Best Wii Games For Toddlers

Think the Wii is Just For Older Kids? Think Again!

Think the Wii is just for older kids? Think again! There are many games that even a 3 year old can do!

1. Wii Sports - This is a no brainer. Everyone with a small child loves to play this game with them. With the exception of the bowling, it is easy enough for them to grasp in a matter of minutes! They can get exercise indoors which is a huge plus here in Houston when we get heat warnings during the summers that get over 100 degrees with 100% humidity! They can grasp the bowling in time, but may get frustrated during the way! My son took about a week to get it down, but now he beats me!

2. Active Life Outdoor Challenge- Another great game for those kids to release some energy! The Outdoor Challenge game comes with a mat that you use and it measures your feet movements. Kids (and parents!) jump over logs, jump rope, run over hurdles, jump on a trampoline, race in a mine cart, and speed skate! Kids love it because they can do it easily and they feel accomplished. You will love it because it releases their energy! This is a great game and you will probably find yourself playing it when they are gone. It is a great workout!

3. Lego Series: Lego Batman, Lego Star Wars, and Lego Indiana Jones - This is one that most parents with small children would not think about! But, it is a great game and keeps them challenged. I sat with my son on each of these and taught him the basics. He quickly grasped the concept and actually beat the entire Batman game on his own (he is three). In these games, you have unlimited lives. So, if you die (even hundreds of times) you do not have to go back to the beginning of the level. You simply pick up where you left off. On top of that, they are challenging and I do feel that my son gains problem solving skills from these games. For example, in the Indiana Jones game, you have to find a banana, throw it to the monkey and get the key to open the door. These aren't' simple "kill the bad guy" games. You have to think. The violence level is minimal. It is basically Lego blocks falling apart. No blood, guts or gore. Also, I was nervous on the Temple of Doom level on the Indiana Jones game so I played it before letting him play it. It is nothing like the movie. It is not violent at all! These games have quickly become my sons' favorite!

4. Mario Kart - Love this game! It is fun and fast paced. You can't die. You simply fall off and then the game puts you back on track. My son usually finishes last on this one but he doesn't even know it. He just loves to drive. The negative on this game is that there are no "thinking" skills involved or activity level. But, it is fun and is a great fast game when you want it!

5. Carnival Games - Overall this is a great game for young children. Older children and adults may find it a bit slow after a while. In this game, you play, well, carnival games. My son loved the skee ball, throw the ball at the clown, and the basketball. I loved playing a lot of the games with him. You can choose tickets or prizes when you win.

6. Boom Blox - This game is fun for kids and adults! It is easy enough for children to feel like they won when they knock over the puzzles with bowling balls and baseballs! This is another great game that will provide lots of fun while adding to your child's problem solving skills.

Bridget Batson is also author of: I Promise: A Mother's Poem to Her Son Available on Amazon.

I Promise: A Mother's Poem to Her Son Book Available on Amazon

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BRian Hildebrant 6 years ago

There are at least two games that allow the parent to play along with their child and help when the child gets stuck and control the character through the use of a second controller!! Dora and Diego are the two llok on the back of each of those boxes for "story mode"

Louise 6 years ago

My 3 year old daughter just loves the littlest pet shop. Nothing really happens, you walk around collecting coins and buy pets and accessories. Lots of stages and worlds, and doors to unlock. Perfect for very young children - very cute

Eric 5 years ago

I just found some "Poo Yoo" games on WiiWare that my 31-month-old son can play (some moreso than others)

Acceptance 5 years ago

This was EXACTLY the type of information I was looking for! Thank you Bridget.

yommi 5 years ago

Nickelodeon Fit, sooo cute my 3 year old looooves it!

RitaB 4 years ago

Boom Blox is a bit hard for the smaller kids. It's difficult for them to aim the remote and hold it at the target while pushing one or two buttons at the same time. The little hands find it difficult.

Epic Mickey is another cool one. The graphics are great and the obstacles fun.

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