Barbie Fashionistas Dolls

Fashion Conscious Barbie Dolls

Barbie meets Top Model in the Barbie Fashionistas doll series. There are a total of 7 dolls including Barbie and Ken. The concept of the dolls revolve around different fashion styles. In the first series each doll has a unique fashion sense glam, sassy, sporty, cute, arty, and sweety. I for one am disappointed not to see any vintage and am not sure why 4 year old girls should aspire to ‘sassy’ fashion attire. Despite the criticism the doll brand that has stood the test of time is often a popular doll choice by kids and parents alike.

Fashionistas Style Guide

  • Glam: Satin, animal print, and faux fur.
  • Cutie: Bright colors and heart-shaped accessories.
  • Artsy: Loves to create her own designs.
  • Cutie: Soft pinks, big bows, poufy skirts.
  • Sporty: Loves athletic gear.
  • Sassy: Knows all the lasts trends nobody’s even heard of yet.

New Fashionista Doll Characters

The latest (Jan 2012) release of Barbie Fashionista includes 6 dolls, this time they have names instead of their mere fashion preferences. Apart from the doll, kids can also view the products site where they can play games and engage in their own fashion shoot using models of the dolls online. Other Dolls in the series includes the Barbie Fashionistas Swappin' Styles Glam Dolls. The low price of the Fashionista Dolls – retailing from $6.99 (as advertised 3.01.2012) is sure to be another deciding factor when buying the doll.

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Fashionista BarbieFashionista Ken
Fashionista Barbie
Fashionista Barbie | Source
Fashionista Ken
Fashionista Ken | Source

Fashionista Barbie

  • Barbie’s style is glam, the fashionista Barbie is dressed in a shimmery pink cocktail dress with matching pink shoes, earrings and a pearl necklace. Her hair features a neat side sweep with tight ponytail.

Fashionista Ken

  • There are two different outfits featured in the Ken doll, one with ‘cute’ attire in blue jeans black shirt with tie and a checkered waistcoat. The second features a check shirt with pink bow tie and black jeans.

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Barbie Fashionistas - SummerBarbie Fashionistas - Raquelle
Barbie Fashionistas - Summer
Barbie Fashionistas - Summer
Barbie Fashionistas - Raquelle
Barbie Fashionistas - Raquelle

Barbie Fashionistas – Summer Doll

  • Summer features a leopard print shirt with cat motif and pink accents. She wears tan cowboy boots and features a cat motif purse. Accessories include green hoop earrings and pink hair bands for two ponytails.

Raquelle Doll

  • The Raquelle Doll wears black skinny jeans with a silver side detail. Her pink silk top with black ribbing detail matches her dark hair with pink streaks. Accessories include a faux diamond necklace.

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Barbie Fashionistas – Nikki DollBarbie Fashionistas – Teresa Doll
Barbie Fashionistas – Nikki Doll
Barbie Fashionistas – Nikki Doll
Barbie Fashionistas – Teresa Doll
Barbie Fashionistas – Teresa Doll

Fashionistas Nikki Doll

  • The Nikki Dolls wears a graphic print summer dress with matching yellow sneakers, sunglasses and earrings. Nikki’s eighties style is complimented by a walkman motif purse.

Teresa Doll

  • The Teresa Doll wears a cute summer dress with rosette detail. She carries a matching pink purse and stilettos with chandelier earrings to match. Teresa wears her hair in a chic up style.

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