Adenah the Curio Vendor - Diablo 3 Wandering Merchant Guide

The four possible spawn locations.
The four possible spawn locations.

This guide will cover the wandering merchant, Adenah the Curio Vendor in Diablo 3, providing information on how to locate the npc. These characters are usually found randomly in locations outside of each act's towns and can offer convenient services and wares during your journeys through the wilds.

This is one of the wandering merchants you must find for the Market Research achievement.

Where to find the House of Curios

The House of Curious and it's occupant Adenah the Curio Vendor are a particularly rare spawn in the Fields of Misery zone, traveled through during the quest The Broken Blade in Act I, although easily accessed latter via waypoints in either the fields of from the Forsaken Cemetery. Besides seeming to have a low chance to spawn in the first place, this location shares a possible spawn point slot with several others, although there are several things to look out for to make your search a little bit easier. The small area the house exists on will be labeled the Lonely Dwelling.

In the picture to the right, you will see a rough map (better picture soon) of the Fields of Misery, with 4 red spots, each placed over one of the possible spawn locations. One of these will always be the waypoint, another will always be Khazra Den, and a third always seems to be one of a few different dungeons.

The important tactic here, is to rule out that, if you come to one of these spots that is not one of the places mentioned above, and is not the House of Curios either, chances are the house didn't spawn this time, meaning its time to make a new game and try again. You can quicken your searches by avoiding uncovering all four locations every time this way. It may be worth uncovering all four locations a couple time to begin with however, just to get a feel for the spawn locations so you can hit them again quickly without getting lost.

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"Impressive! You braved the khazra to come see my wares?"
- Adenah the Curio Vendor

Once you've found her house, breathe a sigh of relief, because its certainly not an easy find, unless you're lucky. Either way, enter the house and you will be able to brwose from her discounted wares, which include a few random weapons, a large range of armors, dyes and repair services. Don't forget to check the Old Keepsake Box that drops the Adenah's Jottings journal for the A Quick Study achievement.

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Comments 10 comments

Bakfiets 4 years ago

tookme 132 runs but i got him now :D

Troll195 4 years ago

I'm on around my fiftieth run now and haven't found it yet

anon 4 years ago

I believe when you find Khazra Den you'll get a checkpoint so every time you quit and resume you'll end up in front of the entrance. Then just check your map to see where you are (and where the waypoint is) and figure out where else to check.

profile image

Anuhart 4 years ago

Hi, thanks for the guide.

50 to 60 maps with no show then two off the trot at the same loc.

FWIW, the second time, it spawned without meeting the 'criteria'.

That is, it is possible for the random dungeon to be at a different place and one of the 4 locs to be a blank and still have the house spawn.

I'll post a SS at a better time (dodgy HD, might jam up and don't want to lose NV :) )

profile image

Anuhart 4 years ago

SOE profile image

SOE 4 years ago Author

Well, true, but the random dungeon you mention is the Defiled Crypts, which is part of the large tile set of random spawns, meaning that it isn't technically part of the same pool, since the house can never spawn where the crypts can spawn and vice versa. I should clarify that you will never find one of the small tile dungeons and the house at the same time, the small ones being Scavenger's Den and the Lost Mine.

SOE profile image

SOE 4 years ago Author

@anon This is true as well, which can help uncover 2 of the spots right away. I should of mentioned this before as a time saver, but I'll def add it and give you recognition.

jack 4 years ago

got it on my first try after reading this thanks anyway!!

woohoo 4 years ago

Thank you so much. This guide was spot on. Saved me a lot of time searching. :))

Mathurin Kerbouchard 3 years ago

Litteraly just read this and found house of curios on my first try. Far bottom spawn location. Luckiest I've ever been on this game.

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