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Naval Simulator Games: An Unexplored Game Type

Roaming the ocean, with your vessel and destroying the enemy is quite exciting. Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of these games around, and even if you found one, they are probably more then 10 years old. This means low graphic models, static gameplay but of course sometimes these games are still worth a shot and are actually quite fun. There are different types of naval war games, some of them are simulations, some of them are turn based, … Although there aren’t a lot of those games on the market, I’ll tell you something about my favourite ones.

Pacific Storm on Amazon

Pacific Storm Allies - PC
Pacific Storm Allies - PC

Pacific Storm: Allies, a naval simulation game like no other!


My Favourite Battleship Simulator

My favourite battleship simulator game is called Pacific Storm: Allies. It’s a strategic and tactical warfare game, which is set during the war in the Pacific. Pacific Storm: Allies is the expansion of Pacific Storm. A lot of bugs have been sorted out, and the graphics have also been enhanced. In this game, you'll not just be the commander of one ship, but you'll have the command of an entire fleet and you can give each ship an individual order. The thing that’s so special about Pacific Storm: Allies is that alongside the ships, you’ll also be able to control:

  • Fighter planes: Mainly used for defending the large battleships and aircraft carriers against enemy bomber planes and enemy torpedo planes. If you want, you can equip your fighter planes with rockets and bomb(s), this way they will also be able to destroy enemy ships, who are a threat to your fleet.

  • Bomber planes: Obviously their main task is to bomb the hell out of the enemy. Being bigger than the fighter planes, the bomber can carry heavier and more bombs at once, this makes them very effective against enemy infrastructure and enemy ships. The biggest weakness of the bomber is that they are slow and are therefore easy targets for enemy fighter planes.

  • Torpedo planes: If you want to destroy enemy battleships really fast, these are the planes you're looking for. Each torpedo plane can carry one torpedo, when you can launch the torpedo at the right time and altitude, it can destroy an enemy ship with just one hit. But there is a downside to torpedo planes. On one hand, they need to get really close to the enemy ships, because if they launch their torpedo too far away from the target, chances are that the enemy will be able to avoid the torpedo. On the other hand, if the planes are getting too close to enemy ships they have a greater chance of being shot down by the enemy AA-batteries.

Battleship Simulator: Part II

The type of game play in Pacific Storm is rather unique. You’re the admiral in charge of giving commands to every formation, be it planes or ships. The battle maps are really huge, but most of the action is concentrated around a particular objective, like for example an airfield. Fortunately, there’s a timer in the game, which you can speed up!

Pacific Storm: Allies is not only a naval simulation game, it also has a campaign map, which is turn based. The campaign map is really crucial in the game, it’s here that you develop your strategy and build your units, which you’ll use in battle. The campaign map is a bit confusing in the beginning, I really advise you to look at the tutorials! Once you’ve learned the basics about the campaign map, you’ll understand that it’s really important to expand your influence in the Pacific before the war breaks out. This is done by building, and later on by conquering bases from the enemy. Graphically it’s an improvement over the first Pacific Storm, and of course it still has that great concept, that few war games have.

Using The AA-Battery on a Battleship in Pacific Storm

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Map view PT-boats
Map view PT-boats

PT-Boats Knights of the Sea

Another game where battleships play an important role is called PT-boats Knights of The Sea. The focus of the game is of course related to the use of PT-boats during World War II, but there's also a possibility to control battleships and cruisers if they are available during a certain mission.

Using the map view you'll be able to control different units, you can give each unit or a group of units a specific order. An example would be to use this feature to send a PT-boat straight towards the enemy to lure them in, then you could send your other units towards the back or flank of the enemy, making the enemy an easy target. They'll never see it coming!

You can use all of the weapons, that are equipped on each ship or boat. This means you can use the main gun of a battleship or use the small calibre gun mounted on the PT-boats. The choice is up to you.

AA -gun of PT-boat
AA -gun of PT-boat | Source


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