50 Fun Things to Do During Summer Vacation

1. Make Friendship bracelets with your friends
2. Have a picnic
3. Spend the day at the mall and go into every single store
4. Volunteer at an animal shelter
5. Plant a Garden
6. Sign up for a class
7. Make a mixed CD of your favorite songs and label it 
   "The Soundtrack Of My Life"
8. Make A Collage out of old magazines
9. Make Tye Die T-Shirts
10. Go Camping in your backyard
11. Make artwork out of household items
12. Have a whip-creamed fight
13. Go on the side of the road and hold a huge sign that says 
    "honk if you think I'm hot"
14. Go to a midnight premiere of a movie
15. Climb up on your roof at night and look at the stars
16. Go to an amuesment park and ride EVERY ride
17. Write messages and put them in Balloons
18. Have a movie party
19. Give one of your friends a complete makeover
20. Cook dinner for you parents
21. Go bike riding
22. Have a sleepover at a hotel with your friends
23. Go and explore the forest
24. Build a Tree House
25. Create you own country or planet. Think of every little detail for it
26. Start a Collection
26. Write a Story
27. Re-Decorate your room
28. Get a PenPal from a foreign country
29. Make a music video
30. Have a scavenger hunt
31. Turn your stereo the highest it will go, and dance all around your 
32. Go to ballgames
33. Go to a statepark
34. Pull pranks all day long
35. Go skating or ice skating
36. Take a road trip with you friends (if your old enough)
37. Go skinny dipping
38. Go visit a farm, and try milking a cow
39. Go see a drive-in movie
40. Stand next to the ocean and let your mind wonder
41. See The world's largest something!
42. Go bowling or mini-golfing
43. Make a voodoo doll
44. Subscribe to a bunch of magazines
45. Make a time capsule and open it up in a few years
46. Go to the pool 
47. Have a barbecue
48. Go outside and draw a bunch of things in nature
49. Play video games
50. Make a scrapbook out of everything you did this summer


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Ben 4 years ago


michelle 4 years ago

1.go to the beach

2.treasure map?

4.water fights/wars

5.bury people in the sand

6.swim in the sea

7.beach/water ball


9.paint nails

10.make a swing?

11.scavenger hunt

12.have a picnic

13.go shopping

14.make a fort

15.camping in the back yard?

16.secret diary of the holiday

17.get a tan or burnt

18.start a secret club


20.take pics

21.treasure hunt?

22.play board games

23.family olympics

24.play pranks


Lea 3 years ago

Go to Six Flags

Will 3 years ago

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Judy 3 years ago

Make a list of things to do this summer.

Hardi 2 years ago

These ideas are lovely, I could never think that summer can be so much fun.

jas lives 2 years ago

i would do most of this but i don't have money or friends in the area to do any of this and i have no beaches in my area (colorado springs, colorado)

sana 2 years ago

It would be really funny bunny!B-)

hi 2 years ago


sandy13 2 years ago

no friends, money or beaches ?? go to a lake meet people and take a picnic lunch with you !! nice way to enjoy your day and meet new people.

Jajjaa 2 years ago

Make a list of things to do in summer and not do anything at all.

navodya 18 months ago

Make handcrafts

Photo shoot

colouring nalis


watching movies




decorate room

Siddhi 15 months ago

Thanks for advice

POEPVLEK 14 months ago


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