Best Dance Games That You Can Move To

Dancing is probably one of the best exercise programs around. Aside from that, many people find it interesting to learn how to dance. Video games can also keep gamers going for hours and hours of playtime. Many people, children and adults alike, find video games fascinating. What if, a good workout is merged with an interesting interactive video game? The result could be a blllaaassst!!! Check out these dance games that you could play to. You just might want to own one or all of them.

Title: Gold’s Gym Dance Workout

Platform: Nintendo Wii

Publisher: UBI Soft

Accessories: Wii Balance Board and Wii Remote Controller


Gold’s Gym Dance Workout is a dance game that promotes fitness and weight loss.  The creators of this game collaborated with professional fitness trainers to create dance routines.  You can track your progress through the Wii Balance Board.  Track also your BMI and calories burned during and after your workout.  The game can work as your instructor that teaches you dance moves.  You can also customize your own exercise program or let the game create one for you.  Create a short or long one, it is up to you.

Title: Just Dance 2

Platform: Nintendo Wii

Publisher: UBI Soft

Accessories: Wii Remote Controller


Just Dance 2 is a workout in disguise.  It is designed to make you want to work out more without you even noticing it.  You can workout and feel like you are having fun while shedding off those pounds away.  You can learn real dance moves choreographed by experts and dance to different music genre.  Furthermore, Just Dance 2 contains more accurate movement recognition with the Wii remote compared to its predecessor Just Dance.  You can also download new songs with it. 

Title: Dance Central

Platform: Xbox 360

Publisher: Microsoft

Accessories: Kinect System (Motion Sensor)


Dance Central can efficiently track full body dance moves while you are dancing.  It is completely free from any controller so it feels more like you are really dancing than playing a video game.  There are over 90 dance routines that you can dance to and they are created by professional choreographers.  It can track the calories you burn during and after your workout.  You can dance to different music genres and the dance moves can range from the easiest to the most difficult.  You can also download new songs. 

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quicksand profile image

quicksand 6 years ago

Hi BeatsMe, It sure is a great idea to lure weight watchers into a sane game. However the dancing is pretty attractive that the weight watchers may wait and simply watch!


BeatsMe profile image

BeatsMe 6 years ago Author

Hi Quicksand, agreed. But if they're so lured to the game, they would move to it eventually. Just an opinion, though.

Thanks for reading. Hope you've enoyed this. :)

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