drive in movie - I feel like sneaking in your own food is allowed in this case

39. Go skinny dipping! - If you're feeling real adventurous, go to an outdoor spot, like a lake or the ocean. If you aren't quite there yet, opt for your pool or a friends pool (with their knowledge of course... or without ; )

40. Make tea - its good for the body

41. Go to a baseball/basketball/soccer game - little league is fine

42. Take a relaxing bath - take some pride in your bath: wipe out the tub, play some soft music, dig around for the bath salts you got for christmas last year, and enjoy

43. Paint a picture - channel your inner Picasso, or finger painting is fun too

44. Go to the gym - Do a half hour of cardio, and half hour of strength training. Repeat 4 days a week. You feel better and rejuvenated right away.

45. Go to the beach - build a sand castle, watch the waves, collect sea shells, or just walk along the coast.

46. Collect something - get creative (my mother collects little porcelain pitchers). Try coins, stamps, foreign currency, or anything else that strikes your fancy. If you like old typewriters, go for it, more power to you.

47. Give somebody flowers - drop them off at your neighbors door and run, or send them to somebody that's not expecting them.

48. Pick flowers for yourself - flowers brighten up any room

49. Start holiday shopping - it's never too early to start! You'll be glad you did later...

50. Go to a fair - county fairs, state fairs are almost always going on during the fall, spring, and summer months

51. Book tickets to see a concert - great idea for a night out

52. Look up funny videos on YouTube - (after you are done with YouTube, google: Do Not Push The Red Button, it will fill you with joy)

53. See how long you can stay awake - movies will come in handy

54. Read Romeo and Juliet - it's probable been a while since you have

55. Write a poem - you should feel inspired after reading Romeo and Juliet

56. Start a journal - years from now, you'll look back and think, " man I'm glad I was bored that day and read cjcarter's suggestion of starting a journal..." Yep, I'm calling it now.

57. Do your hair differently - new looks are always fun

58. Buy a great new pair of shoes - splurge a little, consider this an investment in your wardrobe. Buy some nice heels that you can wear out on the town or to a nice dinner, you will feel fabulous in them. And, if you wear them all the time, with a variety of different outfits, they will eventually pay for themselves.

59. Join and aerobics class - it will be a great way to get in shape and meet new people

60. Take any class! - from sculpting, to photography, to kayaking, the possibilities are endless...

61. Volunteer - at an animal shelter, senior living home, soup kitchen, hospital, you name it... remember, life is about creating relationships.

62. Take a road trip with 1 or 2 friends - the highway is beckoning

63. Go sky diving - you only live once right?

64. Plan a vacation - cruise, theme park, city, you name it

65. Download all your pictures - get photos from your camera onto your computer, pick the good ones, and develop them all. Photos tend to get locked inside computers forever.

66. Indulge an obsession - if you really like chocolate, make brownies. If you really like cheesy romance novels, check a few out. As long as you pick a healthy obsession (is that an oxymoron?...nah).

67. Learn a new language - if your serious, purchase a Rosetta Stone language course. If you just want to stop pronouncing meals wrong at your local mexican food restaurant, purchase a Spanish-English dictionary that includes the way to pronounce words.

68. Build something - preferably something rather than a house of cards. But other than that, the possibilities are endless! You want to build a boat? Go for it! Want a new deck? Start hammering!

69. Learn a magic trick - tricks that can be done without a lot of props are preferable. That way, you can show off your newly learned sleight of hand while you and your friends and family wait for dinner at a restaurant.

70. Visit your parents - (if you haven't seen them in a while)

71. Create a smoothy - throw in some fruit, ice cream, yogurt, honey, juice, or whatever you want! It's your smoothie after all.

72. Study another religion - learning something new is always interesting

73. Contribute to your favorite charity - time, money, your genius ideas, whatever you feel you want to share

74. Watch a foreign film - I recommend Life Is Beautiful *see bottom of article*

75. Go roller skating - or roller blading, which I find infinitely easier...

76. Take your family bowling - come up with a new way to roll the ball each turn

77. Take your family putt putt golfing - same rules apply as in bowling

78. Go fishing! - try the fishy call, it goes something like this: "Heeeeere fishy fishy fishy...!" Repeat until you have your desired results.

79. Make pie - apple pie is my favorite

80. Shop at a farmers market - these are great places for fresh corn and berries

81. Visit an arcade - I'm ok with spending a handful of quarters for an hour or 2 of a little competitive entertainment

82. Start addressing people by their name - the guy behind the cash register, your waiter, anyone who helps you, it could brighten their day a little bit

83. Do the dishes - your family will love the clean kitchen

84. Invite a neighbor over for pizza - relationships... remember?

85. Try out for your local theater - Your inner actor/actress is just waiting to make their debut

86. Send ecards - put all of your friends and family's birthdays in your calendar, and send them ecards on their birthdays

87. Organize your garage - you never know what you will find! (watch out for spiders and other big scary bugs...)

88. Weed your flower bed - your yard will look awesome!

89. Sign up for online video rentals - cheaper than paying the late movie fine

90. Get a library card - you will need to mind those late fines, however.

91. Visit an old book shop - look for inscriptions written on the inside covers from people who owned it before.

92. Ponder questions that you would ask God if you were to meet God - such as: why are there mosquitoes? What would happen if you were traveling at the speed of light and you turned a flashlight on? Make them creative. I feel like God appreciates creativity.

93. Create a web page - funny dog pictures, travel tips, etc...

94. Hang pictures - those of family, friends, fun trips, anything that gives you inspiration

95. Try a new restaurant - ask the waiter/waitress their favorite meal on the menu and order that, no exceptions!

96. Go grocery shopping - fill the cart full of food you have never tried

97. Plan your future dream home - get out paper and pencil. list and draw out a rough blueprint of what your ideal house will be like. Detail, detail, detail!

98. Go see a play - check out your local theater listings to see what's playing. Go see the most appealing play within the year.

99. Make a list of all the things you are thankful for - and I mean everything, see how long you can make it.

100. Make the conscious choice to be happy every morning when you wake up - hug your family, tell them good morning.

101. Dance naked in front of a mirror - instant anti-depressant. Not many things are as funny.

Feeling inspired yet? I hope so! If not, give the list another go : )

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Comments - What do you like to do when you're bored? 34 comments

KK 7 years ago

Good ideas... and funny comments too! I actually wrote some of them down, too.

cjcarter profile image

cjcarter 7 years ago Author

KK-glad I could bring a little humor to your day! I've never been one to be bored easily, so I decided to make a list of all the things others can do to beat the boredom! Thanks for the comment : )

7 years ago

not 2 sure about the mirror 1

cj the dj 6 years ago

some of these options are really cool

not so sure about the mirrir thing


lkjhgfdsa 6 years ago

What's up w the mirror??? Other than that...Great!!

meliss 6 years ago

I loved it, I already dance naked in front of the mirror but now wnt to do it again!

harrison8bal profile image

harrison8bal 6 years ago from Shanghai

Haha, That's a great list I liked how you described everything in detail, but hey if we share the similar interests mind taking a look at mine?


qwert.clerk@gmail.com 5 years ago

wow but you can play games, chat, sleep, play outside, create a family photo, etc. but i liked how you did it... :D it was AWESOME!!! lol :P

cjcarter profile image

cjcarter 5 years ago Author

Thanks for the feedback everybody!

Alicia Lecns 5 years ago

Find a boyfriend and make out!! That's always fun!

cjcarter profile image

cjcarter 5 years ago Author

Alicia Lecns - Now THAT, is a great idea ;)

Grace 5 years ago

Ewwwwww no way!

katt 4 years ago

i'm still bored :P

mary 4 years ago

thanks for the idea:)

mary 4 years ago

did it, now what?

Louise 4 years ago

i have been playing with the red button for quite a while and im loving it! Even though it goes right back to the start!!!

eatpie 4 years ago

its yummy;)

Aliayha 4 years ago

reading this wasted my time of trying not 2 be bored

Anna and Michaela 4 years ago

Most of these ideas were awful, some were ok :)

me! 4 years ago

any other ideas?

rishita 4 years ago

good! not 2 bad

whatever 4 years ago

Thanxxx for such wonderful ideas!!!......

Kiki 4 years ago

Some of this is BORING! Others, AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Person 4 years ago

I don't have a boyfriend cuz I'm a boy

Glenn Stok profile image

Glenn Stok 4 years ago from Long Island, NY

Your list is not only useful when one is bored but some of your ideas are also great for something to do on a date or when traveling on vacation or away in a new town on business.

alaska2 4 years ago

cjcarter great list

Spongebob Squarepants 4 years ago

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Where's the part about watching MEE?!?!?

435 3 years ago

not too sure about naked one

Funsouk 3 years ago

Thanks for sharing useful information with us. Check that list also

Aakshi 3 years ago

Brilliantly Executed.. Thanks for sharing

A human being 3 years ago


tanveerbadyari profile image

tanveerbadyari 3 years ago

thanks for these tips, surely i will try some of them when i will get bored.

jennifer 2 years ago

Get your brother phone and see his contacts ,,,,,, or doownald games get animal jam or chat whit someone

Alexx 8 months ago

thanks for yor list, it's really funny!For me the best way of running from bored is playing online. I often play online games like 777spinslot or any browser games where I can play and chat with the other players. Anyway it's my opinion))

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