Best Fifa 11 Team is Real Madrid

Fifa 11 Real Madrid

Real Madrid Fifa 11

This is my first installment of the best FIFA 11 teams. These hubs will feature what I feel are the best teams to play Fifa 11 with. The best team in the game is Real Madrid.

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To make this conclusion I have used all of the top teams in Fifa 11 thus far and have the most raw success with Real. They are a top team for many reasons and the way Fifa plays out they are a solid contender in any match.

Real Madrid is the best team in Fifa 11 because they have all the right parts.

Starting with the attacking force, real features the two best players in the game. Cristiano Ronalo and Kaka.

Ronaldo is one of the few five star rated skill players in the game. This gives him the ability to perform fifa tricks that not all the players can do. He does these moves with pace and precisely. Ronaldo is again one of the fastest players in the game and have very good stats for shooting, passing, speed, and awareness. Another big factor is the ability for him to control the ball under pressure. In Fifa 11 there is a new dribbling and a better defense system. Ronaldo can beat the upgraded defense by keeping the ball very close to his body and moving with pace. Although the speed of the offensive players decreased heavily compared to Fifa 10, his pace with the ball is still at the top of the charts.

Kaka is arguably one of the best players in the world. This is no different in Fifa 11. He isn't rated for 5 star skill moves but he plays as if he should be. Kaka of Brazil is featured on the cover of this years game, and rightfully so. One thing that helps Kaka dominate the game is his close control and ability to dribble through defenders in the midfield. Kaka stats wise is at the top of the list as well, he is very good at speed, shooting, dribbling, and passing. Pretty much everything you can be rated high for he is. He is a very good compliment to Ronaldo and with both of them in the offensive third, anyone playing has the ability to work the ball fluidly through the defense.

Offense - The rest of the supporting cast for Real Madrid include Hugian (the argentian all star from the world cup), benezema, and Di maria from Argentina, All of these players are very good, and rated very high. Do not forget that Real Madrid also added one of Germany's most dynamic players, Ozil. He is a threat in both the offense or the midfield. He offers pace, and skillful passing, as well as left footed threat. All these players can be used as positional players and support Kaka and Ronaldo. Real Madrid is so effective because there is no let down on the entire offense, and getting the ball to a scoring threat is as simple as finding anyone in front of the goal.

Midfield - Real Madrid is a heavily offenseive team but they also have one of the best holding midfielders in the game from Spain, Xabi Alanso. He is a perfect player to collect the ball, win a tackle, and can still pass well and even shoot if necessary. They also have a no lower rated lassana diarra. They create a defensive wall in the midfield and are able to feed the very strong offensive force.

Defense - One thing that Real Madrid is under-rated for is defense. In Fifa 11 the teams are updated with the new rosters and Real has added a star defender from Chelsea, Carvalho. He is a very strong and smart position wise defender. He compliments a more wild and quick Pepe, and a striking wing back Sergio Ramos. Normally during matches I play Diarra as a wing defender because he fits there being strong and defensive but still fast enough to stay with top strikers. Real Madrid has a strong defense with the ability to attack wide with Sergio. They are also fast enough to keep up with opposing strikers and disciplined to break down attacks.

One of the biggest changes in Fifa 11 from Fifa 10 is the difficulty of scoring. This change comes from a new and improved goalie system. All goalies are smarter and in better position to make all the saves. With the new changes, the good goalies are made better at an exponential level. This is a huge factor in games, and can be the deciding factor is a close match. Real Madrid has the best goalie in the world, Spain's Iker Casillas. He is always in position and his stats for diving, reactions, and overall goalkeeping are at the top of all goalies.

With the combination of an unstoppable attacking force and a solid defense Real Madrid becomes the best team in Fifa 11. Adding the best goalie in the league and a strong midfield makes them head and shoulders above most other teams.

There are arguments that other teams such as Barcelona, England, Spain, and Manchester United may be the best team in the game. I will follow this post up with how these teams can be considered the best team, but it comes down to your playing style. For the average player I believe Real Madrid is the best team to play Fifa 11 with.

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Follow up with FIFA 12 Best Teams. The Best Team in FIFA 12 is Real Madrid

Real Madrid Fifa 11

Who is the Best Team in Fifa 11?

Who is the Best Team in Fifa 11?

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jhgh 6 years ago


The Riddler 6 years ago

This is a typical fanboy who doesn't know anything about how the game works. In real, RM would be one of the best teams in the world. However, this is a computergame. RM has the weakest defence ingame of all 5 star teams. Therefore the best team is not RM. It should be Chelsea or Barcelona. Also Inter is better than RM. However, RM can be very dangerous in counter situations. At last I would have to say that even stats don't always count to decide which team is the best.

soccer guy 6 years ago

RM has more depth in their line-up which makes them very dangerous in overtimes, as well as late in the half. Higuin and Benzema offer an interchangeable striking force, while Kaka and Ozil can be substitutes when necessary.

maindos 6 years ago

this guy is clueless. im a real madrid fan true and true but rm is no where near the best team in fifa 11. their strength stats are abysmal with players falling over constantly and losing 50/50 balls in the midfield to stronger strength stat teams (every other 5 star team). chelsea sadly is probably the best team with barcelona a close second. chelsea noobs need to grow a pair and use a team where the average player strength stat is not 85+. pathetic. amatuers can win with chelsea its so boring.

sameer 6 years ago

buddy chelsea is da best in business.fifa 11 is all about strength n control of players.

Joris 6 years ago


rock 6 years ago

I agree with sameer chelsea is da best team in fifa-11 just try wll know the differinces

XxX ~ NAC ~ XxX 6 years ago


The Netherlands??

the netherlands lost the world championship

Kiko 6 years ago

Chelsea are the best team in the game ? Then why do manchester United, Barcelona and Real Madrid have a higher Attack Midfield AND Defence rating than them ? Chelsea rentboys.

Mac 6 years ago

can anyone tell who's the best defensive midfielder?

shanestyle profile image

shanestyle 6 years ago Author

I think the best defensive midfielder is either Cambiasso or Xabi Alanso. RM is the best team because they are dangerous on every single attack. Ronaldo is unbelievable at everything, every attacking player is great at passing/shooting and crossing. Not to mention most strikers are very fast and good in the air.

When I play against RM I use Chelsea as well, but I still stand by Real being the best team in the game.

Big O 6 years ago

It all depends on your style of play also, my top5 best teams in the game Chelsea, Barcelona, Inter, RM, Bayern Munich,

Donovan 57 6 years ago

chelsea is highly underrated in Fifa 11. Their team stats are not outstanding, but the idivivdual players are simply unstoppable. The combination of Drogba, Lampard, Essien, Anelka, and Malouda attacking is incredible. Also, the defense is pretty much an impenetrable wall.

bollobollo 6 years ago

It's very hard to pick which is the best team. It all comes down to how the gamer plays his game.

For me the movement of the Real team was very static and not fluid for how I play. I focus on looking to keep possession, pass and move. Although they are not 5 stars I pick over any team bar Barcelona for that style are Arsenal. Let's face it guys the aboslutely dull (run and barge the ball in the net plays always go Barca? For some reason these guys believe that they are playing the game in the Braca(esq) way. Abosulte BS. When ever I play someone and the go Barca. I cancell the game before it starts. You just know they'll disconnect when they get humped 2-0 after 30 min.

Strange how it's the Barca boys that quit when they're getting beat?

Anyway best team in the game for me (apart from Barca) is Arsenal. As Andy Gray say's on the commentry "pass and move is the fabric of the game".

Matthew 6 years ago

As mentioned, it completely depends on style of play. For me, if I want to destroy my friends I would pick Barca because their chance creation and finished is unrivaled. Although, on the network I would pick Milan, they play a great 4 3 3 with Ibrahimovic, Pato and Ronaldinho and are deadly on the counter. Having said that, I have real respect for the players who pick 3.5 - 4 star teams and give you a great game, which shows it's more about ability than team selection.

Fifafreak277 6 years ago

I myself believe that RM are the best in the game, but I always seem to get beat whilst playing with then, but that may be due to the fact that I am rather terrible at the game and have not won a match since it came out.

Dak 6 years ago

It's true Real Madrid isn't that strong but the countering ability is insane. It may be a bit hard to stop a powerful forward like Zlatan but with good positioning you can win your tackles, though it's harder to put him on the ground. Then just crack a high ball behind their back line and let C. Ronaldo go and get it. Success lol

proddy 6 years ago

rangers by far are the greatest team

conor 6 years ago

Barcalona ar the best team on the game. well better than real madrid

paddy12 6 years ago

germany should be the best team power passing shooting strenth height of defenders quick wingbacks pacy tricky midfielders and an interchangable strick force in the ever so reliant miraslov kloser or the power house of mario gomez

liverliver 6 years ago

barcelona are a weak side but they more than make up for that with the complexity of there midfield and aattack. also another very strong force is ac milan, with their midfield and pat ibrahimavich and robinho at the forfront u can never fail

richardbcfc 6 years ago

Real madrid r the best team i creates my own formation to get the best ability off my first team line up that's prob y i am ranked level off number 53 try this formation 4-1-2-1-2 with a SWEEPER!!!!!

Dansp 6 years ago

Best team=juventus.They combinations are perfect.

profile image

yasaf 6 years ago

Ya I would have to say real madrid is definitely not the best team in the game. Kaka is not the best mid-fielder in the game or in real life...He's very injury prone and is not on the leval of xavi, iniesta, or even lampard. Defense is the most important aspect of the game in my opinion and therefore Chelsea, and Inter milan are the top. I would even throw Manu in their if you are a good attacker because there defense with vidic, ferdinand, and evra are arguably the best. Barcelona is trash (in the game not real life) Puyol's and Pique's slow nature is tedious and annoying and I will destroy even the best if they choose to play with Barcelona.

Your Welcome.

united 6 years ago

chelsea rent boys

camsa 6 years ago

newcastle united da bst Andy Carroll Joey Barton Kevin Nolan and Jose Enrique with Shola Ameobi providing help.

Cruisy4 6 years ago

I beat chelsea with lyon. If your trying to say that RM are the best team in the game then your wrong, because if someone who has only started the game picks them, they are going to be thrashed. its not a bout the team its about the player.

Subaru 6 years ago

Seriously, its all about the player, NOT THE TEAM. I beat Real Madrid with Arsenal in a 3-2 victory. I kept possession for all time. He scored 2 goals from his counter attacks, but I managed to build up opportunities to score goals. Its all about choices here and which team you can play well with. The Best team is different for everyone.

deycallme? 6 years ago

Bayern Munich may not be the best team to choose to play with in a regular exhibition match, but they are a strong team to use in fifa 11 manager mode because they feature many of the strong and young attackers on the Germany squad this summer and they have a decent midfield and defense. Also they are one of the wealthiest clubs, so you will have lots of money to acquire transfers.

johnnyU 6 years ago

i think the best team in fifa 11 is arguably chelsea.Its definitely not real madrid. i trashed real madrid(legendary) 4-0 with chelsea

dean 6 years ago

the stats show spain is the best team in the world. HOWEVER, people play differently; some like crossing and headers (for that use International Germany team) whereas some people prefer shooting with flair and passing everywhere (Maybe RM, Inter, Chelsea or BARCA? Kaka, Messi, Forlan, Lampard and Villa.) that's all im saying. :D no best team!

Cheese 6 years ago

Fifa11 is really nice and I have manager mode with Real Madrid and I only passed 10 weeks and I bought Maicon,Robinho,Ibrahimovic,Ronaldinho,Rooney and Torres.I have a very good team.

jonno 6 years ago

i used to only have fifa 08, in which barcelona was unstoppable. the teams were judged by their stats

now i have 11, and i am pleasantly surprised by the depth of the teams, how their tactics vary. in real life, lets face it, the spanish/barcelona way of football is the future. but ingame, i think barcelona are rather flimsy, with pedro being a bit inexperienced, and the defence not performing up to their stats

(this is in player career mode, where i don't control the AI and try to make runs as l. messi so that my teammates pass to me, and get frustrated when they lose the ball in a tackle)

beibi ska sanchez 6 years ago

The Best team is Inter. The best defense in the game playing 5-2-1-2 Nice goalkeeper. Lethal attackers in Milito, Eto and Sneijder, and solid midfield with Cambiasso. The only team that troubles Inter is Arsenal because of the nature of their game (pass and go)I like to play defensively, so i choose inter and i have been getting good results. I hate quiters.

phil.milan(onps3addme) 6 years ago

Best team arsenal and real madrid

Real madrid- 1(higuain) 3(ronaldo,ozil,kaka,) 2(xavi,khedira) 4(diarra,albiol,pepe,ramos). try it

Nick 6 years ago

I agree that Number 1 is Real Madrid- because of Ronaldo. I have a 10-game win online streak using them.Put him at striker and he WILL score 2-3 goals a game. Plus those Chelsea fans- I have played against Chelsea plenty and Ronaldo goes past them so easily, they ususally quit before the game is over. I also agree second is Arsenal because of their fast wingers (Walcott and Arshavin) not to mention the attacking midfielders, Fabregas and Van Persie.

In Summary- It's ALL about offense. If your a good player, defensive ratings don't matter- just OFFENSE!!!

peedzzzz 6 years ago

none of the big teams are the best as they are far to slow however someone like a.villa ar fast and alive such as wolfsburg and also cska moscow

jamil 6 years ago

you have to say manchester united are the worst team i have ever met but real madrid are awsome,fantastico skills,amazing tactics they ROCK.

zach 6 years ago

Inter is the best team then barcelona then milan.

jamil  6 years ago

zach you have to be joking

jamil babba 6 years ago

falaya lathai li mu!

real rulez 6 years ago

you forget ösil

Zeeshan Naveed 6 years ago

I played everysingle fifa there is !!!

My opinion is that it depends over all on how you play,

Best team is spain No Doubt!

People argue about If RM Barca or chelsea is the best team,

it depends on what style you play !

Simon 6 years ago

I absolutely love playing with Villareal. Slick passing between Cani, Santi and Borja until some space opens up , ans then killer opening for Rossi or Nilmar. Awesome.



farhan 6 years ago

manchester united is the best and jamil ann his team real madrid is rubbish

jamil 6 years ago

oyyyyyyyyyyy farhan who do you think your are talking be me watch when i find you i will batter yu maaaan

farhan 6 years ago

you can not dis united jamil and stop the nonsense saying real madrid is the best gay boy

manku15 6 years ago

I think Spain is the best team in the game. They don't have Messi but they have a better bench and the best goalkeeper in the game as well as Xabi Alonso, who's better than Busquets. I personally like to play with Benfica, they are not only my favorite team but they also seem to have the best tactics/players for my style of play. the 4-1-2-1-2 formation allows me to play a possession game and feeding Aimar to create 1-2 situations either with Cardozo or Saviola. The defence is also very solid, with Luisao and David Luiz. For those who are looking to play with a different team, Benfica would be a great choice. I've never lost for more than one goal with Benfica no matter who is on the other side.

farhan 6 years ago

maku15 you right because they won the world cup but jamil your still gay

farhan 6 years ago

I am sorry jamil but united is the best

farhan 6 years ago

why don't any boady talk

tasnim 6 years ago

jamil im farhans cusin sis n i no footi better than any1 eles n i think man united is the best n u shut ur gob or ill smak u silly gau lord lmfao

farhan 6 years ago

hahahhahhahaha u better be pissin ur pants know as she is in oldham know

p.s i have back up not like you loser

makhal 6 years ago

jamil this name is named after u as u r a stupid little boy w

roelf 6 years ago

but howww camee the netherlands in the final of the world cup?

what about arjen robben, mark van bommel, dirk kuyt, wesley sneijder

(where the hell is bayern munchen)

Dan 6 years ago

After the way they started the Premier League Season Chelsea definitely had the potential to be perhaps the team of the year however their preformances more recently have been questionable to say the least. I don't think Manchester United have the squad they used to be but respect them for how they are playing but I doubt they could challenge the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Inter Milan etc. and based on preformances so far this season I would say Barcelona are currently the best club team. Real Madrid have a host of brilliant players including of course Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka, Ozil, Sergio Ramos and Casillas who I think has been the best keeper in the World over the past few years but the way that they were undone by Barcelona proved to me how good they can be, of course I don't know how they'd compare against some of the other top European sides but at the moment my vote would go to them.

farahn 6 years ago

united is the best evry other teams are rubbish

Cromo 6 years ago

barcelona or RM are fun to play with but if ur playin serious go chelsea 451

Dmac 6 years ago

The best (as well as most unfair) team is chelsea by far..

the creators were nutting themselves when they made drogba, all you have to do is shoot with him aiming the goal and it will go in

fags that play online with chelsea or real sucks pick a team that's actually hard to win with...its not hard to win every game with drogba or ronaldo

Daby 6 years ago

suckas ! best team is real madrid

farhan 6 years ago

evreyboadys wrong united is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

soccerfan 6 years ago

why does no one mention any teams from mls? i can win frequently with the red bulls. just saying.

The Wall 6 years ago

Maybe not the best, but Holland's D is way underated, Stekelenburg is a wall in front of the goal and both Sneijder, Robben, and Van Persie can beat defenders, cross, head, shoot from range, and take penalties/free kicks exceptionally well.

GERMANY 6 years ago


costaricaboy 6 years ago

i have played this game and i have to say real madrid is the best team off all i also played with barça and i have to say they arent that good for me it sucks its not as great as i thought it would be

farhan 6 years ago

glory glory man united

Chrisbokbok 6 years ago

I think arsenal is the best

I use RM mostly

But if i want to have fun i use the spurs. Not the best team but are one of the best in there class!

Chrisbokbok 6 years ago

I think arsenal is the best

I use RM mostly

But if i want to have fun i use the spurs. Not the best team but are one of the best in there class!

Jesse  6 years ago

When i play as Real Madrid i am undefeated they are just full of class i mean like wow my set up is

Ronaldo ST Di Maria LAM Kaka CAM Ozul RAM Alonso CDM Diarra CDM (sometimes Khedira depends what mood im in really) Marcelo(LB) Carvalho(CB) Pepe(CB) Ramos (RB)

Ronaldo Really kills it up front with inbound passes from Kaka and Crosses from Ozil and Di Maria can hold his on pushing into the box for a fantastic finish if need be

but i really enjoy playing as AC Milan Ronaldinho is just pure fun to play he can still curl in free kicks and 5 star moves need i say more?

farhan 6 years ago

when i play with united im undeafeated

and i beat real madrid7-3

Jesse 6 years ago

Man Utd does nothing for me no appeal what so ever

just a very dull and plain side in fifa 11

Rooney should be rated lower hes been over rated the last 2 years.

as an arsenal fan i would love to see Wilshere in the 80's in fifa 12 and Nasri about 86-87

maxime 6 years ago

arsenal is the best team

Jesse 6 years ago

Lets hope we can defeat barca in the first leg !!!

Dengate 6 years ago

I think considering their ratings, Napoli and Cameroon are very good teams to play with, as are a lot of the Mexican teams.

josh 6 years ago

i use inter as my team, and they're good.

Julio Cesar as backstop, and I brought De Gea as my no. 2

RM is also a good team because I use Benzema as my striker

Tottenham is also a great team

Defoe, Van der Vaart, Modric, Lennon, Crouch, Pavlyuchenko, are very good players

mohammed 6 years ago

I always use brazil and Pato is probably the best player in the game

pornstar2 6 years ago


NUNYA bizzness 6 years ago


Rehan14 6 years ago

Styles make teams... After reading all the constructive comments... I believe that the best team(s) are the ones suited to your style, for example if your your a slick passer who likes the one-twos then real, barca & spain are most beneficial... But if you like the crossing game and long balls then inter, Man U & chelsea are most beneficiary... Personally I play the one-twos and slick passing and am currently 102 won, 3 lost online.. Real Madrid is my team with a 4-2-2-2 formation with ronaldo and higuain up front...

madee 6 years ago

see play with germany and play ballack in for khadira just hold the ball in wing for a min and wait for him to arrive near a box(use trigger run) thn u can either cross in or make him or bastian shoot ..if u cross there are klose and ballack waiting in the box i tell u are very dangerous

farhan 6 years ago

united is the best

binladen  5 years ago

arsenal are the best !

osama dinn  5 years ago

united are scum

aresenal are the best x

chrissss 5 years ago

I've played these games for years and think it only comes down to the way you play. I can't use barca cos they have weak wingers so I use chelsea they are allround strong. RM have great counter but u do notice their shaky defence at timesm I suppose it all comes down to the style u like I.e fast counters have dodgy defence whereas strong defence usually means you have to work the ball up the pitch a bit slower but not in all cases like barca but there wingers are weak so personally there isn't a perfect team cos they all have theie strengths and weaknesses. If your cautious you should use chelsea if u r daring and want all out attack use RM

GabrielShahinian, PSN name:clonevader043 5 years ago

RM is the best team 2 play with, because they play very smoothly.

u have the best GK in the world: Cassilias

Best attacker in the world: C. ronaldo ( with messi ofcourse :D).

One of the best ''controlling'' midfielders in the world: Kaka and his fellow side kicks: Di maria,ozil,xabi alonso.

maby not the best, but they can compare themselve with the best defenders: S. ramos, Pepe, carvalho and DIARA becouse he got the speed and strenght that a good defender needs.

2nd best team is Bayern Munchen: in fifa 10 i killd every team with BM.

play with the wings and on counter or on possession and u will pawn everyone.

and with rbery on left and robben on right u can curve the ball right into the net.

if u also put thymoshuk or something als replacement of badstubber= oeff!!!!1

he is a great FK taker and is very easy of far distance, also near ones.

u can easly beat the GK on a distance of 35m or more.

RM: 1-4-2-3-1



Pepe Xabi Alonso

Cassilias Higuan C.Ronaldo

Carvalho Khedera



subs: Di maria can easly replace khedera or somone of the 3 attackers.

Benzema can replace higuin also very good with his speed.

Bayern Munchen: 1-4-2-2-2



Schweinsteiger Klose



Van buyten

Van Bommel Olic



Subs: Butt can also replace rensing very good.

Gomez is also an attacker than can replace the other 2 guys.

Muller is a rizing tallent

This is mine fifa 10 BM, so i know there are couple left so help me fix this haha;)

yakke 5 years ago

A good advice for all who play with RM. Put Mahamadou diarra in defence, he has 90+ strenght! team gets much stronger when u put him in

andy 5 years ago

real madrid aren't the best team on fifa 11 and they aren't the best in the world. that title goes to us catalans aka barca!

GabrielShahinian 5 years ago

actually both diarra's can be put in the defence yakka:D

and andy; let barca win first 9time the CL ( they got 2 alreaddy, woooooww).

i say as RM fan that i respect Barca, but the El Clasico's are always a disaster ( the past few eyars) because RM isn't in his form.

and btw if u have ps3, wanna do than fifa 10 with me? barca vs ream madrid:D

person 5 years ago

Man u are easily the best they have rooney, berbatov, Nani, Giggs, ferdinand and van der sar The reason there better is because there good all rounders. I actually don't support them but they are the best.

GabrielShahinian 5 years ago

Lol, so Man U as Real are the best:p

I always play with my friend Man U vs Real M.

i don't need to say who wins almost always;).

But when my friend plays Man U berbatov always sabotages his shots or counters XD, but Man U is a long time an outsider.

Mine top 5 European clubs are:

1. Real Madrid.

2. Bayern Munchen

3. Barca

4. Inter

5. Chealsea/ Arsenal

JK 5 years ago

Liverpool and INVERNESS CALEDONIAN THISTLE r the best teams in the game. Go Inverness and give the ball to Jonny Hayes and Adam Rooney nd it's amazing try it. ;)

matt 5 years ago

It depends who your good at playing with real may have a stronger line up but I am much better at playing with Arsenal

football 5 years ago

To see who the best team is you just have to look at who is at the top of the premier league which has the highest compatition and that team is man u. The other good teams are.

1st man u

2nd Real Madrid

3rd Barcalona

4th Inter

5th AC Milan

GabrielShahinian 5 years ago


How did u reasonded that man u is the best club,

no offense but that is one of the most stupid 'calculations' and answers i have ever written

cp7 5 years ago

RM can be pretty tough to beat but i had success against them by taking advantage of the formation they usually play, the 4-2-3-1 that most people use can be deadly in offence but if you play wide on the counter and go down attacking their left with a fast winger you can often catch them with a good cross, Pepe is a massive dude but if you can curl it past him onto a good-in-the-air striker you can nick a few cheeky goals, then just make sure you keep it tight at the back and don't give players like ronaldo or kaka space to run at you or shoot from distance (someone mentioned earlier backing off with your controlled defender and pressing with an ai defender which works well) you can pull off a hard fought win... counter counter counter, RM's playstyle often leaves a lot of their midfield scattered in your third of the pitch when you win the ball meaning if you set a winger to have low defensive workrate and high offensive in team management (so he's just hanging around the halfway line waiting for your through ball) you can catch them with their pants down :)

profile image

matdr1312 5 years ago

Nobody mentions man city.? they are so good defensivly and play them with the 4-2-3-1. its quality. i hardly ever let a goal in with them. arsenal and man utd are just terrible on fifa 11. the best is probably chelsea now with torres up front with anelka and drogba and d.luiz at the back with terry. but put luiz at right back and terry and alex at centre back. alex is awesome he scores 9 times out of 10 when coming up from corners. chelsea or man city are the teams to be :)

Sidali 5 years ago

The best team is: Classic stars.

GabrielShahinian 5 years ago

Classic is ofcourse #1;)

But what cp7 says isn't quite right

what you say is treu but not if i play with RM

i have a new defence system who lets no attacker come close to the goal so they MUST GO WIDE, and they miss.

mine normal attacks are like counters, there is no escape from mine dribbling players, hehe:p

and if i got a conter i useually score from distance like 35m more or less with X.alonso,C.Ronaldo,Higuan,Kaka,Benzema or Sergio Ramos.

To win from me is to play with Chealsea because its the hardest way for me to come to there goalkeeper, like from the 10 times 8.

Chealsea had only attackers/attack midfielders and defenders and midfield defenders, there is no one with a real midfield role in Chealsea, and peter cech has good reflexes and handling as a goalkeepr

but even with chealsea u stand no change to me:D

Splodgel236 5 years ago


i watched your video and it aint that good the keeper wasn't even in the net.

Splodgel236 5 years ago

this is a real goal

user2135 5 years ago

best teams over fifa 11 are Chelsea Real Barca Inter Man U Ac Mila Arsenal Bayern Lyon Totenham napoli juventus

ferhan 5 years ago

Guys, I have played with all the top teams, and found the most success with Chelsea. HOWEVER then I discovered Cameroon, and they without a doubt gave me the best results. People online cannot handle the raw pace and power they have.

ferhan 5 years ago






football 5 years ago


No offencive what are you talking about rooney, berbatov, Nani, Giggs (skillful player but getting on a bit)and valancia. And they have one of the best GKs in the world. Yes some teams might beat them some times but real madrid don't win all the time everybody has bad games.

masud 5 years ago

some of my friends play with RM..and i find sometimes hard to win against them..RM's players' strength is whenever i try to play with RM i struggle..personally i like to hold on to possession of the ball(most of the time its above 60% :-p) and build attack slowly...i feel comfortable playing with barca, which i most of the times do..sometimes if i am struggling in defense, i play with brazil

GabrielShahinian 5 years ago

@football, @Splodgel236

i'm talking about that if u know how 2 play with RM, u can beat each team with one hand;).

play fast with long balls, counters and on extra offensive u can easly beat each team, even with 5 or 6 defenders just practice in training

play like 3 or 4 man against 11

try to pass around or use some tricks to get to the goalkeeper, if u do this, than your readdy to play with RM.

if your not a quik builder or a counter player its the best to pick Chealsea or AC Milan.

the have each good/talented players in the centre's so u can focus on the middle.

hillam456 5 years ago

the best team is holland the free kick takers are amazing Van Penrsie and snijer althoughh defense is terrible

Boy 5 years ago

Which team is the most fun to play?

Martin 5 years ago

English Team are way stronger "Overall", to me. If you're losing while playing with a Spanish Team, their morale go low, and don't perform as good as when the match begins, so you'll have a hard time trying to tie the game. Although teams like RM or Barca are WAY faster than any other teams. So the call is yours.

Real Madrid Boy 5 years ago

its very easy why RM is the best team they won 9 champion leagues. after that i think arsenal is the best team, becuz they have some very fast players u can make great comboz.

Tom 5 years ago

I'm always plating with Chelsea its truly THE best team of FIFA 11!!

Only you need to play in the 4-1-2-1-2 (1) formation

Chech is in my opninion better than Cassilas!

I will give the best formation:


Ivanovic - Alex - Terry - Cole


Essien - Malouda


Torres - Drogba

And in the subtitutes, you take out a cm wich is 70 for Zhirkov or Benayoun

AbramoviƧ 5 years ago

WTF A.C Milan :O

GabrielShahinian 5 years ago

I tried to play with bayern munchen and arsenal and it all went very well.

If u have a corner with these 2 teams ( and chealsea ofcours) u have like 75% chance to make a goal. I don't know why with arsenal because they don't have that VERY good headers but it works, trust me;)

With country u should choise teams like: Holland, Spain, Engeland, Germany, and Italy.

here i explain why.

Holland: the attackers are the best of holland and probebly the best in the hole game because u have of each type a attacker ( robin for speed, sneijder for FK and control, V.D.Vaart same as sneijder, V.Persie for his finishing and FK + control, and kuyt for his performance).

Spain: they have the best goalkeeper of the world, they are very strong in defence aswell in attack but they don't have a real CM because all of the midfielders are DM or CAM, that's there nly negative thing, they have also quite of good FK takers like Xavi,Villa,Capdevilla and headers, like pique, puyol,ramos, torres.

GabrielShahinian 5 years ago

England: is for me the most complate team if u look at the players on their position. their defence,midfield and attack is really strong, but there are not that fast as other teams but more focust on technique, u have also good FK takers, like gerrard, lampard and rooney, all of the players have very much power so that makes it harder to capture the ball.

Germany: maby not the best but u can play really smoothly with them, with corners they have some quite good headers even when u tought they did have not. If u put ballack also in your team u have a good captain,FK and corner taker, and germany has a quite good keeper: Neuer.

Italy: mab the most surprising team but this is the team with most expierince.

with Italy u MUST NOT PLAY from the sides but from the central. Italy is the best team to do this with England because ther vision are very high, Italy has also good FK takers; like Del Pierro and Pirlo. And if it comes on corners they have also quite good players for it; like chiellini and matterazzi.

gtergdr 5 years ago

birmingham city

Raja Sriram 5 years ago

The Best Club Team is RM arguably but it depends on the style of Players... And I'm Surprised to see Portugal as the Best International team and I could defeat every other team with ease..

Dave S 5 years ago

I get pretty damn bored playing against RM. It seems 8/10 people I play chose RM. Most of the time I beat them though. I just have 2 players manmark Ronaldo in my custom settings. Easy. All the fanboys seem to do is pass to Ronaldo and let him run across defences and just press shoot and he usually scores. No skill. I've found the best team to play as atm is Borussia Dortmund. Great formation (4-2-3-1) and their defence is almost impregnable. Hummels + Subotic tend to do me a fantastic job! And on most offensive corners they're the players that score for me!!

Sammy 5 years ago

Real Madrid is still the Best in FIFA 2011......

farhan 5 years ago

manunited is the besttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unbeaten 5 years ago

I've been playing with real since forever. I'm unbeaten. Btw real weal defence ?? Marcelo/ramos act as wingers, pepe and carvalho score every corner ( even online ) diarra alonso kaka, owns barca midfield.

Play me. :) i'll show you

The_Dark_Side 5 years ago

I don't know about you but i play with Real Madrid..i use 3(ramos,pepe,carvalho) -4(khedira,kaka,xabi,ozil -3(cr, higuain, benzema)...and that is the stonges attacking force in FIFA 11 i think, midfield and attack are insane but the defence with 3 defenders is a bit hard to keep in control, but most of time i manage...that's like ultra offensive formation...but watchout for your defence...3 defenders vs 3 attackers or 3 at 4 mid is harder to defend, but you can always go for 4-3-3...

Just a dude 5 years ago

Rangers R the best more Prestigous than any other club Real madrid a near second!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GabrielShahinian 5 years ago

I just find out that the best way to play with RM is a formation of:

- 4-2-3-1

- 4-3-3

- 3-5-2

- 3-4-1-2

If u play with 3 defenders u must play with S.Ramos, Pepe and Carvalho

If u play with 4 defenders than u must play with S.Ramos, Pepe, Carvalho and in the last spot u got choise of 4 players: marcelo,xabi alonso, kedhera, L.Diarra( i prefer mostly Xabi alonso) more about this later


The best midfielders to use are: kaka,ozil,khedira,xabi alonso,Pedro Leon, Di maria ( who is actually a attacker but is also at his best as a RAM-LAM-RM-LM).

if u have 3 midfielder u must choose Kaka, Ozil and Di maria

if u play with the 4-2-3-1 u must fill in 5 midfielders but because i have xabi alonso almost all time in the defence i must choise for another one but i play with mine own 4-2-3-1 style and that's 4-1-1-3-1 so i have ONLY 1 DM and ONE CM, so i have in mine DM Khedira or sometimes switched with xabi alonso, mine CM is mostly Pedro Leon because of his abilitty of great passes and early passes or sometimes i put ozil instead ther.

mine wingers are kaka and di maria and sometimes ozil

than ther are 2 spots left, those are for C.Ronaldo and Higuain/adebayor,

i put adebayor in if i am really focust to attack with the wingers so i can cross pass to adebayor and sometimes to kaka and ronaldo, but if i play normal style and shoot from distance i put in higuain.

if u play with 4 midfielders u put in RM Di Maria, CM ozil, CM pedro leon or xabi alonso, LM kaka

GabrielShahinian 5 years ago

These are mine usually tactics and formations for real madrid at their best:D i go from right to left so from RM to LM

4-3-3: ramos,pepe,carvalho, xabi alonso/di maria,ozil,kaka/ higuain,adebayor,c.ronaldo.

4-1-1-3-1: ramos,pepe,carvalho,xabi alonso/ pedro leon/ ozil/ di maria,ronaldo, kaka/ higuain or adebayor depends who u playing against.

3-4-1-2 or 3-4-3: sergio ramos, carvalho,pepe/ di maria,pedro leon,ozil,kaka/ higuain,adebayor,c.ronaldo.

u must play with all these formations with extremly attacking so u play almost the hole game in enemy side so u don't have to concentrate on your defence all the time, with attack with the wings and as second u can choise between standard Real Madrid or ball posession.

so u lead almost the hole game, if u wanna u can send me a message about your tactics of real madrid or other teams:D

mine EMAIL:

mine PSN: clonevader043 sometimes o play with mine friends psn named tabonja

hopely we meet eachother:D

GabrielShahinian 5 years ago

I have the newest and best formation of Real Madrid

GK: Casillias


right: marcelo, central: pepe and carvalho, left: S.Ramos


CDM or CM: Xabi Alonso, LM: Kaka, RM: Ozil


CAM: Higuain, SP left benzema and right C.Ronaldo

you can easely change marcelo for khedira,xabi alonso or lass diarra and even arbeloa

xabi alonso can be changed for khedira,di maria, pedro leon or ozil or kaka

benzema or higuain can be changed for adebayor if u play on cross passes

this is the ultimate team

PS play on ultra attacing:D

Rick 5 years ago

Um hello? Spain? They have a freakin all star bench. Forget the starters. Even the bench is one of the best teams in the game.

Dries 5 years ago

Spain is the best: Iniesta, xavi, xabi alonso, fabregas....

Egor 5 years ago

Guys, could anyone write a bit about match tactics or support with relevant article? Its very interesting to know from amateurs how and then use each of them.


dude 5 years ago

wow some of the people on this thread are retarded. barca are great passers and everything but SEVERLEY underrated imo. they cant hold ppl off the ball for shit. real and especially chelsea are WAY overrated, so many players than can shield the ball for years and yet they would never be able to do that shit in real life. barca need to be improved next game, they cant compete with the likes of overrated teams like chelsea, real, etc with players that you can literally hold left and r2 and suddenly they break through pressure and in on goal for no good reason, not to mention they win all headers especially against teams like barca

Jeezus 5 years ago

Y'all saying RM is the best are the pussy ass noobs that put Ronaldo at striker and just lob counter attacks. You'll have 35% possession and 70% passing completion, but get one or two goals on the off chance that the fastest player in the game breaks the defense. It is bullshit and the reason I never, ever play against anyone who picks RM.

Soccerfan22 5 years ago

Arsenal is the best hands down. With van persie on that team they can't be beat

Moyondizzle 5 years ago

i've used all the big teams and i gotta say real madrid, barca, chelsea are tops. arsenal pass well but are too slow. man city r surprisingly difficult to beat playin against the system.

aj 5 years ago

hey all yu guys have yu tried france CB revelliere he is the best in the world for cb

hf 5 years ago

Everyone seems to be debaing the best team in the world rather than in the game. The best teams are Man City or RM cos they have the basis of good teams but then the money to strengthen the team and make them the best.

burnsyboy666 5 years ago

To be quite honest you are all taking this out of proportion if you had to play with the team you like i personally like man city or Chelsea but i don't go arguing about it its the team you like not who is the best tbh

CR 5 years ago

Real madrid is best team:C.Ronaldo,Kaka,Benzema,Ozil,Xabi

Barcelona 5 years ago


Barcelona 5 years ago


josh kane 4 years ago

liverpool are crap


PAUL KELLY 4 years ago

I love men!

paul kelly 2 4 years ago

real madrid is the best team.

ALBAN GECI 4 years ago


Hadeel 2 years ago

Just read some comments atritbuted to Landon Donovan about David Beckham. They are right on the mark.When Beckham was rumored to be coming to the Galaxy, I wrote that it was time the U.S. stopped importing over-the-hill stars from abroad to boost ratings while the star collected millions for what were essentially guest appearances . We did it with Pele and Breckenbaur. It did not boost the quality of soccer in the U.S.A. and did little for its ratings.On the other hand we boosted our image nationally and internationally by our performance in Souuth Africa. We did it with AMERICANS showing we can play skilful and entertaining soccer. The first half against Brazil was wonderful to watch.Soccer requires skill and intelligence. Our kids need exposure to heros they can emulate. Lets instead spend the millions we squander on importing fading international stars on our youth soccer and semi-pro programs.

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