Minecraft jungle temple seeds Collection 1.3.2

Minecraft 1.3.2 jungle temple seed collection

Best 3 Minecraft jungle temple seed 1.3.2.
Best 3 Minecraft jungle temple seed 1.3.2.

Minecraft Jungle Temple Seeds Collection

This is my or the best 3 Minecraft jungle temple seeds for 1.3.2 that I have found currently. But if I find better Minecraft jungle temple seeds in my opinion I will either do a updated Hub or update this Hubpage with the better Minecraft jungle temple seeds. Now that I got that out of the way

The first of my personal top 3 Minecraft jungle temple seeds is the seed "randomseed". The reason for this is right near the spot where you spawn is a small jungle with a temple over a small lake or river. However what makes this seed stand out more then some of the others in my opinion is that near the temple there is a surface ravine with some ore deposits like iron near the surface. So if you are a fan of Minecraft jungle temple seeds or Minecraft ravine seeds then this is the perfect seed for you. Also if you are interested in this seed just watch the video below.

The second of my best 3 Minecraft jungle temple seeds for 1.3.2 is "-4848669613657765819". My reason for this being on the list is because it offers a village with a blacksmith in it. The reason why the black smith house is so important is because it can offer some useful items to help you explore the jungle temple much quicker. Last but not least is access to a cave system right next to the town which may contain some minerals such as iron near the surface.

The third on my top 3 Minecraft jungle temple seeds for 1.3.2 is "6562788807852359878". Now this is a very good seed in my opinion it has a desert temple, a desert NPC village, and a jungle temple all near each other. So if any of those type of areas interest you this maybe a good seed for you. If you wish to see more watch the second video below this article.

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Minecraft jungle temple seed

Minecraft Desert pyramid, and jungle temple seed.

Minecraft 1.3.2 jungle seeds

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