A Buyer's Guide To Video Games For Christmas Gifts

The world of video games can be a confusing and frightening place for those with little knowledge of video games, especially for those who have someone to buy christmas presents for and are unaware what a "Skyrim" is. This guide should clear up a little bit of the grey area that stands between you and that next best game your friend, significant other, or child is hinting at. A link to each game for specification will be located at the end of the article in order as they appear in text.

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The Elder Scroll's V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, is the latest installment of Bethesda's Elder Scrolls Franchise. It was released on November 11th, 2011, and is a favorite to win game of the year. (Don't worry about what game of the year is, or what that entails specifically, just know that it means the game is really good!) It is first-person, focusing primarily on melee weapons and spell casting for combat. Skyrim is a fantasy, adventure game that boasts one of the largest playable and discoverable area's for a console video game. This means your child can put countless hours of gameplay into Skyrim and still be occupied and content with it. Also, Bethesda often releases Add-On content or expansions to their games, so in the future, when the fateful time comes that your son or daughter says they've "beat the game already", fear not, they may still return to it! This game is rated M for Mature, so if you are particularly careful about what your child see's, although this game is fantastic, you may want to find something a bit more friendly.

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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Modern Warfare 3 is the next addition to the often skewed franchise of Call Of Duty. Before Modern Warfare 3, often abbreviated MW3, was Call Of Duty: Black Ops, which was made by a different group than those that have produced MW3. It is a first-person shooter and arguably the top game of the genre. Gamers often refer to Call Of Duty as a comparison between it and other First-Person shooters, which for your knowledge in case you see it anywhere, is sometimes abbreviated FPS. This means that Call Of Duty has pretty much set the bar for FPS games and other games can to compared to Call Of Duty to rate them. This game has a limited story line, however can be played online with an internet connection on your respective console, which means an infinite number of new things happening as you play new players every game. MW3 is also rated M.

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Rage is a new game by Bethesda that combines FPS, adventure, and driving/racing elements all in one. It has been compared to the likeness of the Fallout series of video games in the sense that they are both adventure/FPS set in an apocalyptic world, and games like Burnout for it's racing style. It has a different feel from Bethesda's Elder Scrolls games in that it features guns and melee weapons, as well as certain enhancements and sentries available to the player. This game is also rated M.

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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Skyward Sword is the newest adventure of gamer-famous icon Link, the green-clad hero who fights evil to save the princess Zelda and his land of Hyrule. More than likely, your particular person of whom a game-for-a-gift you are intending, has played a Legend of Zelda game in the past, as these games are world-famous and the franchise is one of the most successful in the world. This game is played on the Wii through it's motion controls, and is rated E for Everyone.


Rocksmith is a music-playing video game in the style of Guitar Hero, with one major difference: it can be played, and is designed, for a real guitar. That's right, you plug a REAL guitar into the console and play the game with the actual instrument, as opposed to the plastic instruments of Guitar Hero or Rock Band. It teaches the player basic concepts of guitar skill and technique, while remaining fun and interesting. You can use your own electric guitar, or purchase the game bundle that comes with a guitar ready to use. This game is rated T for Teen.

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