Adorable Kinders Rag Dolls

Adorable Kinders Princess Ensemble / Amazon
Adorable Kinders Princess Ensemble / Amazon

Adorable Kinders Rag Dolls

Adorable Kinders Rag Dolls, what are they? I had never heard of these rag dolls until a friend of mine told me that she had ordered one for her granddaughter's birthday. Since I only have grandsons I hadn't paid much attention to dolls of any kind.

When she received the doll she showed it to me and I thought it was the most adorable rag doll I had ever seen. These soft and cuddly dolls would make wonderful Christmas or birthday gifts for children.

These are a few of the awards received for Adorable Kinders Rag Dolls:

  1. 2009 Children's Products Gold Award
  2. 2009 Greatest Toys & Games Award
  3. 2009-10 Best Children's Products Awards
  4. 2009-10 Best Toys Award
  5. 2010 Family Choice Award

The Beginning

At age sixteen, Artisan Aranza Zamora began making dolls at home. She continued to experiment with her doll making even after she became a mother. Years later her eldest child, Ivan helped her with further creations of the rag dolls along with and market testing of their product and a website.

Unfortunately Ivan died at the age of 24 from a rare heart condition just as they were starting to experience some success.

Aranza gave up making the rag dolls for awhile until her husband, Greg Goodenbury encouraged her to start making the dolls again. It was also a way to honor Ivan's legacy.

Granza is the name of the company that Aranza and Greg formed to manufacture their Adorable Kinder Rag Dolls in Winter Springs, Fl.

Kindergarten Friends

The theme of the doll collection is that they are kindergarten friends. Their names all start with a different letter of the alphabet. Each doll has an internet key code for online registration at "The Adorable Kinders School", where educational games are available for children.

The dolls are washable since they are made entirely of fabric with 100% non-allergenic polyester stuffing. Soft and cuddly, children will have no problem sleeping with one of these lovable dolls.

The dolls are approximately 18" tall and weigh less than 2 lbs. Their colorful clothes are washable and children will be able to interchange the clothes from one doll to another.

If you haven't considered a rag doll for your child you won't go wrong in purchasing one of these smart and well made adorable rag dolls for a child to love. There is a nice variety of dolls to choose from.


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Rachel L Alba profile image

Rachel L Alba 21 months ago from Every Day Cooking and Baking

I think rag dolls are beautiful. They may not look like porcelain dolls but they are still beautiful. I used to buy them for my daughters when they were little. They are 39 and 42 now. Thanks for this hub.

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