Best New Board Games for Christmas 2013

The Top New Board games for 2013

Each year my wife and I give a board game to our children for Christmas and it really is one of their favorite gifts. In a world where console video gaming, texting, and television have taken over it's nice to get away from electronics, sit down as a family, and play a critical thinking or strategy game. Before we started this tradition we were having trouble getting them away from the TV and now they come asking us to play games. Just imagine!

This year there have been some really great games released that kids, adults, and teenagers like. I'll try to cover a few options for each category so you're sure to find something here that you like

A Great New Strategy Board Game for Teens and Adults

7 Wonders

7 wonders recently won 2011's highly acclaimed Deutscher Spiele Preis which is run by the German magazine Die Pöppel-Revue. It's a fun game that involves critical thinking, strategy and of course competition. The premise is that you play through the 3 ages building up strength and gaining more points than your opponents. My family and I can usually get through this game in about 30 minutes and it's not too hard for are younger kids to learn, but there is enough strategy involved with it that it keeps adults interested as well.

Additional Details:

For: 3-7 Players

Recommended Age: 10+

What one Verified Owner Said About it:

"A feeling that comes from the game is the sense of progress and power as you build the city and your wonder using the cards that you choose. Each of the cards represents a building that your constructing in your city. Some demonstrate scientific achievement, military might, or economic opportunity. One cool ability is that some buildings allow you to build other buildings for free, making you feel smart that you built the first building."

A Cooperative Family Strategy Game

Forbidden Island

Forbidden Island is a fun new game for the whole family that is cooperative in nature. Your team works together to try to find the 4 treasures on the island. Each turn you complete actions which allow you to draw cards and move around in order to get you closer to your goal of obtaining the treasures. There's just one problem. The Forbidden Island is sinking and as it does it's taking treasure, and you with it. You'll need to move fast and use your actions efficiently or the whole island might just sink!

Additional Details:

For: 2-4 players

Recommended Ages: The Recommended age for this is 10+ but my 6 year old has no trouble playing it, so I'd recommend it for most school aged children.

If you want to know more about Forbidden Island, then check out the kid in the video to the right. He's great!

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A Party Board Game Your Family Will Love

Spot It

Spot it is an easy game to learn that is both fun and entertaining for kids and adults. It's a card game that comes with 55 circular cards that have 8 images on them each. Every card has 1 image in common with another card in the deck so whoever spots the matching image gets the point. There are a lot of variations that they've included with this game including The Tower, The Well, Hot Potato, The Poisoned Gift, or Triplet which are all very enjoyable.

Overall I highly recommend this game for young and old alike. It's a rip roaring good time every time we get it out and the best part is it's right around $10.

Verified Owner Review

There were 4 of us women on vacation in Hawaii - we played this every night. It doesn't matter if you win or lose, it's a lot of fun and never gets old. One game you'll be on fire - seeing all the matches and the next game you can't seem to find any. We laughed so much. Every different version of the game was fun, we let the dealer pick so we played 3 of the 4 versions many, many times. This is a great fun game for any age, mixed ages, competitive types as well as more passive types.

Additional Details:

Recommended Age: 7+

Players: 2-8

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