Are Minecraft Seeds as Fun to Use as They Used to be?


Are Minecraft seeds worth it anymore?

I remember about 6 months to a year ago when I first got Minecraft. It was always fun sharing seeds with the online community, and playing the same world as the others. But now days it seems like it is not worth it to use Minecraft seeds anymore when you create a new world. At least that is how I feel, the whole Minecraft seeds thing got kind of boring, and just stopped all together after awhile.

So I am curious on what other people think do you still share your Minecraft seeds, or use them when creating a new world? If so could you share with us some of the seeds you use now days. Since it seems like all the seeds I try now days are plain and not really unique at all anymore. This could just be my opinion or the way I see it, but of late it seems all seeds tend to spawn me in a few types of areas the plains, in jungle, and on an island. But the geography of the seeds just seem to be so dull instead of massive mountains with cool designs, and small floating islands next to the mountain where you could start a castle or Tower of Power.

Are Minecraft seeds worth using anymore at least at this time? If so could you share with us some of the top seeds, since all the old best Minecraft seeds seem to be not as good anymore. Some of the older Minecraft seeds were "2012", "Geothermal" , "Lliam", and many more.

Thank you for reading, and am looking forward to your responses. I hope there are at least some good seeds left to use in Minecraft. I hope you enjoyed this post, and have a nice day.

Minecraft seeds

Do you use Minecraft seeds anymore? Tell me why you chose your answer in comments section.

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orion 4 years ago

i dont really care but i like seeds and minecraft

sm825 profile image

sm825 4 years ago from The Uknown Author

Yeah they added more stuff since last time I played for awhile there was hardly any good looking Mountain formations on Minecraft. But they added that back, and combine that with the jungles it made the seeds fun to use again in my opinion.

Royshub profile image

Royshub 3 years ago from Dallas, Texas

the seeds now are so different even if i use the exact same seed number form my old worlds it takes so much of my time to explore the new seeds but I enjoy trying new seeds.

sm825 profile image

sm825 3 years ago from The Uknown Author

yeah, after i got done writing this they add a patch that start making seed generations much more interesting. So my points in here become invalid, have not changed it yet.

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