All the worlds a clown.

Some history on Clowns

Clowns have been around for thousands of years and they serve an unique role in many societies. In Egypt and China as early as 1800 BC Court Jesters were allowed to mock and criticize Kings when no one else was allowed to. They can get in your face and squirt you with water and generally make fun of you without suffering any consequences. I have loved clowns since I was a little girl. I collect porcelain clowns and I also like to go to craft stores like Michael's etc and purchase unpainted clowns and paint them. It is a great hobby I love it.

The Different Types of Clowns

The Hobo Character Clowns The hobo, or tramp, has been a popular character clown. Schoenhut called this character simply "Hobo".

Picture of a Hobo Clown

The Whiteface Clown

Whiteface Clowns

There are three types of Whiteface Clowns: Straight Whiteface, (classic) European Whiteface, and (comedy) grotesque Whiteface
(Classic) European Whiteface
Character: Also commonly called the Pierott clown. An elegant clown, artistic, colorful, bright and cheery. Its performance is highly artistic and skillful, but done with a comedic or dramatic flair.
Makeup: All exposed flesh will be covered with white makeup. Minimal lining color(s) and/or glitter will be used to express the features of the eyes, nose, and mouth. A white skull cap could be worn in lieu of a colored wig. The European Whiteface generally does not wear a comedy nose, false eyelashes, or large ears.
Costume: Considered the "most beautiful" of all clowns, it would be outfitted with the traditional one or two-piece jump suits of white or colored material to fit the character of the Classic Pierott. The styles may vary but are generally roomy and well-fitted and may have a detachable collar. The tunic or blouse can be straight, flared, short, medium or long with the long sleeves. Buttons, pompons, piping and ruffles should be of a contrasting color. The pants can be straight, flared, ruffled, or pantalooned. A clown hat should fit the clown's character/personality (short or tall cone hat, short cup or flat hats, or the typical "Pagliacci" hat). Gloves should cover the hands and wrists and should be white or colored to fit the wardrobe. Ballet or dancing slippers would be worn in lieu of large comedy shoes.

The White Face Clown

The Aguste Clown

Auguste Clown - Those are the clowns that have skin colors along with the make-up. They usually have very colorful costumes. Cookie the Clown, Bozo's partner, is an Auguste. These clowns are usually the goofy ones, always doing things the wrong way. They get to be the trouble-makers, and usually get in trouble by the boss white face clowns. Usually the Auguste clowns are energetic and acrobatic.

Aguste Clown


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