7 Best Outside Toys for Children

It's summer and the kids are driving you nuts saying "I'm bored Mom, there's nothing to do". Ahh isn't summer grand? Well it's times like these that you need to kick them outside for a while. Of course you'll need to give them something to do while they are out there, so this page will go over the 7 best outside toys for children aged 5 to 12.

(1) Seesaw

Seesaw's or teeter totters are great fun for children and come in a large variety of sizes and styles to suit most backyards. You can get ones with seats and straps for young children and those who are a bit older can choose models that not only go up and down but round and round as well.

You can usually pick up a good seesaw for around $100

(2) Water Sprinklers

Yes your common garden water sprinkler can keep kids entertained for hours and is a great outside toy. Just attach a sprinkler to your garden hose and let your children run and jump through the spray of water. You can also buy speciality water sprinklers that shoot water in different directions or patterns for more enjoyment.

Water sprinklers are an inexpensive option for around $20

(3) Inflatable Water Slides

While a little more expensive that your other options, inflatable water slides can provide hours of fun and enjoyment for bigger kids. You can usually get these for around the same price it costs to hire them. If you do plan on letting younger children on them, be sure to keep a good eye on them for proper safety.

Good water slides such as the Banzai Sidewinder Falls cost around $500

Outside Toys from Amazon

Outdoor Toys Continued

(4) Pedal Bikes

You can get bikes for both young and old children and it not only provides great enjoyment but really good exercise as well. If you haven't taught your child to ride yet then make sure you get some training wheels too. Teaching them to ride a bike and good road safety can be a great family bonding experience as well.

Bikes range in price from $50 all the way up to a few hundred dollars.

(5) Sandpit (or Sandbox)

Younger children especially will enjoy playing in the sandpit with their other outdoor toys. You can bring in their toy trucks and make roads and hills for them to drive over, or give them a sifter and bury treasure in the sand that they have to find. Sandpits can be built into your garden or you can buy portable plastic sandboxes that often have a pool on one side so your child can play in both.

Plastic Sandbox's usually cost around $50

(6) Bubbles

Children love bubbles and see them as magical and exciting. To save yourself having to blow them, bubble machines can produce hundreds of bubbles at once and some can produce small, little or gigantic bubbles in all sorts of shapes.

Bubble Machines start at just $5.

(7) Water Guns

Water Guns not only keep the kids cool and entertained, all that running around is great exercise as well. You can get water guns in all sizes from little handheld pistols to big guns that shoot lots of water at once.

Super Soaker make some great water blasters which start at $15 and go up to $70.

These are just some of the great outdoor toys for children. If you have a great idea for more outdoor fun for kids, then let us know below.

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Razor Ground Force Electric Go kart 6 years ago

Wow, this is a nice list of items. However, I would want to add another thing in this, which is a go kart. I remember, I used to love it a lot when I was a kid and had one as well. My friends used to take it from me and ride it for a few minutes.

It made me feel like a king anyway :D

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