Best Galaxy CB Radios

Best Galaxy CB Radios

Galaxy arguably makes the loudest of cb radios, and I don't think I've heard one that wasn't loud (unless the mic is turned down.. lol). However, what is the best of the best?

The top Galaxy CB Radios would have to be the Galaxy DX-88 in their 10 meter line, and the Galaxy DX-959 for their true cb radio line. Alternatives would be the Galaxy dx-33 and dx-44. The dx series are also classified as export cb radios, as techincally their not allowed for cb radio use in the US.

The Galaxy dx-959 however, is fully legal in the US, and is packed with features and loud audio! These bad boys are found just under the $200.00 range, however CB Radios Sale has the best prices on new and used Galaxy DX-959 radios. I've found new ones there for under $150, but ended up saving even more money, as they had used ones in like new condition, just under $100.00!! If you have any interest in this radio, you should compare prices on their Galaxy DX-959 page.

I'll also be adding information about Ranger CB Radios in the future as well.

New CB Radio Community Site:

By the way, I wanted to tell you about a must see CB Radio Community site. It's literally the best I've ever seen in regards to the Citizens Band Hobby! It has a CB radio forum, radio groups, product reviews on CB equipment, free cb radio classifieds, mods, articles, and all kinds of stuff that CB operators are into.

It's very easy to remember, it's just (CB Radio Club).

I invite you guys to join the community over there!

Galaxy DX-959 prices? 55 comments

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Galaxyradioman43 7 years ago Author

Yeah, if you are looking for a used one, I confirm they do carry this most inventory on used cb radios.

Galaxy DX-88 7 years ago

Galaxy DX-88 technically is not a cb radio, or even a true 10 meter radio. It's best classified as an "export" cb radio, as those frequencies are allowed in other countries. An export radio can be sold outside the US, but the FCC doesn't allow it's use in the united states, due to it's higher output (well beyone 4 watts) and extended frequency coverage and channels.

Jesse James 6 years ago

Does anyone know where I can buy a Galaxy "FlameThrower" CB?? I always hear somebody talking with one when skip rolls in but I only have a Royce 40 ch and it does not get out good enough to ask where they got it.

J.J Norfolk VA

Thomas 6 years ago

I have nothing but praise for the Galaxy CB radios as they are very well made I do wish the the FCC would establish a "Hobby" band SSB only above the regular 40 channels ! With 25-50 watts , would be fantastic as there is so much trash and unprofessional behavior on the regular CB AM used 40 channels !

Gary L  6 years ago

Hey Jesse you can get a Galaxy FlameThrower CB on ebay. Got mine there and it rocks!Just do a search in electronics for FlameThrower CB.

Thomas.. "Hobby Band" Yea! wouldn't that be nice, 50 watts on SSB only & leavin the AM'ers down there to do their thing.Thomas you should be the new FCC chairman.Ill vote for you.



Jesse James 6 years ago


I finally got my FlameThrower CB on ebay 2 weeks ago. Actually, works better than I expected. Talked to a Trucker in Rockingham County also using a Flamethrower. This radio is TOPS! Gary,thanks Bro for the info. Call for me on 33 USB.

J.J Norfolk VA

AREA 51 LVNV 6 years ago

Hey Gary, Thomas, Jesse,Galaxyradioman, Here is some FlameThrower history. VERY interesting, especially what the name really means. Taken from FlameThrower website.

The FlameThrower concept was developed by a retired NASA Electronic Engineer, a TV Network Broadcast Engineer and a Veteran RF Repair Technician in California who wanted to create (origionally designed for their own use) a CB radio that would match or beat the performance of the finest radios made. So, with a courtesy Galaxy DX959 in their possession, they combined their needs, skills and experience and re-built the radio, calling it a FlameThrower! It's name derived from a professional broadcasting term meaning CLEAR-CHANNEL RADIO STATION. And that it is! Only one of the original creators of the FlameThrower is alive today, but the brilliant efforts of these three remarkable friends still lives on in the FlameThrower tradition. Considered by many, both then & now, The Best Custom CB Made. When you own a FlameThrower you not only own arguably one of the best custom CB radios made, but part of the efforts of those 3 guys from California trying to make DXing easier & better for us all.


AL Dahrmon 6 years ago

Got a Flame Thrower CB for Christmas & want to comment.VERY impressive performance & looks good too.Especially the built in SWR meter & Frequency Counter. It's a keeper!


"Big Al" Detroit, MI Ch11&19

Brent W 5 years ago

Which is better the Galaxy DX 959 FlameThrower or DX88?

Im way over in new zealand, wondering if these will work over here? Experienced a bit of skip couple days ago picked up a guy calling from australia!

AREA 51 LVNV 5 years ago

Brent,If you are not using the ham freqs Go with a FlameThrower! I own both, and there is NO COMPARISON if you are going to use it on CB AM/SSB channels.

My Galaxy FlameThrower runs circles around my DX88. Especially when shooting skip here in Vegas.


Jayden Collice  5 years ago

The Galaxy "FlameThrower" CB is a well known CB here in Australia. I am astonished to read it is so scarcely discussed in the USA. Why is a wonder, best told you Yanks know what we use here in the out back to chat, not just for jollies but for survival. These Flamethrower radios are the cat's meow in all in OZ.


J.C. Barrow Creek, Australia

Rick 5 years ago

A FlameThrower CB is the only CB radio that you can talk cross country with right out of the box. This is without a doubt a First Class CB Radio. Yes, they work that good. I know because I have one, and do it routinely.I highly recommend this radio for any new CB'er or seasoned professional. This is the radio that saved a trucker's life up north who was stuck in a blizzard.

Kyle 5 years ago

Rick, I talked to Australia on channel 35 USB on my Flamethrower last wednesday 2:00 AM EST. s-reports were 5-7 in Cuffs Harbour AU from here Cheyenne Wyoming. now That's DX! Hey Jayden, lets try a contact to you in Barrow Creek outback, e mail me date & time and well give it a try. call is 707 Cheyenne

Kyle 5 years ago

Correction, Make that 2:AM MDT not EST! Thats what happens when you have a New Yorker in WY....LOL

RaceDoctor 5 years ago

Analogy: What Carol Shelby does to the Ford Mustang, FlameThrower CB does to the Galaxy DX959.

Jeff 5 years ago


I bought a Galaxy FlameThrower edition cb. I am addicted to this radio.I set it up in the den with a 12 volt power supply and a home made dipole on the roof as you instructed.I spend hours shooting skip and love it.

Thanks to all you guys for your input.

Is there a place for radio REHAB? My wife wants to know.

just kidding.




speedy 5 years ago

if you want both a flame thrower and a dx88,just buy a dx98vhp,got one and friggin love it!

speedy (440 wisconsin) for you fellow skipshooters 5 years ago

b.t.w i deadkey 100w am and swing 200w sideband,flamethrower is like half that,8final transistors! whole bottom of radio is heat sink. galaxy dx98vhp IS the greatest galaxy period!

radiotech210 5 years ago

The confirmed measured SSB/AM receiver sensitivity on the Galaxy DX959 "FlameThrower" receiver is almost twice as good as the Galaxy 98VHP.The lower the better.

They are as follows;

SSB/AM Sensitivity for 10dB S+N/N

98VHP=.29uV/.50uV vs. Flamethrower =.17uV/.32uV

Cushman 4000 Service Monitior

The "Flamethrower" has my vote hands down.

If it's just power you are looking for get an amp!

Remember, you need to hear the stations you are talking to otherwise your extra power is useless.



radiotech210 5 years ago

Speedy (440 wisconsin) Also,let me state that the 98VHP is a great radio too! Just be carefull not to overdrive those IRF520's. They are not as forgiving as the older planar type Toshiba 2SC1969's.



Ron Jenkins 5 years ago

Thank you Galaxyradioman43 for making this information available. I had a tough time trying to determine which mobile CB would replace my Cobra 148 then I read the comments here and purchased a Galaxy Flamethrower edition CB . The Flamethrower is much more radio than I expected. Hats of to you Galaxyradioman43 for your listing this honest information available in making my decision amongst all the BS out there in regards to getting a real "out of the box" performance CB.



speedy(440 wisconsin) 5 years ago

i know there was a reciever upgrade done to my dx98vhp before i got it,i don't know what the specs are but it recieves great to me? it has voice changer and echo that i don't use very often,but i do make use of the 320 channels +side band that it has and talk 1000's of miles away daily,especially just above ch.40(under 28mhz)from what ive read,im getting almost half the wattage out of it that some people have got(on am),as far as "out of the box" this isn't your answer,the guy who had it before me had it tuned for $85,got it in my pickup on a 108" whip

speedy(440 wisconsin) 5 years ago

as far as reciever sensitivity specs,my manual says: am 0.5 iv and usb/lsb 0.25iv specs for the flamethrower on says am 0.4uv and usb/lsb 0.24uv unless there is a difference between iv and uv,that doesn't sound like much difference to me? and that is stock. i would like to be educated if this is not true.

RadioTech 210 5 years ago


The designation of the word microvolt is uV. The specs you read for the 98VHP "iv" must be a typo.

The specifications Mfgrs claim are usually the "Best the radio can do" and a far cry from the "out of the box" specs which are always far worse. I see this all the time on radios that we service for alignment or repair. The FlameThrower add states quote: "Sensitivity for 10 db S+N/N approx 0.4uV AM and 0.24uV for USB/LSB or better. The key words are "OR BETTER". This makes a dramatic difference in what it "can do" vs. what it is "actually doing" out of the box.

The specs stated in my comparison for the 98VHP are the best the radio can do after warm up & through allignment. The specs for the "FlameThrower were the "out of the box" ratings, which for any radio, are quite impressive. At 0.24 uV, I felt it not necessary to attempt to adjust the sensitivity on the FlameThrower any lower. After carefull examanition we concluded the "FlameThrower" radio appears to get it's extreme sensitivity and low noise floor by utilizing a MIL SPEC "Flight Grade" 1st stage RF/HF amplifier not common in any radio device other than military aircraft and spacecraft grade receivers.

Hope this info as helpful.




speedy 5 years ago


Ken Kohan 5 years ago

Spacecraft, macecraft, I own a Flamethrower and I love it, I have owned it for about 4 months and have talked all over Canada, USA and Australia using nothing more than a "dipole" (2 simple pieces of wire for an antenna)nothing complicated about that.

Forget the technical schmegegge, just to let everybody know in plain english. The FlameThrower CB is the best for the money and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out.



WR 7-11 5 years ago

My brother is an RF Service/Repair Technician at Motorola here in Schaumburg.

I lent him my Galaxy Flamethrower CB, and asked him to give it a real going over and get a non biased professional's opinion on the radio. He had it for about three weeks and he gave it back only after he had bought one too.That says something!

We did not have to do anything to them, they performed beautiful right out of the box. We both talk all the time and shoot skip when conditions allow.

Galaxyradioman43, you are right on bro, the Flamethrower ROCKS!


World Radio 7-11 Illinois

speedy 5 years ago

i thought this was about the BEST galaxy radio? not the best for your money,i think more power,more channels,and only slightly better receive(which can be tuned) makes the DX98VHP the best? it doesn't have a cool name like "flame thrower" or whatever,but from my experience shooting skip on the regular 40ch band isn't all that fun? as i just talked to ireland last weekend on 27.585 for a half hour,have also talked to jamaica,alaska all from the comfort of a pickup with a 102" whip.(in wisconsin)

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Galaxyradioman43 5 years ago Author

Hey guys, thanks for all the comments in my hubpage. I wanted to tell you about a must see CB Radio Community site. It's literally the best I've ever seen! It has a forum, radio groups, radio reviews, free cb radio classifieds, mods, articles, and all kinds of stuff that CB operators are into.

It's very easy to remember, it's just (CB Radio Club). I invite you guys to join the community there!

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Baldeagle1 4 years ago

New here but, not sure if this is a proper question and if not just give me a shout. I picked up and old galaxy ll today and, my luck no manual. Tried galaxy, they tell me they never made it I'm, looking for the manual so if anyone knows were one can get it let me no.

Many thanks

"Uncle Pete" 4 years ago

I bought a Galaxy FlameThrower CB on ebay Sept 2012 and I have only one word for it, Amazing! This radio talks. Thank you Galaxy radio man and you other Bros with posts about this rig. Made it very easy for me to decide on a radio for my new Cascadia Evolution Freightliner.


"Uncle Pete" 19 Nashville TN

RJ 4 years ago

10-4 Galaxyradioman, the old Connex I used for about 5 years talked about 2 to 4 miles at best. My Flamethrower I got going on 3 years ago easily talks 14-25 miles or more on the interstate. When skip is in, I talk all over the country with no kicker using a pair of co-phased Wilson 2000's antennas on the mirrors. The Flamethrower is one fine radio.

Thanks for posting this comment.

Nightrider 4 years ago

Here's a infosite discussing the Flamethrower CB.

Very intetresting article, actually makes me proud to own one.

73 Nightrider

Don 4 years ago

Hello Galaxyradioman and Hub group.

Funny, how when you read a CB forum and find someone trying to badmouth the FlameThrower when they claim they haven't seen one, that alone used one. Is it jealousy, ingornance or just plain stupidity? FYI: Gentlemen, my Flamethrower is the best rig I've ever used, and I have used many.

Nightrider 4 years ago

Don, those forums are owned , written and edited by CB shops. Their purpose is to get you to buy what they sell. If they don't sell it at their shop, they are going to "poo poo" it . Answer to your question: jealousy

Clarance 3 years ago

I bought a Flamethrower last january 2013 and it's an A+++ on both transmitt audio and receiver quality. I get great signal reports from all over the conutry. Yes, all over the country. I love it. Take my word on it, spend the extra money for one, you can't go wrong if you get one of these gems.

Please post this for your viewers.

Thank you


BIG John 3 years ago

Don, Ya need to consider your source for information when asking about FlameThrower. Like nightrider said, anyone who does not sell the FlameThrower is obviously going to "dis" it.

I called a few CB shops before I bought by Flamethrower and those who didn't sell them couldn't give me any straight answers just a bunch of hearsay BS. I became suspect when each of them had a different story about the Flamethrower which was proof they never even saw one.

It's like going to the used Ford dealer and asking how good the new Chevy trucks are. You can bet they are not going to have anything good to say, even if they have to lie, and from what I've been told by some shops and read in the CB forums, they have no problem doing that !....LOL



Galaxyradioman thanks for the great HUB & posts!

Mike Perkins 3 years ago

Galaxy Radio Man, Big john, Don, Nightrider, Wr-711 and the group.

Thank you guys for the info about your Flamethrower radios. I was considering buying a FlameThrower and did a Google search and saw a some bad comments about them on a CB forum written by persons who never saw one but said they heard about it. They had noting good to say about them, backed by no facts whatsoever, just heresay. They couldn't even state any logical reason for their decision other than than they felt it was too expensive. So, I called a local CB shop and asked them to build a Galaxy DX959 for me with all the same mods I got from FlameThrower Ebay add and asked how much it would be to do the same mods and walk in and pick it up. They told me $350. plus tax. That's $45 more than Flamehrower chages on Ebay. So, I decided to buy a FlameThrower on EBay and I have been using it for about 5 months now. Gentlemen, this radio is better than any CB radio have ever used in my life. You're dead right on about how this animal performs. The jerks who posted that BS on the CB forum should be sued by FlameThrower for making those asinine statements about them. I own one, have use one, and can I can say based on personal operational experience my FlameThrower is Frappin Awsome! This blog helped me to make the right decision based on hard facts not forum BS.

Thank you all.


Kelly 3 years ago

Gentlemen here is an article about the FlameThrower radio from news listing. Did this guy make the right choice in buying a Flamethrower? I would definitely say so!

Trucker Uses a Galaxy FlameThrower Long Range CB Radio To Call For Help.

Long range SSB CB leads to rescue.

In a recent case a Covenant Truck Lines driver, Tom Aldridge, was stuck twenty miles off the interstate in the Kentucky ice storm for four days. On the third day he ran out of diesel fuel and could not keep warm, and because of the mountainous terrain was unable to make a cell phone call. He was able to use a long range CB radio, made by Galaxy with SSB or Single Sideband, to contact another trucker in Arizona, of all places, who relayed the message to Kentucky authorities who were able to send a rescue party to Mr. Aldridge's location. In this case he broke an antiquated FCC rule about talking over 155 miles, but it saved his life. Many truckers routinely use long range CB radios to talk distances well over 155 mile limits, although this is illegal.

We talk to the mainland with our Flamethrower all the time when conditions are right, that's a little over 2000 miles, I agree the FCC needs to re-examine the laws on long range CB radios, power limits and frequencies, and open up the band to hobbyists as mentioned by Galaxyradioman the autohr of this blog.



440 cb tech 3 years ago


GOOGLE CB TECH 440 3 years ago

googe cb tech 440 1 stop cb shop.

Butterfingers...LOL 3 years ago

Hey guys!

Here is the only out of warranty "flat rate" FlameThrower approved repair facility in the US. They are located in PA. When switching trucks, I accidently dropped my radio from my rig on to the pavement "6 ft., thought it was history, it came back like new.

One price $65. fixes it all, including parts & alignment. It's the only way to go. They also fix most all brands of CBs, ham, & commercial radios.

noshow423 3 years ago

Hey guys i just bought a galaxy dx73v for 100 bucks did i get a good buy and also it seems i get ou real good but cant receive as good any suggestions

"Milkman" 2 years ago

Dear Galaxyradioman43

I used a radio called a Cobra 148 GTL for over 11 years and thought I knew everything about CB.

After reading the owners reports on this blog you wrote, I bought one. You have schooled me. I can't believe I wasted my time with that Cobra. Just trying to talk to anybody on it was extremenly difficult.

My FlameThrower performs exactly as you stated. I key down, people answer, that simple! It's a lifesaver, and after reading the story about the guy in the ice storm , I mean that literally...LOL

Thanks for the super blog bro!


Jeff 2 years ago

Here you FlameThrower guys go, direct from the article

Consumer Reports:


The major currently sold brands in the USA & Canada are Cobra, Ranger, Galaxy, Uniden and Midland. The Best "out of the box" CB money can buy is called a Galaxy DX 959 FlameThrower. Confirmed user feedback has proven it to be the best all around AM/SSB CB radio on the market. It is preferred by professional LHD truck drivers and avid CB radio enthusiasts because of it's proven outstanding transmitter & receiver performance and 2 year warranty that remains valid even if sold to someone else.

Lance 2 years ago

Having a military RF communications electronics background, I purchased one of these FlameThrowers 3 months ago. I wanted to get my hands on your CB that "performed" as the listing stated, without any BS swing kit, volted final, ridiculous audio modulator or butchered limiter circuit. I admit, I unquestionably thought I would be writing this feedback letter boldly expressing total disappointment. To keep it simple and to the point, without over emphasis, I will give credit where credit is due. Your radio is an exceptional piece of re-engineering, especially the addition of the Flight Grade VLN 1st stg RF amp. of which measured 19uV. out of the box.

I won't boar you or the readers with specifications, but using the AF sweep generator and S/n Meter the additional AF/RF broadbanded interstage coupling modifications are impressively noticeable, not only on the bench but over the air. Hats off to you, or should I say hats off to the guys who re-engineered this FlameThrower radio. Houston, the Eagle has landed!

Lance 2 years ago

OK, for those who want the actual measured 'out of box" performance rcvr specs, here they are. Receiver Sensitivity for 10 db S+N/N approx 0.3uV AM and 0.19uV for USB/LSB . I'd say very remarkable.

Rick 2 years ago

My wife purchased a Flamethrower for me Nov 11 for my birthday.

WTF this radio is GREAT ! Talked to a station in in Tampa from here in

Detroit.. This not a regular CB it's a GEM. It's no wonder they call it the ROLEX of CB's..

She said she read this hub before she bought it. Thank you everyone on it.

Nick 2 years ago

I bought a Galaxy FlameThrower CB about 2 months ago on Ebay for myself as a Christmas gift. It makes my Cobra 148GTL and Connex look like cheap toys. Radio is more than a CB, its a real communications device. I have actually talked to Australia with it form here in Wichita Falls Texas .

Clark 2 years ago

G' Day

The Galaxy FlameThrower radio I got makes me happy to know somebody still makes a CB radio that actually works. The AM audio sounds loud, punchy and clean. The sideband allows me to chat over 60 kilometers daily with local cobbers, and when skip is in, QSO clear up to yanks in the US . Every radio check I get most think it's a $2,ooo ham radio. This one FlameThrower rig is a beaut!



Mike WR566 22 months ago


The new Dx959B FlameThrower with a blue display and backlit faceplate just came out. Got mine off ebay last Thursday. Looks graet with Kick ass output with super receiver audio. I'm very impressed!

Trent 20 months ago

Hers is where I got my new Blue Galaxy DX959B FlameThrower

and I love it.

Mad Martin 12 months ago

Hey, I was just watching a video on youtube of some idiot wannabe tech who called one of the Expert Techs at FlameThrower and tried to give him a bad time. Bragging about some other CB shop and asking stupid questions, like how far can a CB work?? He got "SCHOOLED" hard by the FlameThrower Tech. LOL

World Radio 409 10 months ago

Got a new blue display Galaxy DX959B Flamethrower on Ebay about a month ago. Have talked all over USA using twin Wilson 1000's on my Freightliner with no amplifier. I love it!

Thanks for the info Galaxyradioman. You're the man!


Mr. SKIP 6 months ago

Hey, I read this blog and finally saved up the coins and got a FlameThrower. OMG ! This radio rocks. My Cobra and Connex junk are no match for my new asskickin Galaxy DX959B FlameThrower. The blue display and backlighting is awsome and looks as good as it works. Worth every penny. Can't say enough about it! Thanks for the advise of all you bros out there in radioland.

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