5 Present Ideas for your Geeky Boyfriend

Want to get your geeky boyfriend an awesome gift? Well I have compiled a list of original present ideas for him... Read on!

Mini R/C Helicopter

If he is even a little bit geeky, and enjoys gadgets of any kind, then guaranteed he will love a Mini Remote Control Helicopter. It is full of instant win, and will fill his heart with love for you for thinking of such a thoughtful gift. You might be thinking, 'but he is a grown man, I cannot get him a tiny flying helicopter'. And he may well be a grown man, but I am telling you right now he definitely wants a miniature flying helicopter. You can find them at your local toy store or order one online!

threadless.com T-Shirts

Everyone loves t-shirts, especially guys! In fact, they are our favourite thing to wear. The premise of the 'Threadless' website is that artists submit their own t-shirt designs. These designs are then voted on by the Threadless community, and the popular ones get made into real shirts which you can buy online!

There are some very cool and original designs, and Threadless will often have a massive sale a couple of times a year. I have personally ordered from them multiple times and have never had a problem.

Themed USB Sticks

It is common knowledge that you cannot go anywhere without a USB stick. So don't let him keep using his ratty old stick that has been in and out of that USB slot like the village bicycle.

Spruce it up! Get him a themed USB stick...there are multitudes of them, and they really are a nifty present!

RFID Blocking Wallet


Radio-Frequency Identification.

To summarise in layman's terms, your bank card/credit card/work card/passport often have RFID chips in them. These chips can be 'read' by holding them close to a 'reader', and that is part of what makes them useful and effective in your day to day life. Unfortunately hackers and identity thieves have come up with portable readers that can activate your RFID chip and 'read' your cards, effectively swiping their data. They can then use this to produce counterfeit cards and go shopping... as you!

One common way to avoid this problem is the laughable 'tin foil down the pants' trick. While it would be awesome if you could convince your boyfriend to wear tin foil down his pants, for obvious reasons, it is generally only considered by 'crazy hobo tin-foil hat alien' people.

So how do you help protect your boyfriend's credit card from those shady thieves? An RFID blocking wallet of course!

Once you present him with the wallet, and get your thinly veiled sarcastic but obligatory 'Aww, a wallet. Wow...........'thanks' baby!' hit him with that youtube clip. Then let the appreciation for your awesome gift roll on in!

The TV Poltergeist!

Now you need to be wary with this one. It is a cheapie, and definitely a goodie. HOWEVER - it may come back to bite you.

The TV Poltergeist will turn off almost any TV randomly in 5 - 20 minute intervals! Whilst I can think of numerous situations where it can be used to hilarity (football grand final, school history lesson, a raining sports day with yet another repeat video session of 'Cool Runnings'), it is considered by the internet to be 'an evil prank'.

I hope this gift is never used against you.

And that ties up my little geeky gift list (I hope you got something out of it), if you really get stuck, you can always get him an annual subscription to PC Gamer Magazine!

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Lisa 6 years ago

I was singing "Jamaica we have a bobsled team" today. We must've gone to the same school.

tomsum profile image

tomsum 6 years ago from Australia Author

Haha, Lisa. Yes Cool Runnings was a great movie, but I swear everytime it was raining and we were supposed to be outside playing sport they played Cool Runnings. Over and over! I think I saw it like 10 times in primary school.

simeonvisser profile image

simeonvisser 6 years ago

Great hub, you indeed mention things I wouldn't mind receiving. The RFID blocking wallet is a cool idea. I never heard of threadless.com but I like the idea that you can submit your own designs.. too bad I'm not really a graphical artist :)

tomsum profile image

tomsum 6 years ago from Australia Author

@simeonvisser Thanks for your comments :) I'm new to this hubbing thing, but I'm having fun!

jantamaya profile image

jantamaya 6 years ago from UK

Cool. :)

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