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Allods is a free to play MMO game that is full of exciting quests, challenges and real interactin with other online players! Each new player will be taken through a tutorial at the point of starting up and will find themselves involved within minutes.

Allods Online Game like most other web games has a whole range of exciting cheats for you to try and to explore. As you scroll through the page you can enjoy video and text cheats that will help your performance in the game! Ever wondered how some people get so good?..

The Awesome Rabbit Follow Cheat

How cool to have a rabbit follow you about, that will suprise your opponents! All you need to do is follow these 3 simple steps...

1.Make sure your a good side mage

2.Make sure you have the move meteor

3.Elegible to visit ablewood hint.

This cheat should be performed when you are on the quest called - "The Defence Contract". The reason for this is that is close to Ablewood hint. You will need to go to Ablewood and search the camps. Around one of the camps there is an open area where a rabbit will be. When you find the Rabbit you will need to hit it with Meteor; By doing so the rabbit should run up too you and follow you for the remainder of game play. You will lose the rabbit when you log off - but it will be fun whilst it lasts!

Allods Online Cash Shop

Allods - Sealed Lands Cheat :

In order to enable the cheat mode just should just simply press "Enter" whilst in the mission and type #Chicken. Then press "Enter" again. You can now type in one of the relevant codes - just be sure to press "Enter" afterwards.

#killall - To kill all enemies
#show map - To open the map
#victory - To win the mission
#modify army +god - For a God mode


Take a look at the Allods Talent Hack Bot.....

Allods Talent Hack

Allods Tips and Secrets

  • When possible try to ensure that you work in a party to complete a quest. It will be much quicker and easier as the quests are usually designed for large parties.
  • Codes are difficult to come by.
  • Remember that "T" is always your friend.
  • Spend some time learning as much as possible when on an allod, because once you complete it and move to the next level you will not be able to go back! Therefore take everything possible from each level!

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