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Special Alert Special Alert! Agent Oso has some cool toys your child may want. In case you are not familiar Agent Oso can be found on the Disney channel most weekend mornings.  Agent Oso is a special agent bear who helps kids out with their problems. Need to learn to tie your shoe before going to school? Agent Oso to the rescue. Need to learn how to dry dishes before going out for ice cream? Agent Oso again takes time out from his busy schedule to help any child in need.  He comes to the home and teaches the child how ot complete the task in three special steps. This popular television show from Disney has caught the attention of many children and parents. As a parent I think it is funny how a talking bear seens to show up to help the child and no parent seems alarmed! Parents! Earn your own digi medal by getting your chid a Special Agent Oso Toy!

 The plush 14 inch Agent Oso looks exactly like the cartoon character.  Included is his digi watch, digi medal and even that "it's all part of the plan" smile!  One parent gave him five out of five stars.  They were very pleased with the quality of the plush bear.

 If you have ever watched the show you will find that there is the same format.  Usually at the beginning Agent Oso is given his special alert while he is practicing some cool spy technique (that is all part of the plan of course) in one of his cool vehicles.  You can purchase all six vehicles together if you wish. The training pack of the set of six includes a whirlybird, a Go Go Race Car, a Submarine, a snowmobile,a moon rover and a motor boat.  What else could a Special Agent need?  Each vehicle has it's own action figure Oso.

Special Agent Oso's Whirlybird is about 12 inches tall. It as some neat features such as electronic sounds and voices. It also has a grappling hook, an ejector seat and a rotating window. Also included is an Agent Oso action figure. This toy received five out of five stars form one customer review,  The parent stated this toy is nicely designed.  he was surprised that the Whirlybird actually ejects Agent Oso out of the cockpit just like in the cartoon.  The customer comments that this is the best Agent Oso toy he has seen.

Special Agent OSO - Oso's Go-Go-Go Race Car

 The Special Agent Oso Go Go car has a pull back motor.  It has a launching shutterbug and lights and sound.  A three inch tall action Oso figure also comes with the car.    Three AAA batteries are included in this toy.

 Help Agent Oso explore the the Moon in his Moon Rover. Equipped with a launching shutterbug this Moon rover can go anywhere!  The rover also has a rotating radar and an extra oxygen tank in the buggy. A three inch Agent Oso with moon suit is included.

 Sometimes Agent Oso has to depend on some assistance from his friends.  Such as Wolfie, who drives a motor boat.  This wind up boat is perfect for the bathtub or out of the tub.

 Agent Oso's submarine has a launching missile and spinning turbines.  This sub also comes equipped with a three inch Agent Oso action figure all dressed up in his submarine gear.

 Last but not least Agent Oso needs to go in the snow!  He is able to travel in his snowmobile. Be careful though!  The Snowmobile has a launching snowboard.   A three inch Agent Oso comes with the toy.

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