Best Minecraft Mods (Of All Time)

So you've decided to mod Minecraft, but you don't know what mods you should get? This article contains the most useful, most game expanding and most fun Minecraft mods I've ever played (and I've played a great deal of Minecraft mods.)

Too Many Items Minecraft In Game Inventory Mod

This mod adds an open inventory to your game. That means you can pull any item in the game out of thin air at a whim. Even better, this mod works with other mods, so if you install, say, the Minecraft Planes mod, but can't be bothered actually crafting a plane, you can just pull a fully formed plane straight out of your inventory. If you install just one mod out of all the mods in this article, this should probably be the mod you install. Yes, it's going to somewhat ruin things if you particularly enjoyed watching an animation of a pickaxe slamming into a wall for hours on end, but if you just want to get the job done, then this is the mod you need.

Millenaire NPC Mod

The most popular NPC mod by far, Millenaire adds villages of NPCs to your world. But that's not all, you can interact with the NPCs and help the village upgrade into a town by trading with the villagers. They'll need supplies like wool and cobblestone and glass and they're prepared to pay you in return for it. Later on, you can spend your coins at the village trading post in return for exciting rewards.

Minecraft Planes Mod

One of my favorite 'fun' mods, the Minecraft Planes mod does just what it says it will do and allows you to build planes in Minecraft. With the power of fast, efficient flight, you can travel great distances very quickly. Planes even work in the Nether. Obviously this Mod makes minecarts fairly obsolete, but given how slow and poky those things are, they won't be missed. The Planes mod comes with a bunch of different planes, some of which have offensive capabilities and others that can handle cargo transporting duties. Time to build yourself an airport!

Aether Mod

This mod adds an entire realm, much like the Nether, but instead of being an underground hell dimension, its a world of wonderful floating sky islands full of new possibilities. There are two different types of flying mounts available in the Aether (flying pigs and moas) and a bunch of new block types, including a cloud block that acts as a particularly dangerous trampoline. The perfect mod for anyone who is bored with the existing block types and mechanics of Minecraft, this ambitious mod is a must try.

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