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Art Academy for the Nintendo DS Game Review

This game teaches you drawing and painting techniques in ten interactive step-by-step lessons. When you complete one of the main lessons, any mini lessons related to it are unlocked. The mini lessons allow you to further practice your drawing and painting skills. If you have a Nintendo DSi or a DSi XL, the game has a camera feature that allows you to take photos of any art subject that you'd want to use as a reference photo. The game has a free paint mode too, so you can draw or paint independently. There is an image library with lots of images that you can use for reference, too.


You use the DS stylus to draw and paint in the lessons and free paint mode. The lessons are done in stages with an art instructor showing you the proper techniques to use and sometimes shows examples from famous artists such as Monet and Da Vinci to show the player how the technique is done. Completed works of art can be saved to the gallery for later viewing. The game also shows illustrations in the lessons on how light and shadow works in drawing and painting to give shape and dimension to the subject.

The game has a grid tool to help guide you when you need an underdrawing of a subject that you are going to paint or just sketching with the pencil. I like the drawing grid tool because I'm new when it comes to drawing and it helps to keep the subject being drawn in perspective. Take your time and don't rush through the lessons. There is no time limit to the lessons and you can advance when you feel ready to do so. When you complete a lesson, a review of each step shows what you did and how it connects to the next step all the way to the completed art piece.


I enjoyed playing through all ten lessons and practicing what I learned in the mini lessons and in free paint mode. This game is great for anyone who enjoys drawing and painting and it is user friendly. Whether you have experience in drawing and painting or you are just starting out with the basics, this game is a fun approach to learning the wonderful skill of creating art.

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