150 Things to do when your bored or its raining

What can I do when Im bored

Sometimes we get so bored that we end up typing Im bored into the search engine just to see what will come up. There are usually a few options to take when you get so bored that any little change will be enough to change the boredom.

With a little bit of imagination and a little silliness at heart, there are quite a few options when you bored, if you don't mind a few little pranks here and there. These are a few bored items to do when its raining or you just plain don't feel like doing anything or moving from the couch.Some of the bored stuff here will mean unfortunately that you have to get up and go outdoors for a bit of a change of scenery. Being bored in no uncertain terms means that you are lazy, so go on and get a little mobile.

The boredom Kangaroo

Is this guy for Real.Scroll to the end for more
Is this guy for Real.Scroll to the end for more

Are we really this bored

It the return of the moose
It the return of the moose

Things to do when you're bored

1. Play the national anthem on your home phone.

2. Crank call a restaurant.

3. Drive through a toll booth and order Mcdonalds.

4.Talk into your watch and say "Okay,over and out" in the supermarket.

5. Hire a homeless person for a barbecue and dress them in an old suit as your butler

6. Recommend products in the food section of the supermarket to total strangers.

7. Hire a bicycle and go for a ride.

8. Walk to the supermarket and buy some fresh fruit and walk back and make a smoothie.

9. Wash your windows.

10. Throw a frisbee around and burn some calories.

11. Try a game of volleyball or badminton with friends.

12. Hire a canoe or kayak.

13. Go for a drive into the countryside.

14. Find a peaceful new spot to read within walking distance.

15. Wash you dog.

16. Do the DIY you always keep meaning to do.

17. Have a picnic at home with some wine and a blanket in your garden.

18. Collect a few old items from your garage and go to an auction

19. Go to a swap meet.

20. Drive in any direction for 30 minutes until your see an outdoor eatery and have breakfast.

21. Play fetch with your dog in the park.

22. Go for a run.

23. Plant a tree.

24. Make a hammock.

25. Build a brick barbeque area.

26. Go to the zoo.

27. Have an ice cold beer at a beer garden.

28. Paint a fence.

29. Dig a fishpond.

30. Go to the aquarium.

31. See what events are on in your community.

32. Watch the sunrise

33. Hug a tree.

34. Teach a child to ride a bike.

35. Boil an egg.

36. Jump as high as you can.

37. Learn oregami.

38. Build a water slide in your garden with some plastic, a garden hose and some dish washing liquid.

39. Make paper mache.

40. Watch the sunset.

41. Move around your furniture.

42. Paint your window frames.

43. Go skydiving

44. Go Bungi jumping

45. Ride a horse.

46. Catch a lizard.

47. Make a fish tank or terrarium

48. Change the oil in your motor vehicle.

49. Send a postcard.

50. Phone Mr Hugh Jass.

51. Build a treehouse.

52. Learn ten new knots.

53. Make your own vegetable garden

54. Wash your motor vehicle.

55. Go to a pawn shop and look for a bargain.

56. Look up your name on the internet.

57. Create a new drinking game.

58. Download all your favorite songs.

59. Play Tennis

60. Mow the lawn and catch a tan.

61. Make bread in a pot

62. Catch a train to somewhere you've never been

63. Go fishing

64. Learn to count in 5 languages.Thank you and please.

65. Donate your old magazines to the elderly.

66. Visit the hospital wearing a costume for kids.

67. Push shopping carts at your local store.

68. Learn a duck call.

69. Fly a kite.

70. Visit the natural history museum.

71. Hang a sign on your gate that says - You are here

72. Watch Ferris Buellers Day Off on DVD.

73. Make a you tube video.

74. Go to the local swimming pool, its cheap.

75.Learn to yacht

76. Go to the airport and wander around without having to feel like you in a hurry for a change.

77. Learn a language

78. Walk your dog.

79. Catch insects and look at them under a magnifying glass.

80. Play soccer with mates.

81. Take some Photos of your family

82. Clear the roof gutters of leaves

83. Speak to a stranger.

84. Create a new hub page.

85. Post a comment in a forum.

86. Make a triple decker sandwich

87. Make a domino rally.

88. Make a house of cards.

89. Make up your own language.

90. Lie down on the floor and breathe deeply.

91. Wash your curtains and linen.

92. Hang around in a pet store making animal noises.

93. Make a new wall hanging from family photos.

94. Sand and varnish an old antique table.

95. Polish your motor vehicle.

96. Ask people for tickets as they board the escalator in a shopping mall.

97. Boil a cup of coffee using the cellophane from a cigarette packet

98. See how many times the kettle will boil before all the water is gone.

99. Collect string and make a ball.

100.Paint your house.

101.Phone Habitat for Humanity and see if there are any building projects in your neighborhood you can help with.

102. Go to the public library and join.

103. write a hubpage.

104. Write a handwritten letter to someone.

105. Cook homemade soup from scratch.

106. Play boardgames.

107. Google and learn a new card trick.

108.Phone a friend

109. Have a moviethon.

110. Swap stories with your partner in front of a fireplace.

111. Make a list of things you need to do when the weather clears

112. Invite some friends around for a game of poker, pictionary or trivial pursuit.

113. Learn a new recipe.

114. Have a hot bath with apple vinegar.

115. Do your taxes.

116. Work on a diy project in your garage.

117. read j.arnolds hubs again - hilarious

118. Play hide and seek with your kids

119. Clean out your fridge and expired food from your cupboards.

120. Draw a picture.

121. Build a wine rack

122. Cut your toenails

123.Get the mail from your mailbox.

124. Spin around in circles to get dizzy like you did when you were a child

125. Play paint ball

126. Take a real mud bath.

127. Look for your umbrella.

128. If you can't find your umbrella buy one.

129. Go swimming.

130. Make Hot Chocolate from real chocolate.

131. Make a new CD for your car stereo.

132. Read some jokes.

133. Go to the bowling alley.

134. Have a game of snooker or pool with some mates.

135. Vacuum your couches.

136. Plan your next vacation

137. Visit a friend or loved one.

138. Have a barbecue at home.

139. Build a bird home or birdbath in your garden.

140. Go to the beach and learn to surf.

141. Go snorkeling.

142. Go hiking.

143. Take a nap.

144. Learn sign language.

145. Go cow tipping

146. Learn how to make a few cocktails.

147. Have a mice race or crab race.

148. Free a lobster.

149. Plan your own version of the amazing race.

150. Make a list of things to do when you're bored.

151.Read a Hub about what to do when you bored.

152.Read other Hubbers Hubs.

153. Build a bird bath or bird house and nail it to a tree in your garden.

154. Figure out a new business idea.

155. Deposit all your coins at the bank.

156. Write a short story and post it online.

157. Start a blog and write something every day for a year.

158. Try on all the clothes in your wardrobe and drop off those that don't fit any more at a shelter for the homeless.

159.Interview a friend for your facebook page.

160. Join Hubpages or take a tour of what we do here for extra income - Its Free

This article is an example where you can write about a topic you love for free! Includes potential to earn royalties and commissions.

161. Buy a birdcaller online and torment your neighbors.

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ivanajohn profile image

ivanajohn 7 years ago from Poland

Write a Hub page but I see you got that covered at 103 so how about 151. Read a hubpage about 150 to do when you are bored :-) Nice hub dale

Dale Nelson profile image

Dale Nelson 7 years ago from South Africa Author

Thanks Ivana.I was bored and decided to write a hub.Will add your suggestion.

racquetsportatlas profile image

racquetsportatlas 7 years ago

Not bad. I especially like 76

Dale Nelson profile image

Dale Nelson 7 years ago from South Africa Author

Thanks for reading racquet sport. Glad you enjoyed it.

Miranda Kalish 6 years ago

What a long list! Lots of cool stuff on here. L'll keep this list on hand for when im really bored. Thanks!

??????????????? 6 years ago

dude this is some things i have to do not 1 interests me sorry but thanks

maddy 6 years ago

what is a hubpage?????????im confused

Dale Nelson profile image

Dale Nelson 6 years ago from South Africa Author

Well sometimes I forget that the readers here come from all over and I apologise. So to answer ??????? and Maddy, a hubpage is basically an opinionated article on any subject matter one choses in the format as shown in the above article on things to do when you are bored. Hubpages is a free platform for writers to provide free content to the world to read on most topics. If you would like to join for free then please do at http://www.hubpages.com/

tom hellert profile image

tom hellert 6 years ago from home

I'm going to steal your hub idea- except mine will be twisted and I will give you credit for the idea

Dale Nelson profile image

Dale Nelson 6 years ago from South Africa Author

Thanks for the kind words Tom. Please link to my hub in the normal way.

Crapadoodle 6 years ago

1 need 2 do 121!!!

Dale Nelson profile image

Dale Nelson 6 years ago from South Africa Author

thanks for the comment crapadoodle.Hope you have some wine to go in that winerack.

AnnaMaddie 6 years ago

I like 3,50, 56. and 145. I'm Gonna do 56!

Dale Nelson profile image

Dale Nelson 6 years ago from South Africa Author

Great choices. Thanks for stopping by Maddie.

Chrissy 6 years ago

Catch a fly and take a strand of hair and make a leash, put it around the fly's neck, and you have a new pet!!! :D (Low maintainence!!)

Horsegirl1996 6 years ago

I did a 20 things to do when you are bored lol, i guess everyone has that idea!

funfix.com profile image

funfix.com 6 years ago from funfix.com

jjwrightis profile image

jjwrightis 6 years ago from Parish, NY

I like 142. I would love to hike and take a safari ride in South Africa!

Dale Nelson profile image

Dale Nelson 6 years ago from South Africa Author

Thanks for the feedback jj wrightis. South Africa is reasonably priced if you dont get the package deal.Rather get here and drive to places up the North Coast of KwaZulu Natal to places like Hippo Hideaway and Crocodile Creek in the St Lucia wetlands.St Lucia is 50 kilometres from The Kruger National Park and gates open at 6 am for self drive trips or breakfast and guided tours. Much cheaper than staying in the park itself.

Jenna 6 years ago

all these things are stupid. Make some new one that would be FUN

happyturtle profile image

happyturtle 6 years ago from UK

Superb. And you've added an additional 11 for increased value.

hannah bailey 6 years ago


cashmere profile image

cashmere 6 years ago from India

Good lord you have time to spare to come up with so many things

PegCole17 profile image

PegCole17 5 years ago from Dallas, Texas

I finished No. 32, 35,41 and 67 yesterday and I wasn't even bored. Good fun. I like your sense of humor.

madz 5 years ago

yea!!!! i love number 3. FUNNY!!!! haha... =)

jenna 5 years ago

this stufg is reaalllllly stupid i hate it i just luv justin bieber and im gonna marry him someday

Nikki 5 years ago

what's a hub?

bob 5 years ago

nice choices

Amberleigh 5 years ago

Awesome list :)I'm thinking about showing this to my hubby and seeing what he thinks! lol

and to jenna, if you don't like it, go somewhere else k?

sarah 5 years ago


JutinBieberIsMyHubby 5 years ago


isabella 5 years ago

hi people im new

isabella 5 years ago

hello is anyone there

danstheman 5 years ago

Nice hub , pretty good suggestions.

BooBoo 5 years ago

Umm ok but im with my gramdmother im in my laptop listening to mac miller and i am bored also its raining and i have no money!!!! :(

Oscar 5 years ago


Ali Bally 4 years ago

Seen all these a million times

SARGENT 4 years ago


Athena 4 years ago

Hey dude! thanks for all these ideas! A few ideas even came to mind while reading these. 1. Try going through all the rooms in your house without touching the floor. 2. Play fruit ninja for real! 3. Roll yourself up in a blanket or carpet and then roll down a hill! 4. sled down the stairs. 5.Paint something with only nailpolish. 6. make your own sign language.7. Make a music video 8. Make your own bowling alley and play with your friends. (use old cans and a soccer ball or something)

cookies 4 years ago

thanks for these ideas random but cool it has been raining for 2 days now so anoying can't do anything and can't have any friends over but i dont mind i will just use one of these ideas and did you add to make a tent out off sheets or a small pop up one it is so fun be creative with you tent. Thanks and have fun.

jkshfuyswah['opefklhgwS 4 years ago

ok but not everybody can't do some of these things

Animal 4 years ago

Very cool ideas

noneofurbis 4 years ago


choc-o-late;) 4 years ago

ok well I am bored and its raining and to all of u people who like Justin bieber he can't sing, he's stupid and he's gay!!!!!!!! open your eyes people you may like the words to his songs but you need to listen to his voice

Harpreet Kaur 3 years ago

Very impressive and crazy stuff you share. That definitely help to cure boredom. Thanks to solve my problem that What to do when bored.

lm 3 years ago

I was disappointed seeing that 69 was flying a kite

dj 2 years ago

If u have a friend over then go for a walk and talk and don't forget to take crazy selfies.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #selfie

katy 2 years ago

What is a hubpage it is a front of a page

Rory 20 months ago

96. Lol

dadridary 13 months ago

hi i like .... 0

camila0456 8 months ago

I an just so board that thank god that I found this app or else I would be on my mom's phone going over apps over and over again.

doge4life :D 5 months ago

lel this totally helped :D

purplegeek9 5 months ago

I am 13 and bored and none of these things really appeal to me. It was a great list for people a bit older than me, but I'm not confident enough to do some of that stuff. Maybe add something for 13 year girls who don't have transport and who's friends are all busy. But well done for thinking up so many things.

dumbness 3 months ago

so stupid if you hav enough time to write this stupid list u could have made it a good list

Hey 2 months ago

This was an awesome set of things to do.I have nearly done all of them.

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