10 Best Tips - Becoming A Professional Video Game Streamer

1. Pro Streamers Have A Good Voice:

What does that even mean? In order to have an impact on your audience, it is important to have a good voice. Preparation and practising on a consistent basis is key to improving your overall voice quality. This also means that you need to use the right equipment to get your voice as “audience friendly” as possible.

No one wants to listen to someone with a dull voice for hours at end, your viewers should feel the excitement when listening to you during your streaming sessions.

First do a few recordings and have a practise session or two, in order to analyse yourself and even get feedback from other people like friends or other streamers. With all that in mind you can improve yourself feeling more relaxed and confident when you’re actually starting to host live streaming events.

Pewdiepie is one of the most successful streamers

2. Create A Strong Entertaining Personality

A very important part of streaming is to keep your audience entertained and keep them coming back for more. This is where a strong personality comes in handy, where you really need to get your viewers to enjoy every second of their time with you.

This doesn’t mean you have to be perfect in order to have a great personality as a streamer. It means that if you constantly grab your audience’s attention and keep them feeling entertained, you will have an impact over the long term.

There are many techniques and exercises to constantly improve your entertainment personality in becoming a professional streamer. Having both a great online entertaining personality with a good voice will help you grow your audience faster and more consistently. You will not only grow your fan base faster, but will also be able to make money with gaming on a consistent basis as your following grows.

3. Know How To Interact With Your Audience!

We have said that a good voice and a strong entertaining personality can help you a lot when you are becoming a professional streamer. By combing these two qualities, you need to start interacting with your viewers. They should feel you are speaking to them personally, triggering the emotions within them to have the time of their life. There are many ways of having a successful interaction with your audience to keep them participating.

The most important factor is to really get to know your audience, what they like and how you could keep them entertained.

Some other things to look at is by offering rewards or giveaways when you reach a milestone or encourage your audience to engage in conversations about the games you are streaming. Give your viewers what they want and you will have a super interactive and very entertaining gaming channel.

Cool Merchandise Giveaways

Giveaways are a great way to get more people to your channel and start participating in your live streaming events. This could be anything you like whether it is merchandise from Amazon, cool gamer T-shirts or a game or two from G2A.

Fans Love To Get Free Stuff

Twitch Streaming

4. Constantly Network With Other Streamers.

While interacting and growing your fan base is very important, another major factor of success in order to become a professional streamer in the long run, is to network with other streamers. This do not even have to be with the biggest and most well-known streamers, but get to know new streamers, professional streamers, small streamers and big streamers.

The more you network, the better and easier it will be to learn how to become the best streamer you can be.

It is also a really nice to have a community of people who are passionate about the same things as you. This will give you ways to become more well-known, getting references and shout-outs to get more people coming to your channels and streaming sessions. The more regularly you connect with other streamers within the streaming community, the better your chances becomes to grow your fan base faster and become a professional streamer which is the ultimate goal for any streamer.​​​

5. Make Sure You Stick To A Schedule...

Being a Pro-Streamer means you need to do a lot of streaming and I mean a lot to make more and more people watch you play your favorite games. The best way anyone can grow their channel is to stick to a schedule and do the necessary planning needed to let your viewers know when and where you will be streaming.

It is very important to keep your current followers up to date and in the loop for them to come back again and again.

Professional streamers make a habit of planning and scheduling all their live streams and they stick to it. By keeping to your schedule times, you show respect to your fans, looking good for potential new fans and building your name out in the community as someone that are there on a regular basis.

YouTube Streaming

6. Consistency Will Pay Off In The End

It’s one thing to have a schedule and sticking with it, but you also have to be consistent. Pro-streamers are on their channels consistently, for example every day at 8pm or every week on a Wednesday at a specific time.

Be consistent over long periods of time and people will slowly begin to notice you, your streams and your channel.

By being consistent you show that you are willing to stick around for a while, as viewers like to know that their favorite streamer will be live online at the same time, every time. If you aim to become a professional streamer, get consistency on your habit list and make sure you stay with this habit.

7. Having The Right Equipment is Crucial!

Get the right equipment!!! By the right equipment we do not necessarily mean the best gaming PC that is out there, but rather equipment that give the best streaming experience for your viewers.

Everyone basically starts out on a small budget and work their way up to more high tech gear when they start to earn money with gaming.

You will need a good quality microphone, webcam and streaming software at the least if you are a PC streamer. If you are using a PlayStation or Xbox you will only need the Kinect camera or PS Eye Cam. Do not forget to have a fast and reliable internet connection.

As seen above, the equipment helps a lot with sounding and looking good. You need to let the audience hear, see and feel your excitement through your voice and appearance.

The right streaming equipment are one of the biggest factors for a successful Professional Streamer, because that is the main way you entertain and interact with your fans and followers. There are endless possibilities to choose from when it comes to equipment, make sure you are comfortable with your choices and make sure it falls into your budget to begin with.

Becoming A Professional Streamer

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8. Constantly Build Your Audience Over Time...

An audience do not get built by itself from day one. Another very important thing to plan and keep in mind is to consistently find ways to build your fan base. This is for all streamers a long term goal, whether you are a total beginner or a veteran streamer.

Pro-streamers have mastered the art of attracting new fans on a regular basis and that is what your goal should be.

There are many ways to build an audience over time, make use a lot of social media like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Twitch itself. You could maybe have trusted fans or friends helping you get you more followers by managing accounts for you, it doesn’t have to be a one man job.

As discussed above, networking with other streamers will get more people to see your content, not all streamers play the same games and a little variety have never killed anybody. Successful Professional Streamers are constantly looking for ways that they can grow their follower base, you should too.

9. Know Your Passion, Why Finding Your Niche Is Important!

If you look at how most Pro Streamers got started, it is by finding games and title they are really passionate about. To become a Professional Streamer this is essential to keep in mind.

What games are you going to play in order for you to look the best and for your audience to like watching you over and over?

Find your Game Niche and build on that over the long run. Our advice would be to avoid the most popular titles at the beginning of your streaming career, because most Pro Streamers are likely already playing them. Aim to start at something that not many streamers play, but have good potential so you can build your viewers more easily at the start.

If you really want to do live streaming for popular games, try to stream older popular titles which are still able to generate a large following. Find your niche, find your passion and start streaming!

10. Always Have Fun And Be Patient, Good Things Take Time!

Last but not least! Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy yourself. The main reason you start streaming is to have fun, is it not? The more fun you have the more fun your fans will have while watching you live stream their favorite games.

As we said you need to be really passionate about what you do, and build from that. Pro-streamers have found their passion and made it work. By making the decision to create something awesome and sharing it with the world will pay off, it only depends on the amount of effort put into it to make it reality.

Video Games Pay My Bills

Be patient and keep doing what you do and success will follow.​​

There are no one way to become a successful Professional Streamer, but this top 10 qualities are seen as the most important foundation characteristics that Pro-streamers have in common. Nothing is impossible and if you would like to become a Pro-streamer you can check out this awesome guides from VideoGamesPayMyBills. These guides will help you with a step-by-step program to become a Professional Streamer for Twitch, YouTube and many more.​​​​

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