How to Be a Pretty, Pretty Princess

Through the Eyes of a Child

 I have a very imaginative young princess-in-the-making who often likes to come up with a set of rules.  One day, she sat down with me and had a very enlightening discussion about what a princess is and isn't.  With my help, we came up with the following tips to amuse you and share with the little princesses in your lives.

Step 1: Bathe Each Night

Bathing before bed is ideal; it helps a young princess dream about her kingdom and prepares her for the next day's adventures.  The sleep you'll have following this nightly ritual will allow you to have a thorough beauty sleep, leaving you fresh and rosy in the morn.

Step 2: Always Smell Like Flowers

No one likes a stinky princess! It's important to be approachable at all times.  Just a dab of rose water, eau de toilet, or perhaps a floral hand lotion will bring forth loyal subjects in droves when they're summoned.

Step 3: Manners, Please

 Treat everyone with as much respect and politeness as possible, and they will be kind back to you.  This includes using the "magic" words when accepting and offering gifts, declining royal ball invitations, and for remembering to excuse yourself when accidentally bumping into loyal subjects.

Step 4: Always Smile

 Everyone has bad days, but no one has to know when it's yours.  As a poised and proper princess, always smile in public.  Don't let a frown settle on the face - it wrinkles the skin and leads to looking more like a wicked witch than the angelic beauty you desire.  While you're at it, take an interest in those around you, and before long that smile will come naturally.

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