Best Call of Duty: Black Ops Weapon Gun class or Classes

Have you ever been in a match where it just seems as if your are completely outmatched by the other team? Do you have a negative K/D spread? This may be because you are new, or you have chosen a bad weapon layout.

In my Call of Duty experience, I often see people Run n' Gun with sniper rifles, or camp with shotguns on an open map, and I can honestly tell you, this is a sure way to fail.

In this guide, I will take you through my favorite classes, and why they work. But before we start, I would just like to cover the topic of choosing your class based on play style. I will be creating a page for people who like to Run n' Gun, people who like to play at a medium range, and for snipers as well. In this article, I will cover the best medium range classes.

My Classes, followed by why they work:

Class one: AK-47 (SD)

Primary Weapon: AK-47

Attachments: Reflex Scope, and Silencer

Secondary Weapon: Dual Pythons

Primary Grenade: Semtex

Secondary Grenade: Decoy

Special: Claymore

Perk 1: Ghost

Perk 2: Warlord

Perk 3: Marathon

This class works because:

The AK-47 is a powerful, yet accurate gun. Coupled with the Reflex Scope and a Silencer, it makes you invisible on the map when firing, and makes you quick to ADS.

The dual Pythons allow you to quickly shoot off 12 rounds, killing just about anyone who is in a close proximity.

The semtex, coupled with the decoy can get a few kills, and even take some heat off of you.

The Claymore allows campers to keep the butts covered, killing anyone who tries to sneak up on you.

Ghost perk - Trust me, you wont die as much because you will not be seen on the map.

Warlord - Allows you to have both the silencer, and the scope.

Marathon - Allows you to run a lot longer, without getting tired.

I am still testing my other classes, so please stay tuned for more updates...

Class Two: M-16

Primary - M-16

Attachments - Red Dot with Bones sight

Secondary - Python

Primary Grenade - Semtex

Secondary Grenade - Flashbang

Special - Camera Spike




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jasoncox83 profile image

jasoncox83 6 years ago from Ohio

You must not have hit the general ranks yet, although that's ok. The best setup actually would be similar to what you have in your first example, only you would not be using the AK47. Most will use the Commando, personally though the G11 would come in a close second.

Also due to the size of maps if you want to snipe don't use a sniper rifle at least on hardcore matches. You would want to use the FN-FAL which is a semi-auto very little recoil 1 shot kill gun.

As to perks to each their own, although Ghost, Warlord, then pick another one really. If you are a run and gunner though you'll want Lightweight if you don't care for ghost.

Ok enough of that as I"m writing a hub on a similar topic LOL. Best of luck to all reading this, and see you on the field.

EnzoStudios profile image

EnzoStudios 6 years ago from Ohio Author

I am actually 3rd prestige, so I have in fact hit the higher classes. I just feel that for my playing style, the AK-47 is the best. But, you're right as well, I do like the Commando.

tito 6 years ago


rif raf91 6 years ago

i think u should carry on doing this please

CoD7 Addict 6 years ago

wow i like ur ak47 weapon set i just tried it and i owned very nice =)

LAWDOG900 6 years ago


Marcus 6 years ago

Please email me more examples at

"it" 6 years ago

lvl 1 to 14

primary- mp5k: rapid fire

secondary- makarov: duel weild

primary- grenade-semtex

secondary grenade- concussion

special: claymore


perk2:sleight of hand


reason: by using leightweight and marathon this is an obvious run and gun class, personally i think the mp5k is the best starter gun...also sleight of hand is good because your mp5k mags aren't very big

Primary-Famas: extended mags

secondary-makarov duelweild

primary grenade- semtex

secondary grenade-concussion



perk2:sleight of hand


reason:anyone from level 13 on uses the famas until they reach the ak47u. the famas is powerful and with extended mags you will have no problem reloading whilst under fire, also by this stage your sleight of hand is on its way to "pro" sleight of hand pro: aim faster. and if you'd like this coould also be a run and gun class...depends how you play b.ops

lvl 17-38

primary- AK47u: extended mags

secondary- pythons: duel weild

Grenade: semtex

secondary grenade: concussion

special: (now by this point I starting using motion senser, but most people use the claymore)so either motion senser or claymore


perk2:sleight of hand(pro?)


reason: ak47u is one of the most powerful and efective guns in the game...and by achieving it so ealy its a must have, also by lvl 18 you should buy the pythons, much more efective than the makarov: the equiptment...I use motion senser's because A. they will get you way more kill's than 1 claymore will, plus putting a motion senser around you makes you the biggest threat asfore you are advantaged over your enemie, but if you'd rather use claymore that's also a good gun...this also can be used, or atleast should be used by run and gunner's

lvl (38-onwards to prestige) (best class)

primary-AK47!: extended mags

secondary- pythons: duel weild

grenade- semtex

secondary grenade-concussion

special:claymore, motion senser

perk1:leightweight pro, ghost

perk2: sleight of hand pro

perk3:marathon pro, ninja

reason:ak47 is a great gun, powerful, effective and accurate, I have a ratio of 1:40 cause this class ( that might not be that good but its good enough for me)also ghost or leightweight, marathon or ninja...all decisions are up to you asfore this class can be a medium range or a full on run and gunner

these are my guide's to classes...Im I_WALK_SIDEWAYzz online...hope in all honesty that i helped...please try these classes...oh and you guy's have no idead how long this took to type

"it" 6 years ago

I also found no use in surpressor's...thhey decrease range and in an accual fact they decrease damage: only use surpressor's on sniper's, oh and the AK47 in my last class can also be switched with the commando if you'd like

famas master 6 years ago

I use a Famas silenced,and a ballistic knife Perk 1:lightweight pro Perk 2:sleight of hand pro perk 3:marathon pro, Semtex, and nova gas. It works VERY well.

Azzdawg 6 years ago

It's ak74u (:

Flagfield Flynn 6 years ago

My set up is:

AK-47 with Reflex Sight(powerful and the recoil is more manageable for me than the Commando's)

Strela(to take out those annoying Cobra's etc)

Frag(travels further than semtex, throwing grenades can be vulnerable if too close imo)

Willy Pete(I play mostly Ground War and the smoke is great for claiming Domination points)

Claymore(I get a kill for nearly everyone I lay, I would recommend trying to use them for misdirecting enemies as well as protection)

Lightweight Pro( Run and Gun baby ;-) )

Sleight of Hand Pro(invaluable against sub machine guns)

Marathon Pro(get in for those satisfying knife kills, and brilliant for run and gun).

It is up to the way you play though. After trying everything this is what suits me. I recommend the Famas until you unlock the AK-47. Happy Hunting

garrett 6 years ago

About the ak74........all you need is scavenger, ninja, and warlord, and with its rapid fire and grip it makes a very good close range even some what long range weapon

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MC Seany B 6 years ago

For lower levels, I find that the FAMAS w/Reflex Sights, Ghost, Hardened, and Tactical Mask are good for those just making their way through the ranks.

Also, it is a great class even when you're a higher level because of the FAMAS' high accuracy and fire rate. I tried this when I became LVL 14, and it has really helped me.

guest 6 years ago

just choose the guns and perks etc that you like

"it" 6 years ago

ok here's the deal...

"it" 6 years ago

never ever ever put sight's on your gun!!!!! it is totally nooooooooooooB!!!!, sight's are a waste of an attachment cause they dont benefit your gun what so ever...try using an accual helpful attachment such as surpressor's, grip, extended mags, duel mags, anything but sights Killstreaks:killstreaks are an essential part of how you play so this will help you, if your a good player use the 1-5-9+ set up with a low killstreak then a medium (napalm, carepackage or attack helicopter) then a larger one such as chopper gunner, gunship or attack dogs what perks go with good attachment's: to be good at black ops you gotta find things that work well together such as surpressor's and ghost so on and so on...depending on what type on player you are depends on what you use...such as AK74u grip and raipd fire-one of the most commonly used classes out...instead try using ak74u rapid fire-sleght of like a now 5th prestige and have a ratio of 1:50 and growing...oh plus my new account is somewhatcrazy11, add me and say you read my forum...last message.......DON'T USE RED DOT SIGHT-REFLEX SIGHT-OR ACOG SCOPE all noobs put scopes on their gun's...sincerely somewhatcrazy11

Mr Roflcopter 6 years ago

personally my best class is

Primary: Galil (forgot my attachments :P)

Secondary:CZ75 full auto

Grenade 1: Semtex

Grenade 2:Concussion

Equipment: Claymore

Perk 1:Hardline Pro (sometimes change it to Ghost Pro)

Perk 2: Hardened Pro

Perk 3: Ninja Pro

-Hope this helps ;)

"it" 6 years ago

sure the galil is an alright gun, i'd suggest extended mags, or surpressor

STomii95 6 years ago

The perfect class for me is:

Commando ( supressor)


Ghost pro

Sleight of hand pro

Ninja pro

Works perfectly fine.

I use the MP5K till I get the FAMAS with supressor and the perks I mentioned before. Then When I get the AK47u I use it with Rapid fire and Hardline, Sleight of hand pro and marathon. Till I get commando and I reach my ideal class.

The Other Guy 6 years ago

mine is similar to roflcopters

Primary: Galil w/suppressor

Secondary: CZ75 w/full auto

Grenade 1: Frag

Grenade 2: Decoy

Equipment: Claymore

Perk 1: Hardline Pro

Perk 2: Sleight of Hand Pro

Perk 3: Marathon Pro

this works well for me, maybe you guys should try it out

Monty Python 6 years ago

i think the commando is an ok choice, i don't like its apparently inability to kill, i prefer the galil myself, go roflcopter and other guy!

Domeneuteon 6 years ago

I like most of these classes that the comments are suggesting to and mine are very similar


Python(speed reloader)




Perk 1: Ghost

Perk2: Hardened

Perk3: Marathon

Perfect class for hardcore games, basically one shot kill


Python(dual wield)



Motion sensor

Perk 1:lightweight

Perk 2:sleight of hand

Perk 3:marathon

This is basically my run and gun class, which is very good on hardcore and core matches

man o war 6 years ago

which is better:

1) Galil

2) AK74u

3) AK47

stupid guy 6 years ago

1) galil

it is an okay weapon the only reason i like it is because of its iron sight

2) ak74u

one of my favorite weapons. it is beast in close range and can kill long range with a grip

3) ak47

an awesome weapon. it has awesome power and good accuaricy but the only reason i don't like it is because i cant aim with the iron sight this is the only weapon i use red dot sight with

out of the tree i choose #2 ak74u

but my best class is

Weapon: Commando with Supressor

Secondary: Phyton with Dual Wield


Nova Gas


Perk 1:Scavenger Pro

Perk 2:Sleight of Hand Pro

Perk 3:Marathon Pro

THIS CLASS IS BEAST TRUST ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Hardcore team death match i got 37 kills 0 death with this class.

I PWN NOOBZ 6 years ago

I like the ak47u with grip secondary python speed reloader Semtex concussion claymore scavenger sleight of hand and marathon or hacker

3StarZ 6 years ago

Im 4th prestige & these are my classes:

(Pwns at WMD)

Primary: Galil (suppressor)

Secondry: CZ75 (Suppressor)

Special: Claymore / Motion sensor

Perks: Ghost

Sleight of hand


(The Best Close Ranged Class Ever!!) * Pwns on Nuketown *

Primary: AUG (Dual Mags)*x2 ur ammo + faster reload*

Secondry: Strela * To get rid of those helicopters *

Perks: Hardline

Sleight of hand


Special: Claymore.

(Best medium ranged gun)*It might look crap but pwns*

Primary: Enfeild (Dual Mags)

Secondry: Strela

Special: Claymore

Perks: Hardline * Hardline Pro = Pwnage!!

Sleight of hande


Im trying to look for the best long ranged weapon at the moment.Hope these class helped you :D

Coopz2679 5 years ago

I like to use the famas

Primary- famas with dual mags

Secondary- makrov with extended mag

Perks- hardline

Sleight of hand


Frag grenage



I also use the ak47 with the same class

Domkwok88 5 years ago

Just go wit the guns you like I love tue galil try out all the guns I am only 11 th prestige but I don't play much gall isbeasf I've gotten 11634 with tue galil my kd is only 1.70 because of camping noobs

leader lou  5 years ago

Primary Weapon: AK-74u

Attachments: silincer

Secondary Weapon: Pythons speed reload

Primary Grenade: Semtex

Secondary Grenade: flash bang

Special: Claymore

Perk 1: light weight

Perk 2: Warlord

Perk 3: hacker

this is the best class and i always come on top (prestige lv 4) always used this class when i can)

randomZ 5 years ago


The Man 5 years ago


im 7 prestige and this is my gear

-commando(best weapon in game) + supressor(invisible while shooting) + reflex/red dot

-knifes (humiliation)

-semtex(more powerfull than an earthquake)

-flash(thinking about how i hate to get stuned, i decided to stun enemies)


-ghost pro(invisible for spy planes, cobras, chopper gunners... blablabla

-warlord pro ( for two acessories plus extra semtex and flash)

-hacker( you can see enemies claymore, motion sensor, sam turrent.... blablabla from distance and behind the walls

-rolling thunder

-chooper gunner

-atack dogs

these are 8 9 and 11 killstreaks, so if u cant do that once a match don't choose these killstreak rewards



g-man 5 years ago

The best gun would be comando or g11

gangsta 5 years ago

use the Famas with a reflex. then for a second wep use the m1911 extended.



slight of hand

second chance

(pro if u hav it)

and that's the way u do it :P

ninjaBAGPUSS 5 years ago

Famas w/supressor

Python w/ACOG




Ghost PRO

Slight of Hand PRO

Marathon PRO

SR 71

Chopper Gunner


This is by far the best classes (For me anyway)

Im prestige 7 level 50, just ready to prestige again!!!!

My kill/Death Ratio is 3.17, I have over 36000+ kills using this set up,

Hope this helps

Vikdude117 5 years ago

Commando extended mags and reflex



nova gas


scavanger pro

warlord pro

tatical mask pro

bizzz 5 years ago

My favourite classes would be:


Secondary: pythons/ duel weild or speed reloader



Motion sensor or claymore


Ghost pro

Slight of Hand pro

Ninja pro

and my 2nd class is

Commando red dot or scilenced

Python duel weild or speed reloader



Motion sensor or claymores


Ghost pro/ Hardline pro

Slieght of hand pro


"it" 5 years ago

kk guy's ive been leveling up a bit (11th prestige) and ive come across a few class the get me a few 32-0 and 22-o and today i got a 24-0 anyway im not gonna read em out but here's a few things ive learnt--never use ninja because its practically useless because the sound system in black ops is f*ked in the head-use hacker not marathon because anyone can run, marathon is pointless unless you play ctf--flak jacket is a mad perk!!! it protect's you from rcxd semtex, motar, frags and flak jacket pro protects you from napalm aswell, me K/D is now 1:85 and turned eleventh today :)...anyway hope you guy's learnt something, later i might put up my classes but not sure...oh and p.s dual mags on galil and famas is awesome!!!

Jbdivinus 5 years ago

As far as the best class goes;

Primary:AK47 dual mag. No question about that. Whatever gun you use, lay off the sights, learn to use iron sight. With the AK using iron sight you can still fight long range if you're good. dual mag is the best attachment 95% of the time, in that you have extra ammo and you reload faster. With the power of the AK, a clip of 30 will last you most firefights, and if not, the dual mags reload time will get you through it alive.

I prefer frag grenades. Semtex isn't so bad though.

Tactical grenade depends on your style of play, I am personally most annoyed when I get flashed, so I use flashbangs myself. Concussion and gas are fine though.

Equipment; Motion claymore every time. Especially against people who use flak jacket. Unless you're sniping (and can't see the minimap) motion sensor will help you secure a specific area much better than a claymore.


Flak Jacket (pro) or Hardline if you like getting dogs one kill early. (if you don't high kill streaks often, use flak jacket, unless you enjoy being a team player and having constant spy+counter planes.

Sleight of Hand or Hardened, depending on the map. Sleight of hand is never the wrong choice.

Second Chance Pro. Some people are tempted to use other perks, but its stupid. With the c275 extended mag you get 18 shots per clip when down, and you can get kills easily if you have a good fire rate. Hacker is [half] useless with Flak jacket on, and I just don't like it. If you really hate being flashed,gassed, good luck trying to get tactical mask pro, not really worth it.


Napalm (a must)

Chopper Gunner


Now, I use these only because I frequently get 3-5 dogs in a row when I play well. If you aren't at that level, the attack helicopter isn't a bad choice at all. Your third killstreak should then be a spy plane. They'll help you get more kills than an RC, if you know how to use your radar...(don't use a supressor, because most people suck at using their radar, you'll find your kdr won't go down once you take it off) Counter spy plane isn't bad either but I think you help your team more with a spy plane. Definitely, NAPALM...people (myself included) are always tempted to try running through it, and sometimes die. You'll usually get 2-5 kills, or more, if you know how to place it.

Rather than things TO do though, I'd say its more important to know what not to do. Lots of guns are good, and lots of classes are good enough. Revive your team mates, first of all. If you're bothering to read this, don't snipe. Stick with an assault rifle (galil is good for long range, though many like the famas) or an smg for a small map. AK is, in my opinion, vastly superior to everything else, but I'm bias.

My weekly kdr for the past several weeks has ranged from 2.2-3.1 (my overall kdr is only 1.86 due to having fun fooling around prior to the last few weeks)

Secondary: Depends on your style of play, but c275 extended mag. Strela-3 if you feel the need to take down the occasional helicopter or plane.

nuttcracker 5 years ago

its all about the specter with silencer/rapid fire best class ever. sounds like a silenced mini gPr

adam  5 years ago

i think the ak47 is the best it rules

Resch721-Xbox Live 5 years ago

I personally like the AK-47s Iron sights because they are very accurate.My loadout is:

Primary:AK47 w/ Grenade Launcher

secondary:Strela 3 because of enemy high killstreaks


Tactical:Nova gas-clears rooms

Equipment:Tactical Insertion

Perk1:Ghost Pro


Perk3:Hacker-camper eliminator

" " 5 years ago

also my killstreaks are:


Chopper Gunner


Stakeout 5 years ago

my 2 fav classes


Primary: Stakeout w/ Grip

Secondary: Python w/ Acog sight

Primary Grenade: Semtex

Secondary Grenade: Flashbang

Special: Claymore

#1: Hardline Pro

#2: Slight of Hands Pro

#3: Hacker Pro

Why it Works: Close Combat, Python for ok sniping


Primary: RPK w/ Acog Sight & Extended Mag

Secondary: 2x Python (Dual Wield)

PG,SG,and Special same as other

#1: Flak Jacket Pro

#2: Warlord Pro

#3: Tactical Mask Pro

Why it works: RPK for everything and Python for a good backup and switch for guns

me myself and i  5 years ago

primary: famas(grenade launcher)

secondary: python(speed reloader)


tactical:nova gas


pro 1:scavenger

pro 2:sleight of hand

pro 3:marathon/tactical mask

This class works because the famas has a high fire rate and can kill most people before they can kill you. the python is a good weapon to use while moving due to it's 2 shot kill and fast reload time. tomahawk is good due to the fact that it's retrievable and a one-hit kill. nova gas clears out most people in the room with the exception of people with tactical mask pro on. C4 is good for camping out due to the fact that you can detonate by double tapping x. scavenger is a must so that you never run out of ammo or tomahawks. sleight of hand helps if both you and your quarry are reloading so you reload faster. marathon is good so that you can outrun your opposition if your do run out of ammo highly unlikely/if you choose tactical mask this is good for running through your nova gas to knife your opposition.also if you want camo on your gun never get gold,red,or ice these stand out and give away your position i suggest nevada or sahara.

Vvvvvv 5 years ago

Ak74u rapid fire

Cz rapid fire







Run and gun this is my fave class it keeps me

On the top of the leaderboard try it!!!!!

yoyoyoyoyo12345 5 years ago

MY class is primary Ak47 or famas extended mag and suppressor, secondary is Full-auto Cz75 or DuaL wield pythons my lethal is all of them really , tactical are concussion , special equipment is claymore and motion sensor, perks are lightweight pro,warlord or hardened pro and marathon pro because they are for quick nifing and sneaking o and i forgot to mension im a very good ballistic nifer forgot 2 mension that 4 secondary

Prestige lv 50 50 5 years ago

ok 4 a start any class is as good as another i mean who cares weapons my have different states but people will eventully find ways around them + some of these sets arent actually good at all they r just ones yous created like people have there own ways of using weapons 4 example im beast with fn fal/m14 and other people arent so get over it by the way create your own classe don't copie someone elses cause eventually lots of people will have the same class

a person? 5 years ago


iiBALLISTICoz 5 years ago

Primary weapon: AK74u with reflex sight ,Secondary :python acog scope. Perks: lightweight pro , Slight of hand pro ,marathon pro and thwts w cool class and its pretty chill

Johanco 5 years ago

Primary: AUG w/ suppresor and acog sight

Secondry: CZ75 w/ full auto upgrade or Strela-3

Lethal Grenade: Semtex

Tactical Grenade: Flash Bang

Equipment: Motion Sensor

Perks: Ghost/Pro,Warlord/Pro,Ninja or Second Chance/Pro

This is my class useful for Objective mode Im lvl43 not 20 summat but everyones got a different style and change it custonise it and Frag for TDM

Crazyman 5 years ago

Mp5k w/Rapid fire

Makarov (cause switching is faster than reloading)

lightweight Pro

steady-aim Pro

Marathon Pro

decoys (to distract enemies)

frags (to go kamekaze on Their Asses)

with all that i rarely aim down the sight because i hit with mostly everybullet

wildkidcanadaJR 5 years ago

A very unique class that works very well for me is

Primary: spector

Attachment: extended mag

Secondary: python

Attachment: sub nose

Lethal: Frag

Tactical: Concussion


Perk 1: Hardline

Perk 2: Slight of hand

Perk 3: Marathon

man 5 years ago

famas dual mag refex sight crosbow frag concust clay more hardline warlord second chance.

ThE-aCoG 5 years ago

my perfect class is:

Primary: Spectre acog/grip

Secondary: Phyton dual wield

Lethal grenade: tomahawk

Tactical grenade: concusion

Equipment: camera spike

Perk 1: scavenger

Perk 2: warlord

Perk 3: second chance

The spectre is a great gun cause it has lots of ammo(30),

with the acog scope mixed with the grip, it becomes very accurate.

Azerty123 5 years ago

The first class doesn't help the beginners you have to reach level 38 for the ak47. And for people that are new it will take a very long time befor they reach that level

lunaownz 5 years ago

my best classe is mpl trust its a beast!!!

George 5 years ago

These sets could be useful to Black Ops players from all over the world. Could I use them in my Call of Duty: Black Ops - Strategy Guide?

TJ 5 years ago

Well The Class for me is:

AK47 with Red Dot And Supresser, and Ice camo. IDK I just like it...For red dot choose the orange burst.

ghost 5 years ago


CZ75}Ami Sight






TATICAL MASK i totley rock at this with this class all my classes are is this im 15TH LV 50

Roc Mading 5 years ago

Ak47 with extended mags and steady aim scavenger tatical mask is beast

profile image

pakchu 5 years ago

the guns i used for the first class i made is galil silencer,and extended mags secondary cz75 fully automatic tomahawk, concussion Semtex ghost warlord and ninja

Black op 5 years ago

My favorite is:

Famas Reflex sight

Cz75 full auto



Motion sensor

Ghost pro

Sleight of hand pro

Hacker pro(gotta hate claymores)

Hope this helps!!

CHI-TOWN_1990 (ps3) 5 years ago

my favorite is:

ak74u with rapid fire (looks good in gold)

ballistic knife





sleight of hand


gail 5 years ago

the gail is a good gun with silser sleight of hand

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pakchu 5 years ago

my best sniper class is L96 with either acog or variable zoom and extended mags sleight of hand ghost and ninja along with python speed reloader and i tried the other guns classes they are pretty cool to use im planning on using the hk21 with dig drum asp scavenger tomahawk nova gas and tactical insertion and ive just done nothing but no scope my friends and my brother through out the whole game and the tactical is to help you with responing and killing your enemy its fun

ak47-0wnz 5 years ago

my favorite class is:

primary:ak47 silencer and duel mags (mostly yukon camo)

secondary:duel pythons

tactical:concussion or flashbangs (whichever)



perk2:warlord (for the 2 attachments)


profile image

pakchu 5 years ago


ak47-0wnz 5 years ago

my other favorite class is:

primary:commando silencer (tiger camo)

secondary:duel cz75




perk1:hardline or hardline pro(prefebly hardline pro)

perk2:sleight of hand



profile image

pakchu 5 years ago

do you guys have xbox live i will be soon hope fully

swat glock 40 5 years ago

my fav class is the ak47u with rapid fire for primary

secondary python

semtex claymore and two concussion

alon with soh flak jacket and marathon

Bazl3355 5 years ago

I would suggest this class (works perfectly for domination and demolition

Primary : Famas w/ dual mags (extra ammo and reload time

Secondary : CZ75 w/ extended mags or upgraded iron sight

Equipment : Motion sencer ( good for holding down certain position for you and your team

Lethal : Semtex

Tactical : Flashbang

Perk 1 : Flak Jacket Pro (so u can cap flags or plant bombs more safely than normally...)

Perk 2 : Sleight of Hand Pro (works BRILLIANT with dual mags attachment)

Perk 3 : Tacktical Mask Pro (combined with flak jacket makes you a juggernot ;D )

Killstrek setup for new players : Napalm Strike, Mortar Team and Attack Helicopter

Killstreak setup for more experienced players : Blackbird, Chopper Gunner and Attack Dogs/Gunship ( I preffer the Gunship)

javii 5 years ago

i call this class the beast

primary:ak47 w/ reflex sight

secondary:cz75 w/ upgraded iron sights



equipment:camera spike

perk1:scavenger pro

perk2:slight of hand pro

perk3:marathon pro

if you like this class hit me up for more classes at

killa13platypus 5 years ago

wow these are all great classes but i prefer to use the mac 11 with an extended mag. grenade and decoy. scavenger, hardend, marathon.

brandon 5 years ago

famas with red dot and silencer

balistic knife



motion sensor

ghost pro

warlord pro

hacker pro

this is the best search class

COD EXPERT 5 years ago

- GALIL, with silencer

- pyton duel wield

- Semtex

- concusion

- claymore



Sleigt of the hand, or hardened

Ninja, or Hacker

rocco 5 years ago

A good class for me is the G11 with A variable scope

secondary-strela 3

grenade- semtex

second grenade- decoy

special- claymore

perk 1- hardline

perk2- sleight of hand pro

perk3- marathon pro

the G11 would be good because of long distance and power. The strella 3 would be good due to its auto tracking on air crafts. semtex because of sticky and big explosions. decoy and claymore because you can lay your claymore in front of a doorway then throw a decoy to lour your enemy in to a big surprise.hardline because of getting kill streaks faster. sleight so in case if your cornered you can reload quikely. And marathon to have a great escape

OracalDestroyer 4 years ago

My Favorite Class for Closed in maps and close range battles are

Primary Gun- Any Sub-Gun

Secondary Weapon- Ballistic Knife

Primary Grenade- Tomahawk

Secondary Grenade- Concussion

Perk 1- Lightweight Pro

Perk 2- Steady Aim

Perk 3- Marathon Pro

This Is the best class for close range in my prespective ive gotten dogs like twice in one match from using this class, It is very useful because ppl don't excepect u to run aronund with a ballistic knife. That is what is so awsome about this class and plus it is fun to use and will probably piss some ppl off which is funnier. Counters to this Class are Long Range, Big Maps, and CAMPERS..

Theiceman_1973 4 years ago

i use this class its the best

primery ak47 attachment duel mag

Secondery balisisstice knife

Lethel semtex

Tatical flash bang


Flak jacket pro

Hardened pro

Ninja pro/hacker pro

I kicked butt when i play domination/domelition

60+Kills i get everytime good for headquarters too

Hope this works well :)

Theiceman_1973 4 years ago

good class for free for all

primery kiparis attachment duel weld

secondery cz75 attachment duel weld

lethel semtex

tatical flashbang


any teir 1

steady aim pro

marathon pro

i get 30 kills with this beast i win almost every match i play on free for all

what's up sucker what do you think about that

hope this works well :)

note:suck its gun baralle

Mississippi 4 years ago

My strategy is just shooting around like crazy

Theiceman_1973 4 years ago

favorite class for sniper

primery psgi attachment variable scope

secondery python attachment acog

lethel semtex

tatical flashbang


ghost pro

scout pro

ninja pro

Hope this works well :)

THE BEST LRT 4 years ago


Panda 4 years ago

I pwn with =

Gali w silencer

That pistol at the bottem w auto

Perk one = scavenger pro

Perk two = slight of hand pro is great for ads speed

Perk 3 = ninja pro




Kill streacks are rc-xd napalm chopa gunna

Resonning= claymore for campin auto side arm for secondary main basicly gali silent cuz decent fire rate perfect mid range wepon sentex for killin campers flash for an advantge against all peaple =)

=) =) =) =) =)

RapidGunnnz 4 years ago

i used to use ghost SOH and hacker for galil silence i got alot of hinds but i started sucking at it does anybody know what best perks that go well with silence galil accept for ninja

Theiceman_1973 4 years ago

yeah i know hardline pro steady aim pro and marathon pro new class pwning noobs :)

Theiceman_1973 4 years ago

best class so far

primary mpl w/ grip

secondery python w/ snub nose



tatical toy thing


hardline pro

steadyaim pro

ninja pro

this is great for hardcore search and destroy

AUZz ENDVRZ 4 years ago

try this for layout......

primary: Famas

attachment: dual mag

secondary: Python

attachments: ACOG sight

(good for shooting across maps)

Lethal: Frag (cook it and throw)

Tactical: Smoke (stay hidden or run away in style)

Perk 1: Flat Jacket /pro (good for camping where they have to toss grenades...)

Perk 2: Sleight of hand /pro (reload really fast)

Perk 3: Tactical Mask /Pro (survive nova gas while its been thrown at you)

hope that one works.......

2nd class (Capture The Flag)

primary: AK47

Attachment: Dual Mag

Secondary: CZ75

attachment: Full Auto upgrade.

Lethal: Semtex (stick it to the man ;) )

Tactical: Smoke (grab the flag and run hidden)

Perk 1: Light Weight /pro

Perk 2: Sleight of hand /pro

Perk 3: Mararthon /pro

RapidGunnz 4 years ago

IF anyone use the galil silence i got flawless games in my file Hardline,SoH,Marathon but i got bad if anyone could tell me the real best perks on silence galil message me Name:RapidGunnz

GroveStreetB0Y 4 years ago

Galil w/ suppressor Secondary:CZ75 Full auto or Extended Mags Perks:Hardline Pro,SoH Pro,Marathon Pro Lethal:Semtex Tactical:Concussion Equitment:Claymore

pizza man 4 years ago

my best weapon class is a ak 47 with a gernade laucher secondary is dual weild pythons semtex flashbang claymore scavenger pro slieght of hand and second chance pro

Backstrapassasin2021 4 years ago

FAMASw/Grip Secondary:Pythonw/Dual Weild semtex flashbang claymore svavenger pro sleight of hand and second chance pro

Backstrapassasin2021 4 years ago

PM6Ow/Rapid Fire Secondary:CZ75w/Full Auto Semtex Flashbang Claymore Svavenger Pro Sleight of Hand Pro Second Chance Pro Reaper face paint these classes are only the best on submitt maps

Backstrapassasin2021 4 years ago

M16w/Gernde Laucher with Tiger camo Secondary:ASP DUAL WEILD semtex flashbang claymore svavenger pro slieght of hand and second chance pro or instead of claymore a tactical insertion

Futamarka 3 years ago

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Futamarka 3 years ago

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haratraunse 3 years ago

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Mylindaminka 3 years ago

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