Back To The Future Game

New Back To The Future Game

Who remembers watching "Back To The Future" twenty-five years ago? Well, it's back again! This time in a new video game set to be released in December 2010. It will be a great adventure style game which is sure to take you back to 1985. Developed by TellTale games, the Back To The Future game will only be released only on PC and Mac for $24.95. There will also be a PlayStation 3 and an iPad version released a bit later.

As we all know, the star of the original Back To The Future movie, Michael J. Fox, is now suffering from Parkinson's Disease. In a show of support, TellTale games will be donating a dollar from each pre-order sale to his Parkinson's Disease Research Foundation.

Back To The Future Game
Back To The Future Game

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