16 HD World of Warcraft Wallpapers

World of Warcraft is the most played MMORPG in the world, and perhaps even the most played video game in the world, and for good reason. The gameplay is innovative, allowing users to quickly jump right into a game, but with enough mechanics and strategy involved to give depth to the game and keep older, serious players interested.

World of Warcraft also has a masterfully crafted lore system, where the entire story of the Warcraft universe draws the lines, boundaries, and events into the map of Azeroth. Fans love playing through the game to learn more about certain characters and events, and are quite effectively a part of a whole new world.

Below are 16 HD World of Warcraft Desktop Wallpapers that you can set as you computer's background. Horde or Alliance, nothing spruces up your desktop like a new Warcraft photo.

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Bmm209 profile image

Bmm209 4 years ago from California,U.S.A

These are really great. Thanks for collecting them. I still find this game highly addicting, even if I haven't played it in forever, and I was never truly good at it!

JohnGreasyGamer profile image

JohnGreasyGamer 4 years ago from South Yorkshire, England

I have to say these are awesome! As a huge troll fan, I chose the one squatting though the battle between Horde and Alliance (third one) looks cool too. Might have to go for that MoP one for now though ^^

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