Básico HD Minecraft Texture Pack (128x128, 64x64)

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You need some Basico in your life. Basico is slick. Basico is neat. Basico will make sure your meals are nutritionally balanced and served to you on a plate that is stylishly asymmetrical. Most 'smooth' 'simple' texture packs are something of a wash, but this is a very, very nice HD texture pack that I'd recommend almost unreservedly. The high resolution (very high resolution, all the way up to 128, baby!) has not been wasted, there are subtle sub textures that make the world look perhaps not entirely realistic, but very pleasant and smooth and clean.

As always, I used my hideous fire fortress rollercoaster as a test of how good the texture pack was (it's so ugly that I don't really like to spend any time there) and to my surprise, it rendered it with the sort of style and flair that made the place look like it could be in the running for a cover of Better Living Magazine.

In addition to the smooth stone and polished brick cobblestone, wooden textures are especially nice in this texture pack, they have a slick, polished appearance that will appeal to creators who like to make more modern style buildings.

The terrain is also very beautiful with olive green and smooth complimentary brown tones that make the place look like it is maintained by a very dedicated garden staff. I just want to sink my teeth into the dirt, it looks like it would taste good. The block breaking animation is also fairly innovative, I've seen a great many texture packs, and I've never seen this one before, it's vaguely reminiscent of a Mac loading symbol. It fits with the general theme of the texture pack, which simply doesn't allow for jagged, raggedy shattering of materials. Everything in this pack is neat and contained and probably wiped down with hospital grade disinfectant twice daily. Bookshelves also look amazing, instead of being filled with higgeldy piggeldy books, they are filled with prestigious leather gold leaf bound tomes. If readable books ever enter the game (and they better) these will be books that contain truly important information.

This is a texture pack that I could easily see becoming a replacement for the default, which is pretty much the highest compliment a texure pack can be paid. There are plenty of great texture packs with novelty appeal, but Basico is just so solid and well put together that you'll probably miss it when it is gone.

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Hole in the wall loading....
Hole in the wall loading....
Om nom grass!
Om nom grass!

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