Best PlayStation Move Games and Accessories

What is the PlayStation Move?

The Sony PlayStation Move is a PS3 addon that uses advanced motion sensors and the PlayStation 3D Eye Camera, to track your every movement. All of your movements are mimicked on-screen in amazing Blu-ray HD. It is meant to be used by everyone from a small child to the hardcore gamer. The PlayStation Move has a game for practically everyone!

So Let's get on the Move!

The PlayStation Move

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Playstation Hardware

Just as the PlayStation Wireless Controllers use Bluetooth 2.0, so do both of the main PlayStation Move controllers. The PlayStation Move motion controller and the Move navigation controller. Up to four Move controllers can be used at once (or four Move motion controllers or two Move motion controllers and two Move navigation controllers).

Motion Controller

The primary component of PlayStation Move, the Motion Controller is a glowing-wand which allows the user to interact with the PlayStation 3 through motion and position in front of the PlayStation Eye camera.

Movement Controller

The secondary controller which allows the player to control lateral movements and actions of the entire character.

Includes Sports Champions game too!
Includes Sports Champions game too! | Source

Required Accessories for the PlayStation Move

PlayStation Eye
PlayStation Eye

The Eye is used to track your movements. This is to be used with the Motion Controller. Even subtle changes down to the millimeter can be tracked. Awesome!

Playstation Move Motion Controller
Playstation Move Motion Controller

The PlayStation Move Motion Controller. The Motion Controller is tracked by the Eye in detail.

Playstation Move Navigation Controller
Playstation Move Navigation Controller

The PlayStation Navigation Controller. This allows you to control where your avatar (character) is located on the screen.

Championship Sports Kit for the PlayStation Move
Championship Sports Kit for the PlayStation Move | Source

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