Affordable Sports Memorabilia Gift Ideas for Men and Women Sport Fans

Do You Love to See Your Favorite Athletes? You May Want to Display Some Memorabilia in Your Home

There are many affordable posters available online for almost any sport!
There are many affordable posters available online for almost any sport! | Source

Why Buy Sports Memorabilia and Collectibles

Many men and women who are enthusiastic sports fans enjoy following a favorite team or athlete. They often enjoy wearing ball caps and football jerseys, and dream of catching a fly ball during a professional baseball game.

When you buy the person you love an item of sports memorabilia, or he buys it for himself, it can be a real treat. In addition, as you can see below, while some types of sports memorabilia can cost thousands of dollars, other items can be purchased for less than $20 or $30. If you scroll through the Sports Collectibles section of Amazon, you will find items in virtually every possible price range, so don't be discouraged by items that seem high priced.

Sports memorabilia can include anything from an autographed poster that shows a popular sporting event or famous athlete, to sentimental favorites like a baseball from your first ball game. It even includes that soccer ball that your teammates signed when you were on your first soccer team at age six! Whatever sentimental feelings you have about a sport, a team or a particular player, it is fun to indulge yourself by collecting sports memorabilia.

Today, almost anything you want can be purchased online from sites like Amazon ... often at a really good price! You can get jackets with the logo of your favorite team, ball caps, sweatshirts, posters, balls and much more. I have even seen examples of stadium seats that have been removed from sports arenas that are being torn down. The seats are removed and sold. What a great addition for your den!

Listed below are examples of some of the sports collectibles that make great gifts for the sports fan in your life.

Sports Posters

Professional photographers have taken pictures of almost every major event in sports history over the past 50 or 60 years. You can purchase posters for every major league team, and every major athlete, including many Olympic athletes. You can purchase posters that are either framed or unframed; you can also purchase them with and without autographs. Prices can vary from less than $10 to well over $100 for a framed, autographed poster.

While many sites sell these sports posters, I have found that Amazon has some of the best prices. I would start my search there and then expand to some of the niche sites if I cannot find what I want on Amazon.

Autographed Balls

Another popular gift for men and women are autographed sports balls, including tennis balls, golf balls, basketballs, baseballs and footballs. Often these balls have been individually hand-signed, which can increase their value. They can be purchased both with and without a stand, and sometimes they are available inside a plexiglass case to keep them protected.

While some of these hand signed balls can cost $100 - $200, they are unique and can make a very special gift for the sports enthusiast in your family. However, sometime you can purchase a ball for much less. If your are really lucky, you may even catch a ball at a ballgame, and all you need then is to buy a display case to keep it protected.

In other cases, you can purchase a ball and buy the display case separately. An example is the display case shown below.

One of our daughters still has the signed soccer ball from her high school team. It is very meaningful for her and we bought her a display case on Amazon. It cost very little and is a perfect way to keep her ball clean and safe.

Autographed Sports Jerseys

Another popular gift idea for men and women is an autographed sports jersey. You can purchase baseball, basketball, soccer and football jerseys, as well as similar items from other sporting events.

When you decide to buy a sports jersey, you could decide to save money and purchase a moderately priced jersey without an autograph from their favorite team. You might even purchase one with the name of their favorite player. Any sports fan will certainly enjoy it. However, the true sports memorabilia collector will certainly hope that one day he will own a jersey that has been autographed by his favorite player.

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profile image

Ruth Pieterse 4 years ago

Nice hub

Deborah-Diane profile image

Deborah-Diane 4 years ago from Orange County, California Author

I'm glad you found this article on sports memorabilia gifts for men helpful!

moonlake profile image

moonlake 3 years ago from America

Good ideas the guys in our family like anything Packer. That's always on their Christmas list. Voted up.

Deborah-Diane profile image

Deborah-Diane 3 years ago from Orange County, California Author

I know how much men like sports memorabilia! I hope this gave you some new ideas about what to buy the men you love.

Au fait profile image

Au fait 3 years ago from North Texas

I know Mother's Day is just a few days away, but Father's Day isn't far behind. There are probably a few women out there too, who might like some of the gift suggestions you have here. Great ideas for sports enthusiasts no matter what sex they happen to be! Voted up and useful! Sharing with my followers.

Deborah-Diane profile image

Deborah-Diane 3 years ago from Orange County, California Author

Thank you for pointing out that these are great gift ideas for both men and women who are sports fans. Perhaps a few of these suggestions would be perfect for Mother's Day! Thanks for positive feedback.

vespawoolf profile image

vespawoolf 3 years ago from Peru, South America

These are great gift ideas for the men in our lives. Autographed sports memorabilia is very popular and would make a well-received gift. Thank you!

Deborah-Diane profile image

Deborah-Diane 3 years ago from Orange County, California Author

With Father's Day coming up, I hope some kids think of autographed sports memorabilia as a possible gift for their Dad. It's a great collectible!

Au fait profile image

Au fait 3 years ago from North Texas

With Christmas only 100 or so days away, this would be a good time to start thinking about a sports related gift -- and not just for men. Lots of women like sorts nowadays too. There are bound to be a lot of birthdays over the next few months too and this article could help someone choose the perfect gift for all the upcoming occasions. Sharing again with followers.

Au fait profile image

Au fait 3 years ago from North Texas

Sharing this again. It may be just the thing to solve a gift-giving problem that someone is having, after all, sports memorabilia can be a great gift for women as well as for men.

Why are men always so difficult to think of gifts for? Anyway, this hub may help someone think of the perfect gift for someone.

Au fait profile image

Au fait 2 years ago from North Texas

Have to say again that lots of women are into sports these days and would love a special gift like the ones described here for Mother's Day. Father's Day isn't far off either, so this could be just what someone is looking for to help them figure out the perfect gifts for Mom and Dad! Sharing.

rebeccamealey profile image

rebeccamealey 2 years ago from Northeastern Georgia, USA

Neat gift ideas for the sporty person. What a great idea for a hub, too!

Deborah-Diane profile image

Deborah-Diane 2 years ago from Orange County, California Author

Au fait - I have taken your advice and changed the name of this article. I also made the article less gender specific. You are right. Women would enjoy these items as much as men. Thanks for your insight!

ezzly profile image

ezzly 24 months ago

These are fantastic ideas, I recently took my nephew to an American football game, wish I could have caught the ball ;)

Deborah-Diane profile image

Deborah-Diane 24 months ago from Orange County, California Author

Ezzly, I'm so glad you enjoyed your American football game. Sports bring a lot of enjoyment to our lives.

Deborah-Diane profile image

Deborah-Diane 21 months ago from Orange County, California Author

Sports memorabilia can be a popular gift for either Mother's Day or Father's Day ... especially when you have sports fans in the family!

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