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While I don't do a lot of online gaming, what I have done has given me a good feel for the MMO industry as a whole. I also have found the average MMO to be of fairly poor quality; finding good, fun MMO's now days, when they are a dime a dozen, is a difficult task.

Note: World of Warcraft, also known as WoW, is not on this list. I have never played it and I do not intend to. While it may be better than all of the games on this list, I dislike the fact that it looks so much like cartoons, and that it costs fifteen dollars a month (or however you want to break it down) to play. I like games you can buy, and because you own them, you can play them without limits or costs or fees. Thus, comments involving angry WoW fans wanting to see World of Warcraft on here are going into the trash bin, because I have just explained why it is not on this list. I am not interested in playing it or becoming addicted to it. I have way too many game addictions already, and acquiring another one that costs 15 dollars a month is not on my to-do list.

The List

#5: Requiem: Memento Mori

Requiem is an interesting game, if a little creepy. It's a pretty basic MMO at first glance, but subtleties like DNA and a fairly diverse skill set and class/race choices make for a good chunk of fun to be had. That said, it isn't too incredible of a game, compared to the average MMO. The quest system in particular is barely on par with other MMO's. It's something to keep you occupied, anyway.

#4: Perfect World

After my brief stint as a member of RuneScape, I was looking for a suitable alternative (since playing as a non-mem after being a member on RuneScape sucks terribly) when I came across this gem. While the quests are quite repetitive, similar to Requiem, the graphics, when turned up all the way, are astounding, and the races are varied and interesting. I really like the mechanics of manufacturing items as well as the cool new abilities you get as you level up. If only all the good items were free, it WOULD be a perfect world. Ha ha. Oh, and being able to fly is just pure awesome. That's a one-up Perfect World has on a lot of other MMO's.

#3: RuneScape

RuneScape is what I like to call the one true medieval masterpiece. There is now an HD version, which has graphics that improve the game's quality by 120%. The game is even better than it once was, which is saying something. Just play it, you'll have the medieval time of your life. It was once the most popular MMO for a reason, and it's a shame people have stopped playing it and assume it hasn't changed or gotten better. This is one game I will never get bored with.

#2: Savage 2: A Tortured Soul

There are very few reasons why this game isn't at the top of this list. Most of them involve the game that is at the top, rather than flaws in this game. There really aren't any, aside from the fact that ideas which are good in theory rarely work out well in real life. Unfortunately, Savage 2 is the perfect example of this. What is Savage 2? It's an RTS/first-person-melee hybrid, in MMO form. Basically, one player, the commander, sees the game as an RTS--they command units to build structures, which allow that team upgrades and new units. However, the rest of the players on that team are the units being commanded by the commander, and they get experience rewards for following their orders, although the game doesn't force them to. They can go wherever they want and fight whoever they want. However, if they at least attempt to act as a unified whole, they will generally fare better than the other team, even if the numbers or even the odds are against them. When you spawn or respawn, you can choose what kind of unit to come into the game (or return to the game) as. If your team has constructed buildings that unlock more powerful units, you can spawn as one of those new units. You can help build bulidings faster as a "worker" unit, but you still have combat powers. The main limitation of this game is the fact that there are currently only two races: humans and beasts. Also, I mentioned earlier that good ideas in theory very rarely work out in real life; you'll know this is the case when you're assigned (or outnumbered in a vote for) a commander that doesn't give orders, at all. You don't gain half as much experience as the other team, and spend most of your time dying every twenty seconds and uselessly waiting to respawn, while listening to your teammates squabble about how bad the commander sucks. Don't get me wrong--it's a very, very tough job being a commander in this game. The problem is there are few people that are good at it. Find a skilled team to play on or be a commander yourself, and the game will be a lot of fun.

#1: Guild Wars

The good old standby, for when you want to have some REAL fun. This game is the standard by which other MMO's should be measured. There are only two minor things that could be improved about it, but they are really just knit-picks. First, you can only choose up to eight skills that you can use at a time, although this forces you to think more about which ones you need for whatever quest or task you're planning to do next. They can be rearranged at any time while you're in a town or city. My second complaint is that the max level is 20, after which, you continue to gain experience, but not skill points. The good news here is that you can also re-allocate your skill points however you want, also only while you're in a town or city. The graphics look great and not cartoony at all, which is the main reason I like this game.

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bawynne90 7 years ago

I totally agree with you about the world of warcraft I also never played it and i think 15 dollars a month is just not worth it.I have a blog about a game called ryl2 its a fun game and its the best pvp game online in my opinion.

Cybermouse profile image

Cybermouse 7 years ago from Bentonville, AR Author

Thanks for the second opinion. I imagine I might like WoW if I got into it, but that is one expensive habit to develop. Guitar Hero alone has drained enough of my life away as it is. RYL2, you say? I may have to look that one up. I normally don't go for PVP, as it's not my forte, but I do enjoy the occasional competitive mini-game here and there.

anycollection profile image

anycollection 7 years ago

I love the fact that you don't "like" Warcraft for the exact same reasons I do like it. :') And that I would have agreed with you a year and a half ago.

Awesome top five though!

Ironman1992 profile image

Ironman1992 4 years ago

I really like world of warcraft, but it would be nice if it was free like guild wars.

Aliye 2 years ago

So what is happening? No scostnehres, no weekly updates. Now we find out that they haven't even been developing it since the servers went down. I guess technically their 2 month timer for the servers being down hasn't even really started yet.

Ati 2 years ago

I didn't read that they haven't been developing it . From what I utadrsnend they wanted to do some major graphics/engine overhaul and took the beta server down for a while to accomplish this.

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