Top Reasons why video games are good for you

Now many parents and other people say that video games are "unhealthy" or cause children to be "lazy". Well, in my opinion, this is not true. Video games have many benefits also that many people do not know about. They don't even take the time to think about these benefits. Here are some of the top reasons that games are helpful, not harmful, to children and others:

  1. As you might already know, they improve hand-eye coordination. Pressing the buttons to activate functions on the screen helps improve this.
  2. There are many games that teach kids about particular topics, such as math or spelling.
  3. Other games, like Cooking Mama, will teach children how to cook and make recipes.
  4. Tactical games will have people think about how they can win. They will have to develop strategies and think about how the enemy is going to move.
  5. Online games where children or adults interact with other players can help the person be more social. When a person can hear someone talking, but not see them, it can help open them up more. Many people think playing video games is anti-social behavior, but in many situations, it is the opposite.
  6. Video games put players into places that they would not actually be avle to go to in reality, such as a medieval kingdom or futuristic city.
  7. Mystery games will have a player be more observant of their surroundings, thinking about small details that don't seem to matter.
  8. Creative games that allow players to build their own levels or games help the player in their creativity. Games like these also may help one in considering if they want to design games as a career. I know that for me, the first time I designed my own game, I just kept going on from there to designing more.
  9. Video games can help a player in going for a goal, or never giving up. A game in which players gain levels will have the player see other players a higher level than them. This will cause them to keep playing so that they can get higher, too.
  10. Games in which player have a ranking based on their score may help them feel better about themselves.Seeing yourself high up on a leaderboard can make you feel pretty good.
  11. Video games allow you to escape from your world into another. Players with bad things happening in their life may play a game where they are the hero, or something similar.
  12. Games also help with reasoning and being more careful. Survival games where you only have a certain amount of ammo, or a game where when allies die they don't revive, help with this skill.
  13. War games or strategy games help with using teamwork to accomplish a goal. Online games especially provide this sort of gameplay.
  14. Video games can help with reaction speed. In games where players compete by shooting each other, usually the player who sees the other first will win.
  15. Video games provide a chance to do things in a game world without actually doing them. Would you rather have a person steal a car in reality, or in a game?

Games can be very entertaining, and provide a chance to do many fun things. While many people say negative things about them, they don't even think about what they are saying.

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DSgod 6 years ago

Video games are gooooooooooooooooood 4 u!!!!!

I'm a video game addict and i play ds.

Magmaboy266 6 years ago

Awesome hub!!!!!!!!!

Thumbs up!

Darkpappadaddy04 6 years ago

Cool article.

ABCkid123 6 years ago

That's right! video games are good for you!!!

urmom 6 years ago

video games are friken amazing.......MW2 OWNS

hotty mic hotty  6 years ago

this bullit or statement was asouwm

gy 6 years ago

the best

fuckunerdz 6 years ago

this is gay.. yuz all should just go virtually hang urselves

ghs098 6 years ago


derrick 6 years ago

made me win an argument XD

derrickagain 6 years ago

this made me hapy of myself and made my dad let me play vg but he still doesn't like them very much

i love this site

smexy kid 5 years ago

i use this program in class we have a debate :-D

Ethan 5 years ago

WoW is the only game my friend Grady plays 24/7

Ethan 5 years ago

Sheldon is a game nerd who has no life besides his online WoW account.

mark 5 years ago

video games are a lot of fun if you are good at them.

oscar smith 5 years ago

is awesome

billy 5 years ago

This is so true i think becus im in school 5th grade and i am trieng to persuade people that violent video games are good and i just found full pruof. and i LOOOVE VIDEO GAMES.

Jack 5 years ago

Thank you for helping me write my report.

Jonathan Brosky 5 years ago

I love these comments because they prove many people in my life wrong.

Thayne100 4 years ago

video games are good for kids. they improve many things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thayne100 4 years ago

this site was helpful to me for my report on why video games are good for u!

streakydragon4 4 years ago

great info about games thanks :)

greg 4 years ago

theres pros and cons to every really have to look at both sides and for most people.. it looks like you're just trying to justify you're games can be good, but they have to be played in moderation!don't get me wrong tho.. ima gamer myself..

Mitch 4 years ago

Best Games-are-good site i've found for my project so far!

harrison 4 years ago


hamrick 4 years ago

video games are stupid and i hate them so all you guys go and find sompthing ells to do

By 4 years ago

Awesome games are awesome

Lunatic 4 years ago

Ty im going to use this for my school speech because this one girl is doing a speech on why games are bad because it makes here little brother vilonent

tim 4 years ago

cheers fam

that guy 4 years ago

this helps me on my assignment. :)

nova6 4 years ago

yeah ill learn a lot about blowing zombies heads off

nova6gayfag 3 years ago

Neck yourself.

nova6gayfagisaretardnova6isbetter 3 years ago

wow you don't even know how to use the word #hang

COOL 2 years ago

awesome I am toataly going to play video games

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