Free Baby Shower Invitation Templates For Boys and Girls: getting the ideas

Designed for both boys and girls, baby shower invitation templates are ready to make the big announcement. They are fun, colourful and appropriate for the new arrival. Many of these designs are available on web sites that will offer ideas on hosting a party. These showers celebrate the birth of a new baby that is such a special occasion family and friends.

Traditionally, it is fitting to use the colour blue on a baby shower invitation for a boy. There might be baby shower invitation templates for a boy associated with such things as baseball gloves, footballs, or soccer balls. Many other images also could be used like horses, cows, or a fire truck. Family and friends make these events fun and they may be full of artistic ideas that can be useful in designing the invitations.

Wording on Invitations

Coming up with baby shower invitation wording can be quite challenging, but it shouldn’t put you off. If you take a little bit of time over it there is nothing that is more wonderful than hearing carefully chosen words put into verse by people who care.

Pink is the colour for girls and is perfect to depict the sweetness of a precious new heart. Images such as butterflies or pink roses will bring a smile on everyone's face. Well wishes bring people together to share a thankful heart.

Baby shower invitation templates for girls can be used to make the announcement in a very lovely way.

Images for Baby Shower Invitation Templates

Planning for the baby shower?

Baby shower food is somewhat tricky to get a good balance on, but remember that once you have decided on it the rest should fall into place. It’s worth keeping in mind that it might just be the mother who is pregnant, often women of the same age have babies and they may quite literally be in the club together! Seriously, pregnant women can only eat certain foods, and it would be a shame to get it wrong and cause offense.

Baby shower party gift

With hundreds of images to choose from and wording to fit the occasion, the baby shower invitation templates card brings joy to the world.  To track down the right images, use Google’s image search.  So long as you aren’t reproducing content commercially, you won’t get into trouble.  Use what is called long tail keyword searches: that’s lots of words to you and me!  Describe exactly what you want in the search field, and set the results to medium or higher. This will of course differ if you are using an online company who already have their own stock photos.

However, don’t ditch you own photo skills.  Get snap-happy with your own camera and take close-up arty images of the right colour.  Especially effective is shots of your baby’s nose, feet and fingers! You can get quick and cheap prints done in chemist shops or supermarkets, and then cut out the images to put onto your own cards.

Some of these sweet designs are free for the downloading and can be printed out on any colour printer. Using thicker card stock gives a professional feel and appearance to the invitation. They can be cut by hand and folded in half. Printing can be done on both sides of the card and easily filled in with the appropriate personal information.

Appropriate Shower Gifts

There is no limit really to the choice of baby shower gift ideas. Sometimes they can be cheap and easy to get hold of. The presents can be for either the mum – how about a hospital bag full of pampering things – or for the baby. It depends on if the shower is before or after the birth. Don’t shy away from putting a really expensive present or two on the list because a few of the guests might decide to club together and buy the bigger item. Car seats spring to mind. Equally, there will be those folks who can’t afford much, so the option of a gift certificate at a baby output would be ideal, and gratefully received by most mummys.

Baby Shower Invitations Online

Some of the online websites that offer these designs offer a few of them free of charge. If these free designs on one website are not the right one for the occasion, there are usually more available on other web pages. Other products are sold that may be related to baby showers so shop around for this occasion.   You can also upload your own images to many of these sites at a small charge.  Be aware that some companies require you to allow them up to 3 months to produce cards if you are to have them for free, and make their money from people who want them very quickly.  Which is most people!  If you are reading this and have a fair few weeks to go, get your order in now to take advantage of cheaper prices.

Hosting a party for the new arrival is a sign of great friendship and fellowship. Having a baby is such a special opportunity to bond with others who understand the blessings and challenges ahead for the new parents. Knowing that there are others who stand with the family expecting the new-born is a comfort. Get information and baby shower invitation templates download on your favourite web sites. Share the love. After all, it is not every day that a [baby] star is born.

Games, anyone?

When you are sending out printable baby shower invitations you might want to include what you are actually going to do at the party. Perhaps you are going to play some games, in which case it is worth letting the guests know. Since you are taking your time getting the words right as well as the design, it’s worthwhile putting people at their ease knowing what is coming!

baby shower baby...

The birth of a baby is a very important time in anyone's life. Parents want to share the information quickly through announcements which might have the child's name, birth date, weight and length. The birth announcement wording is a very personal thing, but there are lots of approaches to coming up with some ideas. Have a look at my hub to find out more.

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