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There are actually several different types of stick on round clocks that you have to choose from, depending on exactly what you are looking for in your next time piece.  While prices and quality will vary greatly, as they would with almost any other type of retail product, you can generally find what you are looking for in almost any budget or style.  Let’s explore the stick on round clock options that you may have.


Common Options


You can choose from several different options when you are looking for a stick on round clock.  You can go big or small, digital, use stop watch type models, those with alarms, and many other options.  The types of options you choose will generally impact the price of the timer, so choose what you want carefully, or you will pay too much.





You can go with a more traditional stick on round clock, or you could opt for a digital model.  For most of us, digital seems to be the way we prefer, although if you have children, you may want to opt for old standard, so they can get practice at telling time.  This is really just a simple preference that some people may have.  It’s really up to the customer.




For many customers, the size of the stick on round clock will make a great difference.  Obviously, the sizes of these, just like watches, will vary greatly.  You can find them very small, sometimes on only 1 ½ inches in diameter, to fairly large, perhaps 10 inches in diameter, or bigger.  Keep in mind that bigger units could fall, if the sticky back loses adhesion to the surface they are mounted to.




One common problem with a stick on round clock is that once they are in place, they are hard to remove, and the sticky tape often will not hold sufficiently the next time you try to place it up.  If you have this problem, a small piece of double sided foam tape will suffice.


Cheap Alternatives


One of the cheapest ways to get a stick on round clock is to simply go to a local dollar store and buy a watch.  It’s generally very easy to remove the band.  Then, you have a one dollar, makeshift stick on round clock that can be put up anywhere with some double sided tape.  It works well, especially if you need to buy several of them.  It’s a great way to get them super cheap, without having to pay shipping charges.

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