2011 Topps Tier One Baseball Box Review.

I Miss Baseball.....

I know it's not baseball season, but I'm a Baseball fan above all other sports. Therefore, I felt the need to bust a box of baseball cards. So... I chose 2011 Topps Tier One; $80 a box with 3 hits. I figured, "hey can't go wrong there".

I have to say I was quite disappointed in this set. The pulls I got weren't so great, and most other breaks I've watched of this same set aren't good at all. I was under the belief that the mix of new and old players would make this a fun box break, but I was horribly wrong.

The card design for this set is so plain it's painful to look at. Sure, some of them have a pretty little gold border, but overall this set is as plain as they come.

The box value leaves much to be desired as well. I didn't come close to breaking even on this box, but what can ya do? Hindsight really is 20/20..... I guess that's part of the hobby.

The checklist seems great, but from what I've seen pulled out of boxes so far, the checklist looks better on paper. Anyway, the hits I pulled from this dreadfully depressing box are as follows....

- Rogers Hornsby Bat card /399

- Chris Sale Auto card /599

- Ervin Santana Crowd Pleasers Auto card / 549

When I spend $80 on a box with one pack I expect at least one decently low numbered hit, and this box didn't even come close to delivering that. I wholeheartedly advise against this set, but to each his own I suppose. I give this set a 2 out of 5. Will not buy another box of Tier One..... that's for certain.


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