Batman Arkham City: Joker Boss Fight Tips & Strategy

In Batman Arkham City, you will have to fight the notorious villain, "the joker." Technically this boss battle does not involve just fighting the joker himself, but Batman will also have to deal with a large number of his henchmen. Two of these henchmen enemies will be the Titan and Mr. Hammer.

The difficult part of this fight will be the fact that Batman is outnumbered by the large number of enemies. The joker himself is not much of a fighter, in fact, he is quite easy to fight.

Batman Arkham City Joker Boss Battle Tips & Strategy

  • It's recommended that you take out the smaller henchmen first, then fight the Titan and Mr. Hammer. Once the regular henchmen are defeated, it will be much easier to take out Titan and Mr. Hammer.
  • Time your critical strikes, counters, and above all, keep moving around the room to limit damage Batman may receive. You will be largely outnumbered at the start of the fight.
  • Ride the Titan by performing an ultra stun and jump on his back. By controlling the Titan, you can take out the clown enemies.
  • Throw an REC at Mr.Hammer, although this does not damage him,, it will cause him to spin around his lethal hammer, possibly hitting other surrounding enemies.
  • Use a freeze blast on the clowns to give yourself time to fight other enemies without being distracted.
  • Watch out for the fun house cars that enter the room!

Batman Arkham City Joke Boss Battle (Mr. Hammer and the Titan)

After you have defeated Joker's regular henchmen, focus on Mr. Hammer and the titan. To defeat Mr.Hammer, you must perform a series of quick combat attacks, then jump out of the way before he has time to hit you with his hammer! You can not counter his attack, you must simply jump out of the way. Then to defeat Titan, you need to perform a Cape Stun. Once Titan is stunned, Batman can attack him.

After all the henchmen, the titan, and Mr. Hammer are taken out, Batman can finish off the joker. Simply give him a taste of your combat skills and a cut-scene will begin.

Got any tips for the strategy you used to defeat the joker in Batman Arkham City? Leave a comment below with your insight.

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random 5 years ago

Been on this fight for hours... I just can't do it... playing on hard mode. Finished Asylum on hard mode. I can't dodge all the knife attacks, they always do small attacks on me and the titan never stops charging. It's fucking pissing me off.

Greg 5 years ago

I found a neat strategy. Basically I beat down on the guards and joker until I got at least a 5x multiplier and then used multi-takedown or O+X on the PS3, until the hammer guy shows up. Then I just beat down on different guys (using the stick and hitting square) until batman focuses on Hammer then I continue to beat on him until he is about to attack with his hammer at that point I do the multi-takedown (which may or may not hurt anyone) and the hammer swings his hammer without doing any damage. Once I land continue to beat him up until he swings again and then do multi-takedown. Finally once he is defeated (I had a 50x multiplier going) I would go back to beat random guys, countering and using multi-takedown to kill them until the titian showed up. Then I used the cap ultimate stun O+O+O on the titian and started to hit him. if someone came by I would counter their attack and continue on the titian until batman rode the titian. At that point I would attack others with the slap, do the charger if needed and shock wave attack until the titian threw batman off. At this point I did a quick Multi-takedown while my multiplier was up. Killing some guys and engage the titian again. Doing this I was able to kill the hammer, then the titian and have only the joker left who I was able to easily take care of at that point.

schildty13esu 5 years ago

I found using the the quick freeze and just plain old batarangs, usefule. as soon as the titan guy showed up focused on him and used him to charge everyone else.

matt 5 years ago

continually freeze hammer and get to work on the rest

Hayden 5 years ago

Taking out Mr. Hammer is priority, because it gets the "adrenaline" going for batman, dodge over him, do about five strikes, dodge over him again, do another 5 strikes, since it happens so fast others don't have a chance to attack, you then take him out easily done, with him out the way, Joker and Titan should be least priority, but keep an eye on them (Dodge them etc)take the rest out with ease, then have some fun with Titan and Joker..

Hayden 5 years ago

With addition to what I just said, with the "adrenaline" going with batman after beating Mr. Hammer, you can easily take out the entire room in the same combo

Jack 5 years ago

As others pointed out, once the Titan dude appears, freeze all the little guys, stun the Titan, beat him down, get on his back and use him to beat the crap out of Hammer. After three times, Titan is dead and Hammer should be easy to finish. Any remaining little guys left are easy to finish off.

ZombieBatman 5 years ago

Watch the Titan charge; he will pursue after your first evade so watch your angles. Taking out Hammer as above is a good idea because his jump attacks can come up on you quick. Freeze mines and MGT are key to thinning the horde. Best to evade the knife wielders as there are too many random thugs to balance your blade takedown timing with regular counters and all the other nonsense going on. Stupid roller coaster cars will knock you and anyone else on their ass so watch your evade spacing. Avoid batclaw; takes too long. But remember to use the whole arsenal. Freeze mine, smoke pellet, quickfire batarang to slide attack kept me moving and helped spread the pain. Keep moving. Buckle up, this fight took me like 3 hours.

yallsuk 5 years ago

The hardest part of this fight are the train cars... just stay between them and the fight is easy... like one person said... take stammer first.. I had a plus 80 by the time he went down on hard.. then just keep yourself in freeflow and use evade over ppl instead of bothering to counter and keep with the critical hits till Titan comes. Take out Titan first as other than the cars he OS the only thong that should have a chance of hitting you while in free flow mode. Re cape stun ASAP and the rest is gravy... should have your combo in the hundreds by the end. Pretty nice place to get freeflow achievement as well.

Kenny 5 years ago

beat up the normal thugs in the beginning, when titan shows up, just stun him, punch him and ride him 3 times until he finally dies. Then beat up all the other thugs. After that, you'll only have Mr. Hammer and Joker. Don't try to finish Joker and focus mainly on the hammer dude. Use a special combo to punch him and when he swings his hammer just run away, he will be down in no time, be careful for the bumper cars that come through the tracks because the take away a lot of health.

nick 5 years ago

I had an extreme hard time with this fight on hard difficulty. I found that the quick fire batarang was the most successful strategy. It would knock nearby enemies to the ground and then I did a finishing move with a knockout punch(R2+A)If you don't finish them off They just get right back up on their feet again. The hammer guy I just did a multi punch combo using the square botton or circle + square repeatedly. as soon as the enemy is about to swing his hammer jump over him and repeat the combo. Take out the titan with a 0+0+0 stun and ride on his back use the square botton to swing his arms at nearby enemies. At last take out the joker. I bought the PS3 version of this game.

Adam 5 years ago

how the hell did you ride its back? I played on Normal and just spammed the hell out of square and triangle. Took 3 tries.

hellboy 5 years ago

u super stun titan then atack constantly then autimaticly jump on its back

Tara 5 years ago

i keep dieting please help me

AC 5 years ago

I played this section about 10 times before I got it, on normal difficulty. I tried stunning the hammer guy, but never ended up doing it successfully. Getting high combos and staying out of the middle, as suggested above was very helpful. Staying out of hammer's unblockable hit is also good. So dodge. And super-stun the titan. Hopefully you can evade incoming attacks from other minions. Then you can ride the titan, and that helps clear the room. Good luck!!

AJ 5 years ago

First priority is to get a 5x combo and destroy the knives before hammer shows up. After that i found hitting him to get 5x combos then using the bats to stun everyone worked the best. You can rinse and repeat that until hammer is dead.

ken 5 years ago

before i read this i tried to quick freeze hammer( double tap r2) and take the henchmen out with batarangs and the cars but so far i have found the best is to freeze granade everyone cause you can use more than one while taking out hammer now you have a few mins before titan comes use the same thing freeze the feet of the little guys while you take out the titan

ken 5 years ago

ok just beat it with using dodge dodge dodge quick electric charge on hammer dodge dodge titan comes out and all henchmen are mainly out quick freeze hammer jump on titan until you win

Ironman1992 profile image

Ironman1992 4 years ago

I stunned Mr. Hammer, and then punched him until I got a high enough combo to do take downs on the thugs.

Oliver 4 years ago

I just found a awesome Tactic !

Pwn Mr. Hammer instandly:

Combo attack him - Use Aoe Bat Stun - Repeat until dead :D

BROKEN 4 years ago


BROKEN 4 years ago


Lee 4 years ago

I was stuck on this part for about a day on Hard. I tried taking out the smaller thugs before attacking Mr. Hammer and the Titan, but they would both end up doing their charges or jump attacks, so it was impossible to isolate one or the other (especially with Joker running around). I indirectly discovered that if you have the Bat Swarm Combo, you can target Mr. Hammer right away and take him out immediately. Run up to him and start a beat down. At about 8-10x, do the Bat Swarm Combo to stun everyone around you (including Mr. Hammer). Repeat. You'll get the 50x combo and remove Mr. Hammer from the fight before the Titan shows up and without getting hit. The rest is a cake walk.

Thomas Morris 4 years ago

I found an Easy way to win (On Hard) all you need is the "Special Combo Boost", the "Special Combo Multi Ground Takedown" and the "Freeze Blast" I will refer to the Special Combo Multi Ground Takedown as (SCMGT) from now on and (SCB)for the other technique first attack Joker (should take 3 times to knock him down) then hold right and hit attack again (which should knock another guy down) and then left and down which should knock a guy with a knife down. Use the SCMGT to take out 3 of the guy's that were on the ground try to keep the combo up so that every 5 hit's you can use the SCMGT again (Taking out 3 guy's or so every time you use it) when the Hammer Brother shows up use the Freeze Blast (quick version, aka on xbox 360 right trigger, right trigger) continue to remove the henchmen using above trick until the Titan arrives Remember even though the Titan is here now is not the time to stop freezing the Hammer Brother so every time you hear ice crack, freeze him again. Now note as long as you watch the Titan and aim away from the direction he's starting to charge you should be able to continue the combo (Thus getting rid of everyone except you (batman) the Joker, the Hammer Brother and the Titan) at this point freeze the Hammer Brother and start with the 3 stun attacks on the Titan (Joker will run up on you so counter him) then continue beating the crude out of the Titan. When you get on the Titan's back lead him over to the Hammer Brother and bash the Hammer Brother with the Titan's fist until your knocked off his back (refreeze Hammer Brother and repeat 2 more times) at that point the Titan should be dead and the Hammer Brother will be close to it. Hit him with the cape and then start pounding him (Joker will come counter) that should be it if not then just freeze the Joker and then cape stun the Hammer Brother and beat on him till he dies.

spneistmonkey181 4 years ago

beat up titain and mr hammer and then worck on the rest

The Arbiter 3 years ago

This fight in Normal= Okay, got it on 4th go. On Hard= Took a bit longer but won on 7th go. New Game Plus AFTER hard game= Goddamn nightmare. You can't see the blade swipes coming, you don't know when a thug will hit you when stunning Titan and the glitch (Countering 3 hits but game only responds to 2) will have you drop in health, FAST. So if you do try New Game Plus on Hard, make sure you have ALL gadgets and upgrades. You will have it SO much easier.

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