Best Educational Flash Games

Skill Development/ Education

In the education department, these games rock. These flash games are all free and while you won't be able to split the atom after playing, they should help develop your problem solving skills. The geography flash game is the only game here where you will acquire knowledge instead of skills.

programming game
programming game

Light-Bot is a fun introduction to programming. Create commands for your robot and then watch him (or her?) test them out.

logical thinking game
logical thinking game

3D Logic helps you think more 3 dimensionally. Connect three sides of a cube together by color. Gets challenging towards the end.

physics game
physics game

Splitter 2 is a fun game with basic problem solving physics. Mostly ball and levers.

physics game
physics game

Red Remover is more of a kids game, but still fun for adults (I have no idea what the Russian broadcast played at the end means). Manipulate blocks and balls.

logical thinking sequence game
logical thinking sequence game

Factory Balls 2 is imaginative and fun. Build balls in a factory. Hint on level 19: If you water a seed 3 times the flowers disappear.

geography map game
geography map game

Geography flash game. Test your knowledge of geography of the world. Includes United States, Europe, Middle East, Central America, South America, Africa, Canada, and Australia.

Business Games

Games are great ways to teach children about business, marketing, investment, and overall success principles. Check out these business-minded free-market games.

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What are your favorite educational games?

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