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Throwing a baby shower is a great way to celebrate a joyful occasion with cherished friends. But for those who have never thrown a shower for a friend before, the thought of throwing a baby-themed party can be a little intimidating. It can be just as intimidating for ladies who have thrown many baby showers in the past. Keeping things fresh, new, and interesting can put a lot of pressure on a party planner. But by following a few steps, you can make sure that everyone at your party has a great time celebrating this special occasion with the mommy-to-be.


The first step to throwing a successful baby shower is determining a good day to hold it. You don’t want your party to be depressingly tiny. You want to make sure to give your guests ample notice of the date so that they can be sure to attend. And you also want to make sure that the guest of honor can be there as well. Be sure to keep an open line of communication with her so that you can choose a date that’s convenient for her as well as for you. And keep her due date in mind. You want her adorable baby bump to show up in pictures, but you don’t want to wait so long that you’ll have to cancel the shower if the baby comes early. Planning the shower for the sixth or seventh month of the pregnancy is usually the safest bet.

Who's Invited?

You also want to take care with the guest list. You don’t want to make it too big; baby showers should be intimate gatherings of close friends to celebrate an important life event. But you also want to invite enough people so that the event still feels like a party, and not just a lunch with decorations. Don’t be afraid to invite single ladies to a baby shower. And don’t forget the grandmothers-to-be! They’ll appreciate being invited to celebrate the new addition to the family.

It’s important to give your guests ample time to prepare and plan for the shower, so it’s important to send baby shower invitations out early, especially if the shower happens to be scheduled for a busy time of year, such as the holiday season or during summer vacation. Choose baby shower invitations design based around a theme for the shower. If you know whether the baby is going to be a boy or a girl, you can base your theme around the baby’s gender. But if you don’t, there are plenty of unisex baby showers that you can throw.

Good Eats

Be sure to plan some food for the event. You can organize a potluck to which guests can bring dishes to share or make your own menu and enlist a few friends to help you to execute it. Generally speaking, you shouldn’t have to serve a full meal to your guests; some finger foods, appetizers, and desserts should suffice. Baby showers aren’t the same as dinner parties, after all. A few light snacks should be enough.

Let the Games Begin

Games are another important aspect of baby showers. Playing games is a fun way to entertain your guests. There are several websites that list some great baby shower games that you can play. You can split your guests into teams and have them play against each other, play individual games that they can play on their own behalf, or even play a few of each. Just make sure not to plan too many; it can be tedious to play too many games at a baby shower. Give your guests ample opportunity to chat and mingle in between games. And don’t forget to get prizes for the winners!

The Presence of Presents

The purpose of baby showers is to shower a young mother-to-be with gifts that will help make her transition into motherhood a little easier. Many women nowadays can register for gifts at different retail stores in order to make it easier for guests to be able to purchase a gift for the mother-to-be. If your guest of honor has registered for gifts, be sure to include the name of the store in your invitations so that your guests can easily purchase an appropriate gift without having to worry about duplicate gifts or having to figure out what to get.

Do Me a Favor

And, finally, to thank the guests for attending, it’s always a great idea to have party favors prepared. You can give away anything from candy sacks to cookies to items with the baby’s name printed on them. It’s really up to you to choose a fun item that’s within your budget.

You Can Do It!

With a little planning, baby showers don’t have to be intimidating. You can easily plan a simple shower that’s still fun. Just remember that the purpose of the party is to celebrate the baby, and everything else will fall into place.

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