2011 Bowman Sterling Football Box Review

19 Total Hits!
19 Total Hits!

Why I Love this Set......

If you love to open boxes, for whatever reason, then you will most likely love this 2011 Bowman Sterling Football Set as much as I do. I'm usually not a big collector of rookies; I tend to go after the bigger players already established. BUT... with 19 hits in this box, I couldn't say no.... even though the pricetag is hefty at $250 or so.... it is totally worth it in my opinion.

The Hobby Box comes with 6 Mini-boxes inside. Each Mini-box contains some base cards; maybe a parallel or two; 2 Jersey/Patch cards, and 1 Autograph card. On top of that, you also get a boxtopper pack with a dual relic card inside. Although this set is mostly rookie pulls, it isn't all rookies. It may be small but there is a veterans checklist in there. As far as hits, I am totally happy with what I pulled from my box of 2011 Bowman Sterling Football. I feel it's a very well balanced box of cards. My only complaint about this set is that the Jersey cards are repetitive and boring, but I guess you get that with most sets.

Here are the Hits I got in my box:

- Kyle Rudolph/Christian Ponder Dual Jersey Boxtopper

- Mercedes Lewis Autograph

- Greg Little Autograph

- Von Miller Autograph Patch Gold Redemption card

- Jordan Todman Autograph 48/50

- Mike McNeill Autograph Pulsar card 02/15

- Dustin Keller Autograph Jersey card

- Demarco Murray Jersey card /299

- Taiwan Jones Jersey card

- Jordan Todman Jersey card 52/99

- Daniel Thomas Jersey card

- Greg Little Jersey card

- Ryan Mallet Jersey card

- Sam Bradford Jersey card /299

- Von Miller Jersey card

- Taiwan Jones Jersey card /299

- Kendall Hunter Jersey card

- Christian Ponder Jumbo Relic card 12/50

- Prince Amukamara Jersey card

I'm most certainly going to suggest this set to my friends who collect. Even if you just buy Mini boxes, you still would get 3 Hits for about $45. So, this set caters to a wide range of collectors with varying budgets. I give this set a 4 out of 5 rating. Let's face it.... no set is perfect.

2011 Bowman Sterling Box Break.


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