An awesome scavenger hunt - Ideas for fun on a college campus

The Cal Poly Campus
The Cal Poly Campus

...on a college campus

A great place to have a scavenger hunt is on a college campus. Of course, it's only fun if the campus is large, if the weather's right, and the people with and around you are awesome.

There are plenty of places to see, with every campus having some secret (or not-so-secret) facts and fun tidbits about the area that every student should know... and what better way to find them out by going on a scavenger hunt?

My friends and I go to Cal Poly, which, as anyone who has attended or just visited knows, is a decently sized campus - perfect for scavenger hunts.

When you're in a new place with things to see, you gotta get on the hunt. Cal Poly has lots of little things to discover, such as an art display at the end of a long creek at the edge of campus, or cadavers in the biology building.

Just read these tips on how to have an awesome scavenger hunt and you can have as much fun as my friends in these pictures. You may end up looking as goobery as they do, too, if you dare.

Just make sure you have a good list of things to find, maybe based on what you've heard from people who've been there before or from faculty and staff.

At the Newman Catholic Center by campus
At the Newman Catholic Center by campus
Chicken fighting at the library
Chicken fighting at the library
Hot by the Ag building
Hot by the Ag building
"Abbey Road"... AKA the bottom of campus
"Abbey Road"... AKA the bottom of campus
The downtown clock
The downtown clock
City Hall and more goobers
City Hall and more goobers

The Ultimate Scavenger Hunt

These are the factors necessary for the greatest hunt ever.

1. Make sure you're with great people.

The peeps you're on the hunt with make all the difference. If you get lost, you don't want competitive people freaking out. If you go someplace awesome, you want to share it with good friends or family. If something's at stake, you want to pull them down with you.

2. Make it good and competitive.

Put something up for grabs. Money can be a little serious... perhaps a good bet or dare? Streaking or asking out the weird guy at the restaurant or swimming in a pool of... something gross? Yeah.

And the other teams have to bring the challenge. It's no fun if you know you'll win. Make the hunt something you have to work at to win.

3. Set up the hunt somewhere awesome.

So "awesome" can mean a lot of things... scenic, large, dynamic, new. For me, it's all of those. And that's why Cal Poly is such a great place to do it at. There are so many buildings, many of which I haven't seen yet.

The bigger, the better. It makes for more competition, more difficulty in spotting and following other teams, less opportunity for cheating, more work. Yeah yeah.

4. The time must be right.

I hate rain. I will not scavenger hunt in the rain. I will get sick and cold and sad. It can't be too sunny either, though, or else you get hot and gross. Night is great because it creates that mysterious, exciting atmosphere perfect for scav-hunting.

5. Include a crudload of twists and turns.

Why contain it to the campus? Why not go into San Luis Obispo and include cars?

Set a time limit. Those suck/are awesome.

Make the route into a shape and whoever figure it out gets bonus points.

POINTS! Don't forget about points!

Make the teams work for the items.Not like buying items from a store.. that's too easy. Like asking people from retail locations to join in and make them dance for a soda.

And don't forget COSTUMES!

6. Just have fun.

No matter how bad things might seem, how over your life might be, just rememember that you're all in it together. Don't get too competitive. If anything, forget about the hunt and focus on the reason you're all there: to be awesome.

Ugh... the gum wall
Ugh... the gum wall

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Paul Edmondson profile image

Paul Edmondson 10 years ago from Burlingame, CA

Bubblegum alley is gross, but I sort of miss it. Its fun to see a scavenger hunt in SLO.

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RICHI RICH 9 years ago


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StevenCavendish 7 years ago

Awesome article. I'll check out your other hubs.

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Review Source 7 years ago

Nice hub man. Sounds like a lot of fun.

jill 7 years ago

awesome duuuuuuddes rock on man

billy mctaxisigahafarticus 7 years ago

i reckons u know that this is like alright but cause i am like u no 43 it aint al dat helpful so u no i don't go to like college or anything so like yeah. in conclusion i HAVE

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hi im j wonger (well that's my nickname) i think your hub is just so awesome i mean OMG.

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lav007us 7 years ago

nice images

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reviewadon 6 years ago

haah hilarious, that looks like so much fun.

poop 6 years ago

horible dood my name is not poop i am 8 years old

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aufderkartbahn 6 years ago

Uff, good old college times :(

Garrett Mickley profile image

Garrett Mickley 6 years ago from Jupiter, Florida

This sounds like so much fun. I wish I had friends that would do that stuff with me.

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VivekSri 6 years ago

awesome and down-right funky stuffs. your hub just rocks. thanks for sharing.

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ss sneh 6 years ago from the Incredible India!

HI! Amusements parks are indeed for some real pleasure hunt! -- Thanks

sammy 6 years ago

wheres the list jeez

jani01 6 years ago

really awesome

thanks budy.


megangucci 6 years ago

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great stuff and good post too.

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