A game review of WW2 Last Defense


Welcome everyone! This marks the first post in my new series of game guides. I will be finding fun games online and reviewing them according to their genre. This week I will be reviewing primarily games specialized in the World War 2 (WW2) niche.

The game I have chosen for today is called "WW2 Last Defense". This game is set near the end of WW2, probably either 1944 or 1945. The germans are making one of their final assults on the allies defensive lines and for whatever reason you are the last soldier to defend it. There is a small barricade between you and the enemies, oh and you have a small gun. Well THAT sounds promising!

Basically the enemies will come out at you in rounds. Each round it will require more kills for the wave to be completed, the enemies will come out at a faster rate, and their health will increase. At the end of each round you will have a choice to upgrade. You can either modify your damage or modify your speed. I would highly recommend focusing on damage as the speed doesn't increase that much BUT do not fully neglect upgrading your speed either. There will be a point when the enemies are coming out at you so fast that you will need more speed just to keep up with them. So here is my golden rule:

Always keep your damage upgraded enough so that it never takes more than two hits to kill an enemy

Otherwise you can upgrade your speed.

Thats all there really is to it. Shoot, kill and upgrade. The defensive game of this type is way overdone but it was fun for some reason. I enjoyed the simplistic graphics which did seem to clash at times but it was still enjoyable. I give it a 7/10!

Thanks for reading my review guys! Check back tomorrow for another game guide! I will be going over how to the "Lond Defende: The Blitz"


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