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Alpha and Omega Movie Poster
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Alpha and Omega 2010

Alpha and Omega is the romantic tale of star crossed wolves Kate and Humphrey originating from two opposing wolf Packs, the Alpha and Omega packs in the Canadian Jasper National Park. The Movie aired September 2010 starring Justin Long, Christina Ricci and Dennis Hopper and Danny Glover.

The  beautifully animated Lionsgate feature is fairly popular with kids seeing as the movie reached fifth place at the box office in its opening week. Despite a predictable plot Alpha and Omega does have some adult humour in it for parents too- making it a fun movie for the whole family. Unfortunately there is no sign of Alpha and Omega Toys just Junior Novels and a Nintendo DS Alpha and Omega Game.

Listed below are some of the Alpha and Omega merchandise available as well as a few substitutes for Kate and Humphrey Plush Toys.

Alpha And Omega Poster
Alpha And Omega Poster | Source
Alpha and Omega Toys Substitute: Yokimo Plush
Alpha and Omega Toys Substitute: Yokimo Plush | Source

Alpha and Omega Toys and Games

Omega Wolf Humphrey

  • Humphrey is a wolf who enjoys the simple things in life.Hel loves hanging out with his fellow Omega wolves and spending time with Kate.
  • Unfortunately there is no sign of Alpha and Omega Plush Toys but I d recommend the Yomiko Yomiko Wolf 17 inch Plush wolf by by Russ as a suitable substitute for Humphrey.

The Yokimo Plush Wolf

  • The Yomiko Yomiko Wolf is machine washable and suitable for kids 4 years and older.
  • Current retail price: $19.99.

Alpha and Omega Posters
Alpha and Omega Posters | Source
Alpha and Omega Toys substitute: Webkniz Wolf
Alpha and Omega Toys substitute: Webkniz Wolf | Source

Alpha Wolf Kate

  • Kate is the attractive brown Alpha she wolf destined to ‘marry’ Garth in order to unite the Alpha Wolfs in the Park. But after her fun filled adventures with Humphrey Kate is smitten with him instead.

Webkinz Endangered Wolf Plush

  • The Webkinz Endangered Signature makes a good substitute for Kate Plush toys
  • Additional benefits include the Webkinz code to unlock the online Webkinz World.
  • Price: $29.99. Current retail price: $24.74.

The Junior Novel (Alpha And Omega)
The Junior Novel (Alpha And Omega) | Source

The Junior Novel (Alpha And Omega)

  • The Alpha and Omega Junior Novel makes for light reading for kids 9-12. If kids loved the movie then they will enjoy this 128 page light read too.
  • Price: $ 5.99.

Alpha and Omega Books
Alpha and Omega Books | Source

Kate and Humphrey's Big Adventure/all About Wolves (Alpha And Omega)

  • This illustrated Alpha and Omega book includes an introduction by Christina Ricci. It is just 48 pages long and suitable for kids Ages 4-8.
  • Current Retail Price: $4.99

Despicable ME DVD
Despicable ME DVD | Source

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Katie:-) 6 years ago

Oh cool wolf toys really sad that theres no alpha and omega toys but my mom got me teh alapha and omgea ds... :-)

kids-toy-box profile image

kids-toy-box 6 years ago Author

Hi Katie.Glad you like my wolf toy substitutes for Alpha nd Omega Toys. I'm sure you must be a fan of Kate since she share the same name. Enjoy reading your new book!.

kate alpha wolf 6 years ago

hey human people! its kate from alpha and omega and i hope you all like my movies and books!!!

Humphrey 5 years ago

Dang it! I bet if the movie was created by Dreamworks, or Pixar, there would be toys soaring in every toy store....Lions-gate is kind of weak...Heh heh. Seriously. I would have loved to see an exact replica of myself...Oh well. And there is no signs of the game for Wii...OOOOOO! That makes me mad. It would have been cool for Wii! This Tuesday, the movie is gonna be released! Buy it everyone! This is a chance for Lions-gate to earn some mulla, and burst the Alpha and Omega merchandise!

Maeah (mee-a) 5 years ago

Who is sweets and candy?

Snowsong Wolf 5 years ago

Small clarification. Kate is destined to marry Tony's son Garth, not Tony lol.

snowsong wolf 5 years ago

kate dos't like garth at first sight

kiki 3 years ago


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