Barbie She Said Yes Doll

Barbie "She Said Yes" Doll Commemorates Barbie and Kens Rekindled Relationship

Barbie and Ken are back together thanks to the latest campaign from Mattel in honor of Kens 50th Anniversary. Barbie and Ken have been the it couple for more than 3 generations, but much to the disappointment of Barbie and Ken fans the two supposedly split on Valentines Day 2004. This year Mattel's campaign to reunite the two comes together in the latest Barbie and Ken Doll set titled She said yes! Apart from the romance Barbie and Ken fans will also love the new price of $ 5! for the gift set including 2 dolls. This is a limited offer so price may vary once the Valentines fever wares off. By the looks of it same Barbie and Ken are back for good after all the Ken Doll in the set features a lipstick kiss on his cheek...luckily in the same shade as Barbies lips.

Barbie "She Said Yes" Doll Giftset
Barbie "She Said Yes" Doll Giftset

The Barbie "She Said Yes" Doll Giftset

The Barbie "She Said Yes" Doll Gift Set includes two dolls, in swimsuits and accessories including shoes and sunglasses. Kens swimsuit if from the 1961 Ken Doll with red board shorts. Kens accessories include yellow towel and flip-flops. Ken, has undergone several physical changes since 1961, including his new combable hair and chiseled body.

The she said yes Barbie Doll come dressed in a vintage zebra print swimsuit from the 1959 Barbie Doll. Barbies accessories includes Pink Flip flops and matching sunglasses.

Where to Buy the Barbie "She Said Yes" Doll Gift Set

The Barbie "She Said Yes" Doll Giftset can be purchace from Amazon or Target from $5.


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