Backyard Inflatable Water Slides

Summer is all about having fun outside and if you want to maximise your children’s fun then you can’t go past backyard inflatable water slides.

These range in size and price for the little toddlers to the bigger kids and can be as simple as one slide to a veritable water park with twists and turns, in built pools and fun in the sun accessories such as the Banzai water slides.

While some water slides can be quite expensive (especially the large water park type ones) they are still a much more cost effective solution than hiring one for a one off party.  Usually you only need to use your inflatable water slide two or three times and you’ve covered the cost of buying one!

You will need a large flat backyard or a solid level surface to house them, although some of the smaller ones can fit into a large garage space.  And you will of course need access to a water supply (your typical outdoor tap is fine).

They come with their own blower that will inflate the water slide in a matter of minutes so they are very easy to set up.

Just plug in the hose, turn on the blower and they are up and away.  For the larger slides, it usually takes around 20-30 minutes for the water to fill pools and other crevices though.

They usually pack up quite nicely as well, but don’t bother trying to fit them back into the small bag that they came in, instead buy a large canvas bag (breathable) from a camping supply store like they use to store tents in.  Using a plastic tub is also ok to store them in, but make sure they are completely dry first otherwise they might produce mould (that’s why a canvas bag that’s breathable is a better alternative).

If the worse happens and they get a tear, you can either purchase a repair kit from your local toy store or places like Amazon, or you can patch it yourself with gaffer tape or duct tape.  Add some silicone (like what you get at hardware stores for bathrooms) on the tear itself to make it waterproof and then apply the duct tape to hold it together.  This creates a really strong repair.

Finally enjoy your backyard inflatable water slides for many years to come.  It will come in handy at every family function and party and the kids will love it come summer time.

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Amy 6 years ago

I love water slides, wish I had a larger yard

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