Banzai Double Drop Falls

One of the most popular Banzai water slide's this year (probably because of it's great price and hours of fun for the kids) is the Banzai Double Drop Falls water slide.

I think the reason that the kids love it so much is the second 'drop' makes it really fun - almost like a water slide at a big water park.

It sets up really quickly and attaches to a regular garden hose attachment.

Because it doesn't cost much more than renting, it's a good investment if you think you'll use it a lot over summer.

Banzai Double Drop Falls

You get stakes to attach it to the ground so it's very stable for even the most rough children (and the neighborhood children as well - make no mistake once they learn you have one in your backyard they will be coming around) to climb and slide down.

Make sure it's fully inflated before you let the kids on though, but since it only takes about 2 minutes to inflate this shouldn't be a problem.

The blower motor is very solid and can run for hours on end.  Some people have reported that they need to press the reset button everytime they replug it in after it has been stored for a week or more.

You can take this slide with you anywhere you like (family gatherings, picnics, etc). As long as there is a nearby hose and flat land then you'll be able to use it.

Taking it down can be a bit of a problem though because you need to make sure it is dry before storing it away.

TIP: Keep the motor going and the slide inflated for a good 20 to 30 minutes AFTER you have turned the water off - it seems to dry much quicker this way and you'll be able to store it away faster. The slide area is often still wet though, so move it into a sunny area to dry completely

Don't think you'll get it back into the box it came in though! Get one of those clear plastic tubs to store it in when you are not using it. And use the bag it came it to store the motor, stakes and water accessories that come with it.

Banzai definately makes a good water slide and they know how to make a fun toy that kids of all ages love.

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