Activities to amuse small children

Fun for young children

Many mums wonder how to entertain young children during the day when it is too hot outside or raining and are looking for activities to amuse children.

.It is so easy just to put the TV on or a video and leave them to be entertained by the media a lot so here are some fun and simple ideas for you to have some great times with the children.

Keep in mind while its great to spend time having fun with your children they also need to be able to entertain themselves at times while you are busy so I will do this in different sections.

One will be activities that need careful supervision and other activities are ones where they are safe while you do houswork etc.

Spending time outside is very important.
Spending time outside is very important.

Children entertaining themselves

I . Colouring in and drawing pictures as long as they are old enough not to draw on the wall or your new white lounge !

See my hub on free colouring in pictures for children.

If they draw you a picture make sure it has pride of place on your fridge or wall for visitors to see!

2. A basket of dress up clothes, shoes and bags will have them playing Mums & Dads / doctors for hours on end.

3. Old egg containers, empty cartons and toy money will keep them busy playing shops

Pretend you are a customer & they will love it !

Or they can make things out of them , maybe a boat.

4. Provide a comb, brush and HIDE the scissors so they can play hairdressers especially good if you have long hair !

5. Good old lego or other building blocks , get them to make a town- takes ages and gets them thinking !

6. A handbag with an old purse & bits & pieces can keep young one fascinated.

7. Jigsaw puzzles are great for their coordination and are great for all ages.

Start off with easy puzzles and work up to more dificult puzzles as their confidence and skills grow.

8. If the children are older they can cut out pictures of animals etc out of old magazines and make a scrapbook of subjects they like .

EG: Transport




Fun with the kids !

Children love painting even though it can be messy !

If its a nice day then its good for outdoors.

However if you need to be inside then make sure you have plenty of newspaper on your table first !

Play dough will keep them occupied and using their imagination .

You can either buy play dough ready made or have fun making it with your children.

Teach them card games like Snap


Double rummy


Board games like good old snakes and ladders- draughts - ludo !


scrabble and monopoly for older children.

Outside there are skipping games , ball games and more .

Uncooked Play Dough Recipe

2 cups of plain flour
4 tablespoons of 'cream of tartar'
2 tablespoons of cooking oil
1 cup of salt
2 cups of boiling water
food colouring

Just pop it all in a mixing bowl and mix!

*It looks as though it is not going to mix well at first but hang in there and throw it onto the bench to knead, and it will come together really nicely.

You can put different things in ours also such as glitter and sand.  Just be careful you don't put things in like rice as they tend to go mouldy - glitter is really good.

*Add peppermint oil for a great smell and even longer lasting playdough...

Playing with playdough


Find different shaped lids and objects for children to press into the playdough and uncover different shapes Make funny faces  Make up lots of small playdough balls - how many playdough balls fill up different small containers or a cup. Make letters up so they can spell their name ,

On the Road

Children of all ages will get bored while traveling if they have nothing to do while traveling especialy if they are on a road trip around Australia.

Make sure they at least have an activity book of some kind and a pad & pen.

If older give them a map so they can follow where you are on the way to each day .

We played good old eye spy with my little eye!

number plate games , making words from the rego plate!

I would make a list of items for the girls to look out for and spot as we were driving along.


yellow car



bakery and so on which kept them going for ages!

We would play " I am going on holiday and need to take my camera , go round the group each adding a new item !

A fun memory game the girls seemed to win most the time!

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TheCalicoRose 6 years ago

These are some great ideas and some I've already been taking into practice. . . another one that I've recently been doing with them is teaching them to play UNO, Monopoly and Checkers. My Eldest 2 are preschool - kindergarten level so I have to talk them through it, but that's okay:) The point is to have some quality time with your kids and they will eat it right up:)

smackins1974 profile image

smackins1974 5 years ago from UK

Great ideas, thanks


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