1.3.2 Minecraft Seeds List/Collection Updated

Minecraft seeds List 1.3.2 Pictures

1.3.2 Minecraft Survival island seed.
1.3.2 Minecraft Survival island seed.
Epic Minecraft 1.3.2 Mountain Jungle island seed.
Epic Minecraft 1.3.2 Mountain Jungle island seed.
Minecraft 1.3.2 Desert village, and desert temple seed.
Minecraft 1.3.2 Desert village, and desert temple seed.

Minecraft Seed List, Collection 1.3.2

This is a collection of some of the best Minecraft seeds out there for 1.3.2 updated. If you think there is a seed out there that is not on the list, and should be let me know in the comments section. Also if this Hubpage helps you with what you were looking for please share it with your friends, and have a nice day.

Minecraft survival Island/ Island seeds collection
1. "Artomix" This Minecraft island seed is basically a huge mountain island with a bunch of Jungle covering it.

2. "loo" A perfect Minecraft survival island seed due to having 1 tree, and if once you dig down you should come across a huge cave system. But the most note worthy feature is the cave system contains a Mine shaft with possible good loot from the chests.

3. "21" This Minecraft survival island seed is pretty much perfect there are few islands with more tree but would take a long time to get there. So it may stop you from trying to go to nearby islands for resources. Also there should only be 1 tree on the island you spawn on.

Minecraft Mountain/Extreme hills seeds collection.
1. "dungeon defenders" You should spawn near a Cave entrance, and if you go in the opposite direction of the cave entrance you should reach some epic snow mountain formations.

2. "root beer" Once you spawn if you stick to the edge of the water or look out across the water from where you spawn you should see the start of cool looking mountain formations.

3. " -1335249899 " You should spawn on a tree in a forest biome, next to a huge mountain that starts the Extreme hills biome.

Minecraft NPC Village seeds collection.
1. "-7585712006305317706" A NPC village should be behind you from where you spawn, and there should be 2 huge cave system entrances near your spawn point as well. The entrances to the cave systems contains many iron, and coal deposits with 1 gold ore deposit as well.

2. " -671258039 " If your looking for a awesome Minecraft seed this is one of them due to the fact it contains Minecraft desert temple/pyramid, NPC village, and some diamonds. If you are curious about this seed watch the third video down below.

Minecraft easy access/surface iron, gold, or diamond seeds collection.
1. "-7585712006305317706" You should check out the first NPC village seed on this Minecraft seeds list for information on this seeds.

2. "root beer" You should spawn near water, and next to a jungle. If you go into the jungle and stick around the area you spawned at you should come across a huge hole with several iron ore, and coal deposits.

3. " -671258039 " A epic Minecraft seed with easy access to diamonds. Basically in the desert there is a desert pyramid, and a npc village. Then inside the black smiths house there is a chest with 9 diamonds, 2 iron chest plates, and 4 oak saplings. If you can not find it watch the third video

Minecraft Jungle/ Jungle Temple seeds list.
1. "terraria" A epic Minecraft seed that has a Desert pyramid/ temple inside a jungle. Which is the first, and only time I have seen this happen.

2. "randomseed" This Minecraft seed should spawn you near a Jungle, and if you adventure into the jungle far enough you should come across a Jungle temple near a river. However if you look around the jungle temple area you should also find a Ravine with some lava, and resources.

1.3.2 Minecraft Mushroom seeds list.
1. "3327780" The Mushroom biome should be near a ocean, and jungle biome. It should not be to hard to find from the spawn.

2. "5596653170798224322" When you spawn if you look around you should notice a island, and on that island should be the mushroom biome. Also if you make it so you generate large biomes, then there should be a NPC village near by.

1.3.2 Minecraft Ravine Seeds collection.
1. "randomseed" Once you spawn you should look for a jungle near where you spawn, once you are in the jungle you should come across a Jungle temple. But around the area where the Jungle temple is located there should be a ravine for you to explore.

2. "4844785825551314779" This should spawn you near a huge mountain, and at the bottom of that mountain should be a huge ravine. Some other note worthy features are a NPC village, and a near by Desert temple.

3. "Sweden" Should spawn you in the water near a jungle biome. Also near the spawn should contain a entrance to a ravine, which connects to a huge cave system.

1.3.2 Minecraft swamp seed collection.

1. "-7358859683017047118" This Minecraft seed should spawn you on an island in the middle of the ocean that is mostly a swamp biome.

2. "4560382973227835438" This Minecraft seed also spawns you near a Snow biome, so if you are interested in a snow biome you might enjoy this seed as well.

1.3.2 Minecraft Desert, and desert temple seed list.
1. "-671258039" This Minecraft seed contains a Desert temple, Desert NPC village, and some diamonds. For more information watch the third video.

2. "1863323076046686672" You should be able to see the Desert temple from your spawn point, and the best part is it should contain some diamonds for you to start out with.

Minecraft 1.3.2 Forest seeds list.
1. " 4315279699922134375 " This Minecraft seed spawns you in a forest that is near a small lake that leads to a swamp biome. Also seems to spawn you near a snow biome.

2. " -1335249899 " This spawns on a tree that is on the edge of a pretty big forest. But next to your spawn should also be a huge mountain which is the start of the extreme hills biome.

Minecraft Dungeon/ Cave system seeds list
1. "Sweden" Near the spawn should be a entrance to a huge cave system, and a entrance to a ravine as well.

If you have any seeds that you think are note worthy, and want to share them post them in the comments section. Also suggest what other biome, seeds I should add in the future. Thank you reading, and i hope you found what you were looking for.

Minecraft Desert Temple in Jungle seed

Minecraft Survival island seed list with Mineshaft

1.3.2 Minecraft Desert npc, temple, and Diamonds

Minecraft seeds list 1.3.2 Updated

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