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Amazon has one of the largest inventories of toys and games available on the Internet - all shipped mega fast - directly to your community mailroom doorstep.

So, the basic drill is to allow Amazon's shopping cart tell you if the item will ship - while keeping in mind during your toy searches that, generally speaking, anything over 70 pounds and 108 inches in girth won't make it in the mail system to an APO DPO or FPO address.

For example, the following might cause your item to not ship APO:

  • Items over 70 pounds won't ship overseas. I added an Intex 24-Foot by 52-Inch Family Size Round Metal Frame Pool Set to my Amazon shopping cart and, yep, the cart stated it could not ship FPO AP. Whereas, I next loaded a little Intex Beach Days Snapset Pool to my cart, and Amazon allowed the shipment. Which means you basically have to use common sense while shopping at Amazon. The 24-foot pool is large enough for your dog to swim laps on the inside - the little Beach Days pool is great for kids to splash around in - in their housing backyard.
  • 108 inches girth fast. Ditto on the outer size of the object you would like to buy. Talk to your local APO about how to do the 108 inch measurement, although it's usually the length of the object, plus the measurement around the middle of the object (the girth) - then add the two measurements together to see if they add up to 108 inches.
  • 130 inches girth slow. Anything under 130 inches (over 108 inches, under 130 inches, measured the same way as noted above) - will be placed on a slow boat to China (not literally, it just means your stuff is being shipped 4th Class / Slow).

That's it. Follow the Amazon rules, and you can get all your summer-fun toys and games shipped fast to your overseas address.

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